The most important place to place a quality baby gate is at the top of the stairs and if you live in a multistory house with a little baby then it is necessary you purchase the right gate for your baby.

Before getting a baby gate, one has to take certain things into consideration like if they are hardware mounted or just pressure mounted which guarantees that it doesn’t fall on your baby and if the gate swings open in either or just one direction.

Best Baby Gates for Stairs

Now if you want to get the best baby gates for stairs, here is a review on ten of the best baby gates which will make the search easy for you as well as helping you select the one with the best quality and ideal for your home.

Top 10 Best Baby Gates for Stairs To Buy With Reviews

10. Baby Safety Gate with Walk Thru Door 

This is an easy to remove and install gate and it comes with pressure mounted adjustment bolts which eliminates hassle. This gate is perfect for patios, staircases, doorways and also ensures the safety of your child.

It features a long lasting metal design which ensures a firm and sturdy hold for added safety. This gate comes with an additional 5.5 inch extension and it is designed to fit wide openings of 29 to 39 inches as well as allowing a comfortable walk through for adults.


9. Evenflo Top of Stair plus Gate

This product guarantees easy passage for your toddler as it swings open in any direction and it is ideal for use at the top of stairs. It comes with a four point hardware which allows for easy gate removal and installation. This gate has a height and width adjustment which allows it to match different openings for maximum utilization.

One unique feature of this product is that it has a swing control system which eliminates swinging when attached to the top of the stairs. Other additional features of this product includes one hand release feature which is useful in high traffic areas, child resistant, well designed to match any opening, expands from 30 inch to 48 inch wide, top of stair wooden gate, and 32 inch tall.


8. Summer Infant Retractable Gate

This product is considered to be a well-designed alternative compared to traditional hardware. This product comes with a hardware mounted to give you extra security and it can also be fixed between rooms or attached to the top of stairs. It is well constructed to fit openings of about 50 inches wide and it is 30 inches tall. While it also comes with a baseball kit which includes tools for installation as well as not requiring additional purchase. Extra security is guaranteed thanks to its simple lock lever which you can pull upwards to unlock or downwards to lock and it is features a stylish design and is made from a long lasting material.


7. Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate

This product comes with a secure hardware design mounted with about four extensions and it is ideal for use between wide openings. The dimensions of this product includes 72 and 44 inches wide and it is 30 inches tall which makes it perfect for extra wide openings.

It also features a soft scratch guard which ensures the gate doesn’t scratch hardwood surfaces. It comes with a one-handed, simple walk through door and its design is perfect for home decoration with its neutral finish.


6. Evenflo Top of Stair Gate

This product features an extra tall gate which ensures that your little children are protected from household dangers most especially around the stairs. It also comes with a 4-point hardware mount together with a swing control system ensures that stair is securely mounted at the top.

This gate swings open in both direction for convenience but it depends on how you fix the swing control system and it also comes with a one handed, simple release handle which allows you to walk pass the gate with ease and quickly. This gate expands from 30 inches to 48 inches. And it can also be installed from 3 inches to 35 inches from the ground which also guarantees protection.


5. Regalo Top of Stairs Expandable Metal Gate

This product comes with a multipurpose installation kit that can be used in almost all stairway applications. It features a unique glide technology which makes it possible for the gate to fit stairways of 28 inches to 42 inches as well as expanding easily when passing outwardly or inwardly.

This product features an easy installation process and it doesn’t require marking up your woodwork or canister or even drilling holes and it also comes with an adapter kit. This product is free from PVC and it features a steel construction which provides strength and durability as well as providing added security for your little ones when they are not within your reach.

It also features a bannister mounted system which allows for easy removal and installation and it also has a simple squeeze latch which is difficult for children to operate but easy to operate by adults.


4. Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stairs Gate 

This product comes with a PDF product fit guide that gives useful information on this product and it is 35 inches tall and also expands from 34 inches to 55 inches in width. It features a durable and convenient walk through steel design and its one handed open system can be operated using a lever.

This product also comes with a bannister mounting kit which serves for easy removal and installation and it also features a well-designed mounting system that won’t cause your woodwork any damage. One added advantage of this product is that it isn’t only used for top of stairs but it is also ideal for bottom of stairs.


3. Munchkin Easy-Close Metal Safety Guide

The Munchkin easy to close product comes with a lock system which can be shut by a simple push and it is a pressure fit gate for every child together with a hardware which also provides safety for your baby. This gate’s handle features a double locking system which is easy to operate by adults and it also features a U-shaped steel frame which holds the gate securely in place.

This gate is 29.5 inches tall and it is well-designed to fit openings of 29.5 inches to 35 inches wide and one added features of this product is that it opens in either direction and at the base, it has a third lock system.


2. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

The summer infant multi-use walk through gate is made of a fine metal with a bronze metal finish and it features an optional hardware mount that helps for easy stairways installation. It also comes with a pressure mounted installation system which can be used in between rooms.

This gate features a walk through door that shuts automatically as well as a dual locking system. And it also comes with a door stopper that can be easily removed and is ideal for top of the stairs use as well as making sure the gate doesn’t open towards the staircase.


1. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate, White

This is a top quality product with a pressure mount which serves for easy removal and installation and it also comes with wall cups which gives you extra security. This product is perfect for hallways, doorways, staircases as well as for top of stairs use and the wall cups help to hold the gate firmly. It also features a simple one touch release lever handle style which also has a safety lock.

This product has a slate size of 2.5 inches and it is well designed to fit wide openings of about 29 inches to 39 inches. This product is certified for use by Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association and America Society of Testing Materials and it is also ideal for your pets and kids.


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