If you want to free yourself of handling your baby or you want your baby to have a nice when feeding then you should get a quality booster and hook on seat which you can also use indoors or outdoors.

Due to the different models available today, shopping for a quality booster and hook on seat could be a bit challenging and that’s why we have put together this review to make purchasing one an easy task for you.

Top 10 Best Booster and Hook on Seats 2017: Unbiased Review

Top 10 Best Booster and Hook on Seats Reviews

10. Fisher Price Healthy Booster Seat

Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

The fisher price healthy care deluxe booster seat comes with a comfortable seat and 3-height adjustments which helps it fit perfectly with any table while its rear and front straps helps it fit any chair.

Designed for healthy feeding time, it comes with a dishwasher safe tray with easy to clean wipe surfaces to make sure meal time isn’t much of a mess while its tray lid ensures that the feeding surface remains clean all the time. You can easily fold this chair and carry using the shoulder strap so you can move about with it easily.



9. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, Grey

Bring your little one to the table either on the go or at home using the colorful Chicco pocket snack booster seat that features a compact fold and carry strap design which guarantees that you fold this chair easily for easy transportation during visits, vacation or a trip to the restaurant.

This booster seat comes with three different clean surfaces, 3-point harness, 3-height adjustment and 3-tray positions which ensures that your child feels comfortable using this chair and it also ensures your child’s safety as it features two straps which holds this chair securely to the dining chair while its rubberized feet fights against slipping. This chair is specially designed for kids up to fifty pounds.



8. The First Years Go Booster Seat

The First Years on-The-Go Booster Seat, Safari

The first years on-the-go booster seat self inflates into a comfortable and sturdy full sized seat as you pull out the valve and after meal time, all you need to do is get rid of the air and it folds back into normal size for proper storage.

This booster seat also features a carrying handle and thanks to its compact and lightweight design, you can carry it easily while its adjustable safety belt ensures your child’s safety when seating on this chair. Take this chair anywhere you go and it is specially designed for children of ages 9 months to 50 pounds.



7. Phil&teds Lobster Highchair

Phil&teds Lobster Highchair

This super light chair features aluminum frame, shoulder harness and padded back support for optimal support and it also comes with robust aluminum clamps and non-slip grip pads which fits most tables.

This chair is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use and it is well deisgned to accommodate a 3 months old child to a 3 year old child as it delivers maximum safety and security.

Other important feature of this chair is its dishwasher safe tray which helps to keep the feeding surface clean at all times and it also comes with a travel bag with can easily fit into a purse or travel bag.



6. Summer Feeding Seat and Booster

Summer Infant Support-Me 3-in-1 Positioner, Feeding Seat and Booster

This is a colorful booster seat with foam inserted for extra comfort and purchasing this seat for your toddler offers them three different seating positions which transforms to a booster seat for comfort and convenience.

The stage 1 seating position comes with a stand-alone seat positioned with soft foam insert and infant support. Stage 2 features a booster seat with chair straps for toddler support and removable dishwasher tray while the stage 3 features booster seat with chair straps but without tray.



5. Munchkin BRICA Travel Booster Seat

Munchkin BRICA GoBoost Travel Booster Seat

This is exactly what parents need to get their toddler for use at home or even on the go as it features a secure and stable internal frame which will hold a toddler that weighs up to 50 pounds.

The Muchkin booster seat features easy to clean material, storage space that holds diapers, cups and bottles while its Xtra-grip traction pads ensures no slipping by increasing stability.

After meal time, you can easily fold this chair and store conveniently while its carrying strap allows you carry this chair with ease.



4. Ingelsina Fast Table Chair

Ingelsina Fast Table Chair, Navy

Make use of the Ingelsina fast table chair either at the restaurant, while traveling or even at home as it guarantees optimal convenience and comfort. This chair is every parent choice because of its compatibility with any kind of table and thanks to its collapsible and ultra-light design, you can fold it easily and store in its large bag for easy transportation and storage.

Purchasing this chair guarantees that your child will feel comfortable anywhere you go and other notable feature of the Ingelsina fast table chair include a removable cover, handy rear pocket plus firm seat and lifted backrest which also provides added comfort for your little one.



3. Chico Caddy Hook on Chair

 Chico Caddy Hook on Chair, Red

Designed for eating even on the go, the Chico Caddy hook on seat features a compact fold design which ensures you can travel with it and it is also well designed to fit table tops that measure ¾ of a thick up to 6 table skirting.

Making use of this chair guarantees maximum safety as it comes with a three point harness while its rubberized hippo grips ensures that your fingers and tables don’t get marked. You can easily wipe its nylon seat clean for proper maintenance.

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2. Summer Infant Comfort Folding Booster Seat

Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

Considered to be the comfortable and convenient booster seat for eating at home or even for use on the go, the Summer Infant Deluxe comfort folding booster seat features a compact fold design making it portable and ideal for traveling purposes and it also comes with a machine washable cover which provides added comfort.

This booster seat features a tray and a feeding seat which makes it ideal for use for your toddler and it also comes with a three point restraint system plus chair straps which helps to secure the booster to the chair.



1. Fisher Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

Rated the best, the Fisher price deluxe booster features a feeding tray with snap on lid which guarantees that the feeding surface remains clean all the time and it also comes with an easy to clean seat that features no crevices to hold crumbs.

Your baby will sit securely on this chair as it comes with 3-point harness with 3-height adjustments while its adjustable shoulder strap helps you move about with this chair easily. Its rear and front seat straps can be adjusted to fit any chair making sure your child feels comfortable when seating on this chair.





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