Making your bread in your kitchen allows you try out various features different from the one used in white processed bread and a freshly slice of bread has a natural flavor which pre-cut slices lacks thereby giving you the pleasure and taste you deserve.

Top 10 Best Bread Loaf Slicer 2017: Unbiased Review

A quality bread slicer makes sure you slice your bread easily and also getting same pieces that boosts appetite and in this review we have rounded up the best bread slicers that are made using top quality materials and also popular among chefs, bakers and most homeowners.

Top 10 Best Bread Slicers Reviews

10. Bread Slicer Knife Sam Bread Slicer

Bread Slicer Knife Sam Bread Slicer

Manufactured using top quality stainless steel with a slicer mold made of ABS resin, the Bread Slicer knife yummy slicer is ideal for slicing all kinds of bread as it comes with serrated and sharp edges which allows for quick cutting without crushing tender insides.

It also boasts of an 8-inch long blade which allows you slice effortlessly and quickly while its bottom has an anti-skid design plus its foldable design ensures space saving and easy storage.



9. Outeam Serrated Bread Knife

Outeam Serrated Bread Knife

Backed with a lifetime guarantee, the Outeam serrated bread knife features top quality stainless steel blade that is resistant to corrosion with high hardness and also limits hand fatigue for control and precise slicing and this multipurpose steel knife blade can also be used for slicing through pastries, fruits, bagels, tomatoes, slippery skins, vegetables, cake without tearing or squishing.

You can also use this item as a gift for your wife, mom or even your husband and its well shaped design allows for easy griping while its heavy duty surface and sharp metal blade ensures precise slicing of all kinds of bread.



8. 8 Inch Bread Knife, Stainless Serrated Blade

8 Inch Bread Knife, Stainless Serrated Blade

This is a professional quality kitchen item that features a full tang stainless steel construction and thanks to its well balanced and sharp blade, this knife won’t slip when slicing or cutting.

Backed with a lifetime warranty, the 8-inch bread knife multipurpose kitchen knife is consistent, predictable and safer to use unlike most discount store bargain knives and its well shaped handle features tough ABS 430 for optimal comfort and durability.



7. Top Rated Adjustable Bread Loaf Slicer

Top Rated Adjustable Bread Loaf Slicer

The top rated adjustable slicer is an easy to use, simple and easy to clean item and it comes with a plastic slicer guide which makes getting nice slices an easy task for you.

You can store this bread slicer conveniently as it features a foldable design and for easy cleanup, all it requires is for you to simply get rid of the crumb from the catcher. It also boasts of a large slicing surface which can accommodate any size of bread or loaf.



6. ZELITE INFINITY Bread Knife 8 inch

ZELITE INFINITY Bread Knife 8 inch

Purchase the ZELITE INFINITY bread knife which adds more style to your kitchen, boasts of extreme performance when slicing bread and also ensures minimal slicing performance and it is made using the Japanese Takefu VG10 steel and 67-layer carbon stainless steel which delivers remarkable slicing performance, makes you worry less about sharpening this blade and also makes it resistant to rust and stain.

Its triple riveted G10 handle allows for durability and extra strength while its well shaped rounded handles guarantees a more comfortable and convenient grip.



5. Maple Bread Slicer Classic

Maple Bread Slicer Classic

Purchase this sturdy, solid and elegant Maple bread slicer that boasts of a lifetime use and it also comes with a stainless steel screw, hard maple and rubber feet which makes grip your countertop conveniently.

One notable feature of this product is it will slice any size of loaf either bread maker size or hand-made and thanks to its compact size, it can be stores easily and also allowing other items to be stored on it.



4. HEARTLAND Bread Slicer with Storage

HEARTLAND Bread Slicer with Storage

The Heartland bamboo bread slicer requires no assembly before use and it is produced using 100 percent natural bamboo material while its cutting surface is made of high density polyethylene. Making use of this bread slicer allows you slice 3/8 inch and ½ inch pieces and you can also adjust its slicing width to your own choice.

It comes with a 10 inch long knife blade that delivers precise and smooth slicing and to wiping off is all that is required in cleaning up its blade. The Heartland bamboo bread slicer also features a foldable design which allows for convenient storage anywhere in your kitchen.



3. DALSTRONG Bread Knife


Featuring outstanding cutting edge technology and craftsmanship with unique materials and impressive design elements, the DALSTRONG bread knife is rated among the best bread loaf slicer as it features a full tang, razor sharp, high carbon German steel with geometric angled serrations that makes it perfect for minimal crumb dispersion and effortlessly thin slicing of bread as well as precise cutting of boneless hams, cabbage and fruits.

This kitchen utensil features handle that offers a grip which allows maneuverability and maximum comfort during use and it is also tapered carefully for minimal slicing resistance, flexibility and hardness. This kitchen tool is preferred amongst fruit stand owners, bread makers, bakers and chefs.



2. The Bread Pal Bread Slicer

The Bread Pal Bread Slicer

Featuring a spring loaded design, the bread pal bread slicer comes with an automatic self locking mechanism which locks in place three seconds after rotating the knife guide and one attractive feature of this slicer is it doesn’t make use of knife guide setup.

This product is made using hardwood face, birch and maple materials and it also boasts of a high density polyethylene cutting surface. Get both larger and smaller loaf slices when slicing with this bread slicer and it also slices 3/8 and ½ inch pieces while its foldable design allows for compact and convenient storage. It comes with a 10 inch long knife blade that delivers precise and smooth slicing and to wiping off is all that is required in cleaning up its blade.



1. Nopro 370 Bread Slicer Crumb Catcher

Nopro 370 Bread Slicer Crumb Catcher

The Nopro 370 bread is rated as the best as it is used among professional chefs, bakers and it also comes with an acrylic slicing guide that allows for smooth, precise and uniform slices.

The Nopro 370 bread slicer boasts of a large slicing surface which can contain any bread or loaf size and it comes with a removable catcher which helps to trap crumbs.

Its hardwood crumb catcher steadies unit and offers protection to your tabletops and counters and cleaning up of this product is very easy as all it require is removing the crumbs from the slicing guide and crumb catcher.




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