Most people have cats as pets because each cat has its own unique personality and interesting characteristics that makes it different from other cats but one important are we need to look at is a proper litter system for our cats.

Purchasing a cat litter is an easy task like walking into a store to get box of chocolate or cup of ice cream. That’s because litters have various clumping abilities, sizes, dust levels and scents and all these features can make shopping for a cat litter and very tedious task.

Best Cat Litter

That is the reason why decided to put together this detailed review of the ten best cat litters available that will certainly help you select the one that will work for you:

10 Best Cat Litter To Buy With Reviews

10. World’s Best 00631 Cat Litter

This is an ideal cat litter as it is made from whole kernel corn which has a natural absorbing layer that fights against bad odors. This product offers you maximum odor control as well as long lasting clumping which helps to keep the litter dry.

The World’s best cat litter features premium clumping ability and top class odor control which is perfect for any home with up to two cats and using this product also ensures easy scooping and quick clumping.

Its quick clumping action helps to limit wetness from sinking and seeping into the bottom of the litter or even sticking to the body of the litter.  This product is also free from dust it also features a well formulated easy scooping which allows for easy scoop cleanup while one litter bag is guaranteed to serve a cat for about thirty days.


9. Tidy Cats Lightweight 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

The Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter is well patented to give you a top class performance and it also works all day long to ensure that you get long lasting and top notch odor control.

This cat litter is lightweight which allows for quick and easy transportation, use and storage and it also features tight clumps which works for easy and effective scooping. This cat litter is also 99.9 percent free from dust and it comes with a top quality absorbing layer which helps to capture and trap nasty odors.


8. World’s Best Cat Litter 391032 

This product features an advanced natural clumping system designed to capture quickly and effectively both liquid and solid into small clumps without breaking them up and this in turn ensures that you have a less difficult time scooping and also don’t waste litter.

This world’s best 391032 cat litter comes with tighter and smaller clumps which helps in absorbing more liquid,  it is also made with a strip mined and a long last material. This cat litter is also recommended for parents and pet owners as it guarantees fast and easy scooping as well as quick clumping solution which is planet, people and pet friendly.

Making use of this product guarantees top odor control two times regular cat litters and the use of smaller clumps ensures that you don’t scrape off the bottom of the litter while scooping.


7. Arm and Heal Multi Cat Clump and Seal Clumping Litter

The arm and heal cat litter comes with a new secret to helping your home stay fresh for about seven days. It is a newly designed cat litter that comes specially designed to give you a remarkable odor control and it features moisture activated micro granules used in forming a tight seal around this litter.

Its arm and hammer baking soda with heavy duty odor eliminators helps to get rid of trapped odors. This product also features very low amount of dust, zero crumbly clumps as well as low tracking and it is well designed to give your cat a soft feel.


6. Tidy Cats Cat Litter

Purchasing this product comes with four pads, one bag, one scoop and a litter box and all these works effectively to give you a remarkable odor control. This Tidy Cats litter box system comes with a design that separates urine to keep your house fresh and it also comes with disposable cat pads which can be used in controlling and absorbing urine for about a month.

However, this product also features dehydrating pellets which works to minimize tracking as well as dehydrating solid waste and these pellets are also 99.9 percent free from dust.


5. World’s Best Cat Litter

Using this product offers you soft fragrance from its whole kernel corn material that works effectively for easy cleanup and remarkable absorbing power. The world’s best litter is specially designed to get rid of pet odors safely thanks to its 100 percent natural wood fibers that provide quick clumping action.

Its natural whole kernel corn ingredient features an absorbing layer that traps smells inside as well as eliminating nasty odors. Parents likewise pet owners trust in this product as it offers fast and effective scooping as well as quick clumping action that is people, planet and pet friendly.


4. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Omega paw self-cleaning litter box is well designed to clean up without scooping in less than a minute as it features a specially designed grill that works effectively in the separation of clumped wastes and depositing them right onto the pullout tray.

This cat litter is easy to use and doesn’t require liners, electricity or filters and it also works effectively to contain dust and control odors. This product is perfect for household with multiple cats and purchasing this product requires assembling and it comes with an instructional to help you through the process.


3. Iris Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit

The Iris open top cat litter features a top quality polish finish that is perfect for easy scooping and it also comes with a matching litter scoop.

This cat litter product features an open top system that allows for easy cleaning and accessibility while its back and high shields are tall enough to offer floor protection against unwanted litter and sprays.

This is also a stylish cat litter as it comes with feet that are molded-in for stability and strength as well as a recessed bottom and it is well constructed to fit into any type of space.


2. Catit Hagen Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box – Best cat litter

This product comes with a carbon filled filter that removes and captures odors from this litter and using this product offers your cat privacy as well as holding the litter inside its pan.

It comes with a large hood that can be lifted up easily for quick cleanup and it also features an in-built anchor bag used in keeping the bag open as well as freeing the hand for scooping. The Catit hagen hooded litter box is also ideal for a household with multi cats.


1. Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This product uses a clay litter system that is combined with medium grains and non-tracking heavy granules that works to prevent moisture from getting to the bottom of the litter box as well as providing a clump strong enough to withstand breaking.

This product doesn’t make use of perfumes, chemicals, plant proteins or deodorants like other cat litter but it is hypoallergenic and has natural materials that help in eliminating bad odors. This product is also ideal for mechanical and sifting litter boxes and it is 99.9 percent free from dust.


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