Owning the right accessory guarantees that you would have an enjoyable with your laptop and computer and one accessory that will offer exceptional and enjoyable experience for computer users are trustworthy computer speakers. These speakers possess clear, quality and exceptional sounds but finding a suitable computer speaker could be a bit worrisome as a result of different models present today.

Top 10 Best Computer Speakers 2017: Unbiased Reviews

However, here are the best 10 computer speakers, their standout features, pros and cons to help you make you the perfect choice.

10 Best Computer Speakers Reviews

10. JBL Plug and Play Stereo Computer Speakers

JBL Pebbles Plug and Play Stereo Computer Speakers

This JBL pebble stereo computer speakers is well designed to give you quality sound experience with its one way USB plug & play feature. It also comes with an award winning design as well as a compact size which gives it a smart cable design which ensures that your table is clutter free.

This computer speaker possesses an rotating volume control feature that synchronizes with your device and this speaker makes use of the JBL Pebbles proprietary technology which offers you exceptional sound together with deep bass and greater sound clarity.

The JBL plug and play computer speaker has an AUX-in port with which users can connect to other mobile devices or Mp3 for a wider listening experience.



9. Logitech Speaker System with Subwoofer

Logitech Speaker System Z323 with Subwoofer

The Logitech speaker system z323 with subwoofer comes with 3.5mm and RCA inputs which offer you instant connection to your iPod, DVD player or even your gaming console. It also features 30 Watt of power which guarantees bold and big full range sound.

You can listen to music from your mobile devices or Mp3 thanks to its integrated headphone jack and purchasing this Logitech speaker system ensures 360 degree sound for room filling and crystal clear audio experience. It also comes with a down firing and authentic subwoofer which offers you exceptional, rich and deep bass sound.


8. Creative Inspire Multimedia Speaker

Creative Inspire T12 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System with Bass Flex Technology

Making use of the Creative InspireT12 multimedia speaker system offers you great sound experience as it is built to deliver excellent fine-tuned sound and it is well designed using top quality components.

It makes use of two authentic drivers which also gives you impressive audio experience and thanks to its BassFlex Technology, this speaker offers low frequency which in turn delivers an enjoyable listening experience.

These speakers are perfect for use with your Mp3 player or notebook computer as well as for home use while its classic back, stylish and slim feature gives it an attractive and elegant look.


7. Satechi Dual Sonic  Computer Speakers

Satechi Dual Sonic Speaker 2.0 Channel Computer Speakers for Apple MacBook Pro

These Satech dual sonic computer speakers makes use of an exclusive acoustic air spring technology which offers high, mid and dynamic bass sound and it also comes with USB powered speakers that features in-line volume control options. You would be attracted to this Satechi dual sonic computer speaker as it features a brushed and shiny metal finish.

It also comes with blue LED accent light when the equalizer reaches a certain percent. This is a plug and play and easy to use computer speaker and it also comes with padded feet for improved surface protection.



6. GOgroove BassPULSE Speaker

GOgroove BassPULSE Computer Speaker System

These speakers are designed to work effectively with your ASUS, MAC and PC, dell, cyberpower, Lenovo, cybertron, Apple, Alienware and other computers. This product comes with several exciting features but its exceptional feature is its blue LED lights which turn up when the equalizer hits 80 percent.

Purchasing this computer speaker guarantees that you can listen to songs from your Smartphone, tablet, iPod, Mp3 player and other mobile devices thanks to its 3.5mm audio AUX output. You would enjoy quality, room filled sound experience as this speaker features an exceptional subwoofer together with a front loaded volume control option that delivers powerful bass sounds.


5. Klipsch ProMedia Speaker

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speaker System

This is a 3-piece, THX certified computer speaker audio product that comes with a newly designed Klipsch MicroTractrix Horn technology that works effectively to maximize digital technologies including streaming radio programs, Mp3 downloads and Cd’s.

Purchasing this Klipsch ProMedia computer speaker product offers you quality frequency response range from 31 Hz to 20 Hz. The Klipsch ProMedia speaker is compatible with audio portable devices and gaming consoles. It also comes with digital hybris 200-watt amplifier driven ProMedia 21 that serves as a miniplug input as well as a headphone jack.


4. Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

The Bose companion 2 series multimedia speaker at any volume delivers exceptional and clear sound experience. It also comes with auxiliary input which allows you connect and listen to songs on your iPad, Iphone and other mobile device.

This product also features headphone and volume control jack at the front of the speaker and this speakers cabinet also delivers more detailed and low performance sound.


3. Logitech Z313 Speaker System

 Logitech Z313 Speaker System

The Logitech Z313 Speaker system features a control pod which offers you easy access to headphone and volume control and its 25 watts allows you enjoy balanced and big quality sound experience.

The Logitech Z313 speaker has a user-friendly interface as it only requires connecingt to the subwoofer and plugging the subwoofer to your computer. This subwoofer is well designed to fit into small spaces as well as delivering deep bass sound.


2. Logitech Z623 Watt Home Speaker

Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System 2.1 Speaker System

This Logitech Z623 speaker system comes with a powerful subwoofer and two satellite speakers which guarantee exceptional and balanced sound large enough to fill your room and its 200 RMS watt power makes this speaker perform great at any sound level of your choice.

It comes with an on-speaker control feature which offers you total bass and volume control while its 3.5mm and RCA inputs which offer you instant connection to your iPod, DVD player or even your gaming console. This Logitech z623 speaker system is well designed to spice up your games, movies and music experience.


1. AmazonBasics Computer Speakers

AmazonBasics USB Powered Computer Speakers

AmazonBasics USB powered computer speaker has a 1-year warranty and connecting to your laptop or desktop computers makes way for a unique sound system. Producing loud, fine-tuned and balanced sound to fill your room is the main aim of designing this speaker while its compact design ensures that these speakers comfortably sit on your desk.

You can take this speaker along with you and listen anywhere thanks to USB power feature which only requires you to plug this speaker directly into your computer and enjoy exceptional and clear listening experience. This speaker is made to work with tablets, iPads, iPhones or any Mp3 player and trust the AmazonBasics USB powered computer to listen to your songs at full volume.


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