Have you ever been snowed in and had nothing to do? Have you ever found yourself alone in the house and perhaps boredom gave you cabin fever? If so then you need to think of creative ways to get rid of that boredom!

Being idle for a long period of time can definitely drive people mad. Cabin fever is a real thing and if you happen to find yourself in this kind of situation think of things to do when you are bored. In case you cannot think of one thing to do then let these lists help you out.

Boredom can strike anywhere. It doesn’t pick a gender or location, anyone can be bored. And so, if you ever find the day to be boring then all you have to do is to pick any of these fun things and get yourself out of the boring zone.


Things to Do When You are Bored


  1. Watch your favorite television program. Although you might think that this will turn you into a couch potato, it won’t. If you have nothing else to do then this could be a really good alternative. Binge-watching your favorite show is not a crime.
  2. Go to sleep. In case you are only staying in for a day or a few hours, sleeping is always a good thing. Plus you feel refreshed after you wake up, sounds like a nice deal to me.
  3. Listen to some music and if you happen to love music then this is a great time to do so. Avoid playing sad songs or you will end up feeling down. Play something upbeat and fun so it can lift your spirit up.
  4. You can start by reading a newspaper or if you have a bunch of comic books then all you have to do is read them again. A good volume of books can also help you and at the same time increase your knowledge about things.
  5. Play board games or mentally stimulating games like scrabble or chess. You can also do puzzles containing thousands of pieces so it doesn’t bore you in the long run.
  6. Do some exercises. If you are too lazy to do other things then start your hour by exercising. You will feel more energized afterwards. You will also feel more energized as you go about your day.
  7. Clean your house or room. If you really are up for the challenge and want to do something worthwhile, cleaning your room or house can also do the trick. Before you know it the day is already done!
  8. Cook a new recipe or create one. If you love cooking then this is a great time to do so. Try experimenting new recipes or learn about a new menu. You will end up feeling accomplished after that.
  9. Write a story or poetry. Writing is always a good way to escape things. If you love the idea of writing down how you feel then by all means do so.
  10. Learn how to crochet or knit. Needlework is always a fun and creative way to beat the boredom.
  11. Try fun hairstyles and take lots of pictures with it. Not only is it fun but you get to try different looks whenever you need it.
  12. Groom your pets. If you have cats or dogs then it’s time that you give them some tender, loving, care. Play with them, give them food and bath. Make sure that you take time spending this day with them.
  13. A good novel and wine sounds like a blissful idea, isn’t it? So it’s time to take out that book you have been putting aside for months, fix yourself a glass of wine and read in bed. Pretend it’s the 60s; you will see its more fun!
  14. If you feel like taking a bath, go ahead and pamper yourself. Fix a good bath water in your tub; sprinkle it with rose petals or bath bombs, in short, go crazy as to how you want to take your bath today. Enjoy the soapy water and relax, this is not a boring day, in fact, it is your day.
  15. Do some crossword puzzles. You can either do those crossword puzzles at the back of newspapers, in a book or download an app for it. This will keep you going for hours too!
  16. Give one of your busiest friends or family member a surprise call. Despite being busy, an unexpected call is always a great way to cheer someone up so go ahead and dial those numbers. Making someone’s day better is always a wonderful way to spend a boring day, isn’t it?
  17. Surf online. There are a bunch of things that you can do online, you can also take time and clean up your emails.
  18. Compose a song. If you haven’t tried this one yet then cross this out on your to-do-list.
  19. Preparing a good home-cooked meal for your family to come home to is also a great idea. I am pretty sure that they will appreciate it!
  20. Do some furniture rearrangement. If your apartment or room needs a bit rearranging then doing it on a free and boring day is a good way to go.
  21. Make a scrapbook. It’s time to dust off those old family photos and create a great collage or book for them to be preserved.
  22. Call your friends and have a cookout in your yard. If you don’t like cookouts, a small picnic will do. Besides, it’s always a nice way to catch up with them, right?
  23. Try a new healthy drink. Create smoothies out of vegetables, fruits and the likes; nothing beats homemade juices!
  24. Create fun things using recycled materials. You can collect all your old newspapers, magazines etc and turn them into something wonderful. If not then you can always collect them anyway and bring them to the junk shop.
  25. Make a video blog if you are interested into filming yourself. You can talk about different topics and create a fun video about them.
  26. Create a good list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket aka the bucket list. Make sure that these things are attainable and not impossible to do too!
