Board games are highly entertaining and affordable games that improves critical thinking skills and also helping any individual to stay sharp. These games keeps individuals engaged for long hours and it is also recommended for adults and children.

Top 10 Best Board Games 2017: Unbiased Review

If you are looking for a good board game that will keep you entertained for hours then we recommend you take a look at this review which contains the best board games available today so you, your friends and family can fill in on the fun.

Top 10 Best Board Games Reviews

10.  Board Game: Combines “Old School”

Board Game: Combines “Old School”

Considered to be the best party game for adults, this game features the combination of your favorite drinking games and whether you love water, soda, spirit or beer, you will enjoy playing this game as it helps you forget about getting a large ping pong table.

One benefit of playing this game is it helps to boost your drinking skills and you compete with fellow players to win small sized bottles.

Play this game anywhere whether it is in the kitchen or any corner of the house and you can also use it as the perfect gift item for your close friend.



9. Ravensburger Labyrinth

 Ravensburger Labyrinth

You can win advantage over the other player by placing added tiles in order to open passages and move walls of the labyrinth and you will benefit a lot from playing this game such as learning how to plan, effect and cause, taking turns as well as recognition.

Featuring a minimum of two to four players, this game only takes about twenty to thirty minutes to play and some of its accessories include; four playing pieces, twenty-four treasure cards, thirty-four maze cards and a playing board.



8. Reverse Charades

 Reverse Charades

The advantage that comes with playing this game is it allows everyone catches in on the fun as it doesn’t allows just a single player to act out the clue but the whole team.

Playing this game involves trying to guess phrases and words in about sixty seconds and the team which guesses right wins the game.

This game is ideal for everyone as it encourages team building and it is also perfect for parties and family fun.



7. Catan 5th Edition

Catan 5th Edition

Featuring up to three to four players, this board game is ideal for ages 10 and above and all it requires is for you to lead catan settlers to victory using smart cunning and trading development and you will also play to reveal catan’s regions and harbors such as desert, forest, hill, mountain, field and pastures.

While playing this game, it is necessary that you combine your resource to build roads and purchase handy development cards but you also need to be careful before a robber cuts you off the road and steals your valuable properties.



5. Second Rule – Just Spit it Out

Second Rule – Just Spit it Out

This fast-paced game delivers so much fun as it urges you to spit words out quickly. For example; naming three different dog breeds is quite easy but it gets a bit frustrating when you have to name them under five seconds and with the other players looking at you so it is however necessary that you say what comes to your mind as well as giving ridiculous answers as the time counts.



5. Sequence Game

 Sequence Game

Get this exciting, challenging and fun filled game as all it requires is for you to play a card from the set you’re holding and place a chip on the space close to it which features up to five spaces in a row.

While playing this game, it is necessary that you try to prevent your opponents move and get rid of their chips and you should also look out for jacks which are wild.

With a bit of luck and strategy, you will end up winning this game. Purchasing this product comes with 135 playing chips, folding game board, instructions and 2 decks of card sequence.



4. Pandemic Board Game

Pandemic Board Game

This is a multiplayer game in which specialists must set out to various fields in search of a cure to the four diseases that have broken out.

Playing this game requires team work, planning and strength if they must come back with a cure and it is a kind of game where you lose all or you win all.

Allowing up to four players at a time, this game offers a playing time of sixty minutes and it is also the updated version of the famous co-operative game.



3. Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle Board Game

This is the ideal game for improving strategic planning, tactical maneuvers and forward thinking and it is very simple to play as all it requires is for you create lines by matching tiles based on shape or color and you win points by doing this correctly.

Building complex combinations will certainly keep your children engaged and interested as well as challenging them mentally and this game also encourages players to play from early ages as it helps older individuals and children to improve their problem solving, planning and spatial recognition skills.



2. Exploding Kittens: A Card Game

Exploding Kittens: A Card Game

If you are into goats, laser beams, explosions and kittens then this game is for you as it involves several players who draw cards till a point where someone draws an exploding kitten and they get to explode which signifies that they are out of the game or dead.

However, other cards used in this game are used to avoid, mitigate or move the exploding kitten and it also features diffuse cards which help to diffuse the kitten such as catnip sandwiches, belly rubs and laser pointers.

This game accommodates up to 2-5 players and it is the ideal party and family fun game.



1. Cards against Humanity

Cards against Humanity

This game is however perfect for horrible people and it is different from all of the party games you have been a part of as it is considered to be an awkward and despicable game just like certain people.

The Cards against humanity board game is very easy to play as all it requires is for a player to ask a question from a black card in every round and the other players answer using their funniest white card.

This game allows up to six players as it boasts of more than thirteen duodecillion rounds and it also comes with 90 black cards and 460 white cards.

Other items that come with this game include alternate rules and game rules which come wrapped in a unique box.




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