A new car always comes with this ‘new car scent’ that would probably last for few months and after it fades away the car develops bad odors coupled with scents from sweat, ozone, cigarette smoke, French fries, spilled milk or any other thing that creates a bad smell.

Many car owners have tried some ineffective way to get rid of this smells but Air Fresheners which have different functions, types and quality are manufactured to help give your vehicle or even your homes a sweet smell.

Best Car Air Fresheners

Here is a review on the ten best car air fresheners to help you make a better choice and also help you get rid of the bad odors in your vehicles.

10 Best Car Air Fresheners 2018


10. PURGGO Car Air Freshener 

If you are fed up with persistent artificial sickening, stinky and suffocating scent and if you are also tired of always purchasing costly refills then you should try this PURGGO car air freshener that will give your car that sweet smell which will last for up to 365 days.

This product is made from natural renewable resources and it is also safe for people with allergies and asthma and this product also features a porous material which is four times bigger than regular charcoal and it helps to purify the air in your vehicle by capturing odor causing particles.


9. Drive Natural Car Air Freshener

This car air purifying bag is stuffed with active charcoals which have been tested and approved scientifically to trap allergens, harmful pollutants as well as odor causing particles and this purifying bag is a perfect size for automobile covers as well as for large refrigerators, bathrooms and closets.

This product also features a dehumidifier which works by decreasing humidity without the use of toxic, fragrance free chemicals to fight against mildew and mold and it also comes with LANYARD which works to attach the aluminum carabiner to rear view, seat anchors, headrests, clothes hangers and fridge rack.

This product is made from 100 percent natural moso bamboo that is reusable for about two years through sunlight recharging.


8. Febreze Car Vent Air Fresheners

This car vent air fresheners offers a sweet smelling scent to your vehicle and each clip is guaranteed to last for a very long time and besides being made for cars you can also use them in your bathroom’s base board heating units as well as the air condition vent to also give your home a sweet lasting smell.

The clips of this product are well designed to fit perfectly to clothes hangers, seat anchors and headrests and one interesting feature of this product is that it is quite economical as you can regulate the amount of scent that comes out from it.


7. Ozium Smoke and Odors Eliminator Gel

The ozium smoke and odors eliminator gel boasts of a great way of freshening up problem areas as it features a patented scent formula that helps to get rid of bad odors and they have a perfect size which makes them easy to fit into small places while it also features a twist top which allows you control the level of scent that comes out of it.

This product works all day long to give your car that sweet smelling fragrance and it can also be used for your garages, lockers, boats and offices while its compact size makes it suitable to fit in under your seat, inside your locker, under a counter or even behind the toilet.


6. Little Trees Black Ice Little Tree Air Freshener – 24 Pack

The black ice little tree air freshener is made from world famous quality materials and it also comes in an attractive and bold package and is guaranteed to give you that clean, brisk scent which helps to eliminate bad odors from your vehicles.

It is well designed to fit perfectly under your car seats and it gives your vehicles a sweet scent that lasts for a very long time. For people who smoke in cars, this air freshener is strong enough to overpower and eliminate cigarette odors making your vehicles remain fresh and clean.


5. PURGGO Car Air Freshener 

It is a scent bomb or a gel or an ionizer or a spray and it contains zero chemicals, fragrance and plastic and it is made from 100 percent bamboo charcoal that has the natural ability to absorb odors.

It works all day long to absorb and eliminate odors and it also has porous features similar to that of a big sponge which help to trap odor particles ensuring that you never feel embarrassed by the offensive odors in your car.

The purggo air freshener is guaranteed to last for a year which helps you save money and it is also free from allergen and also safe for people with stuffy nose, asthma and allergies likewise other breathing issues.


4. Chemical Guys Air_300 New Car Scent and Leather Scent Combo Pack (16 Oz) (2 Items)

This is a concentrated product but it can be diluted using about two gallons of water which helps create new scents and lessen new odors with time as well as getting rid of bad odors from your vehicles and this product features water based fragrances which would not stain your upholstery, carpets or even your fabrics.

The date on the package is its manufactured date and this product is designed to last five times longer unlike other conventional vehicle air fresheners and its scent is guaranteed to last for weeks. This product smells quite good and it gives your car a ‘new car smell’ and it doesn’t have a bleach-like or soap-like smell.


3. Chemical Guys AIR_102_16 Leather Scent 

The chemical guys leather scent premium air freshener and odor eliminator is a top quality air freshener that features unique scents to give your car that sweet and new smell and it also features enzymatic materials which works to lessen new odors as well as getting rid of bad odors.

In order to use this product, it is very important to dilute first with about two gallons of distilled water and the top perfume quality of this product helps to provide superior deodorizing capabilities. This air freshener gives your car that new leather smell and its scent is guaranteed to last for a very long time.


2. Chemical Guys AIR_101_16 New Car Smell

Before using the chemical guys new car smell premium air freshener, it is necessary to dilute it with about two gallons of distilled water and this product is manufactured with high quality fragrances which helps to give your vehicle a new and sweet smell.

This product features a newly improved revolutionary formulation which works enzymatically to lessen new odors and also eradicate bad odors from your vehicles while it also features a high perfume quality which offers your vehicle powerful deodorizing abilities and is guaranteed to give your car a new scent that would last for a very long time.


1. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

This is considered as the best way to help maintain an odor free, fresh and dry environment and it also works to fight against mildew, bacteria and molds from developing by creating excess moisture.

This Moso Narural Air Purifying bag is tested and declared free from toxic materials, chemicals and fragrance because it is made from natural moso bamboo charcoal which fights harmful pollutants and allergens as well as absorbing odors.

It is also reusable for two years and to keep the bag alive and free from dirt just dry it under the sun for about an hour once every month and its active bamboo charcoal is sealed in a stylish stitched linen bag and it is also safe to keep on any material or surface.


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