  27. Love music? If you do then you can create your own playlist and have it burned into a CD. Make sure to include all of your favorites in there.
  28. Is your laundry piling up? if yes then go ahead and wash them! You will surely appreciate the smell of newly washed laundry.
  29. Give yourself a treat and have a good dessert. You can even make one at home if you feel like it.
  30. Bake some cookies or if you feel inspired, go ahead and bake some cake. You can then share this with your friends and family.
  31. Read about other cultures. This will not only broaden your knowledge but you can also pick up a few interesting things about other cultures and the countries that have them.
  32. Research on some of the things that you love to do. The internet is your information highway and you can definitely learn some pretty cool facts about everything.
  33. Go paint a picture. You can decide on what medium you can use; there are watercolors, acrylic paints, oil pastels, colored pencils, etc. Have fun and go crazy with your artwork! Isn’t that a good way to enjoy painting?
  34. Watch a good movie. If you haven’t seen the latest movies yet then you can do that. Gather all the latest releases, make some popcorn and have a wonderful movie marathon.
  35. Write down a skit or play that you would like to do. Call your friends over and see if they want to play the parts that you have written down. This could be a great presentation for parties and events in the future.
  36. If you are into web design then you can go and create your own site. It will certainly keep you preoccupied for hours.
  37. Create a blog. Talk about the things you love or perhaps tackle current issues. Anything could be a good topic really.
  38. Organize your closet. People say you could never have too many clothes but if you think that you have “too much” of it then go ahead and overhaul it. Its time that you check which ones still fits and which ones doesn’t so you can separate them. You can also donate your old clothes to charity which is even a better idea.
  39. Take out the books on the book shelf and have it arranged. You can arrange them according to title, color or volumes. This will be a great way to rekindle your love for books.
  40. Go outside and take out your gardening tools. If you have a yard and it needs a bit of weeding then by all means do it. Plus a nice dose of sunshine could never harm you and you get to see how beautiful your garden is.
  41. Feeling crafty? If you are then you can always visit your box of cardboards and scissors. Go ahead and create wonderful cards for people you love.
  42. You can also try making jewelries. There are plenty of DIY jewelries online and you will be happy to know that they are very easy to do. So go and have fun with it.
  43. Learn how to play a musical instrument. If you have been brushing aside that guitar or piano at home then now is a good time to take hold of them and learn it. There are plenty of video tutorials online that you can check out. It’s a good way to spend your idle hours.
  44. If you are not a gamer then perhaps its time that you give gaming a try. Check out the latest video games and see if you can try it out. You might just find it entertaining.
  45. Chat with your friends online. You can either meet new friends online or catch up with friends you haven’t talked to in a while.
  46. Write down the list of things you would like to buy at the grocery. If you lack food and stocks at home then spending time a grocery store can solve all that. A list is a good way to check if you have enough stocks at home or not so make sure that you have it when you go to the grocery store.
  47. Learn photography. Now, you don’t have to be a professional to take good photos. All you have to do is to practice your picture taking skills. You might just find this enjoyable and who knows, you might just become a pro in the future.
  48. Learn how to dance. There are plenty of video tutorials online that can teach you how to dance. If this doesn’t satisfy you, you can always look for a dance studio that could give you the training you need. It might start out of boredom but dancing can be a good way to keep yourself fit and entertained in the long run.
  49. Have a cup of coffee and just relax. If you really don’t want to do anything at all then you can do that as well. All you need to do is relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s a rare thing to have so you might as well bask in it.
  50. This may sound funny to you but when you really have nothing to do, praying can lift your spirits up. Talk to God and tell Him your troubles and worries. Communicate with Him and you will feel relieved afterwards. Meditate and reflect; If by chance you are not a religious person or that you don’t believe in God, talking to a higher being other than yourself is always a good thing. It will surely make you happy and at peace once you are done.

To answer your question of what to do when you are bored, the answer is there are plenty of things to do out there.  All you need to do is figure out what you want to.

The options are endless and these are just the 50 things that you can do. So go ahead, pick one, go crazy if you must but always remember to enjoy the moment.

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