Electric tankless water heater are ideal options for any homeowner and just like the gas water heaters. The electric tankless water heaters also guarantee consistent hot water supply as well as saving you a lot of money.

The electric tankless water heaters are quite affordable unlike the gas powered models which require outdoor venting installation. And the cost of setup is very expensive so whether you have a bustling household or a small apartment, it is necessary you get an electric tankless water system.

Best Electric Tankless Water Heater

Here is a review of the best electric tankless water heaters with the best model and overall top quality that will help you make the right choice.

10 Best Electric Tankless Water Heater To Buy With Reviews

10. Rinnai RL94IN 

The Rinnai RL94iN gives you consistent hot water for appliance and about five plumbing outlets simultaneously and at a constant pre-set temperature. This tankless water features a capacity of about 9.4 gallons of hot water and it still helps you conserve energy of about 40 percent as well as offering you significant space savings.

This interior-mount, compact unit flows directly via a concentric venting system to the outside and other additional features of this product includes dimension of -0.75inch MNPT, energy factor of 82 as well as having a chrome finish. This product also comes with an error indicator code and MC-91-1US digital controller.


9. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 29 plus 

This is regarded as the best technological advanced tankless water heater in the market right now as it features a newly designed outside and inside, a hinged cover which gives you easy access, a simple single flow sensor design and an advanced flow control system.

This product is actually affordable and very easy to install as well as not requiring venting directly to the outside. Other unique features of this product is the easy dial selector and a digital temperature display which gives you the option to set the required output water temperature between 30 and 52 degrees centigrade. This product can also sense temperature and flow rate automatically as well as calculating the amount of power needed to get the job done.


8. Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 

This product is well designed to enable users replace conventional tanks with zero inconvenience regarding their hot water needs. This tankless water heater can also save energy as well as reducing the electric bill unlike other conventional tank water heater.

It also features a dial that allows users adjust the temperature with ease and it is very easy to install and affordable to purchase. This product also comes with a sleek design that ensures it fits anywhere and it doesn’t require venting.


7. Eccotemp FV1-12-LP 

This tankless water heater only makes use of energy when you turn on the hot water and it also features a BTU LP gas burner which gives you up to three gallons of water every minute.

This water heater is considered to be the best for smaller homes and vacations and it also features a safe ignition electronic system. It also comes with a stainless vent kit which is necessary for indoor installation. It also features a temperature display and a digital thermostat. Other additional features of this product include an exact water and temperature flow adjustment system with independent controls.


6. Rheem RTE 9 

This product features a sleek compact design that will fit anywhere and it comes with an LED temperature control system with standby mode standard and an indicator for active elements.

This product is ideal for every home, hospitals, condos, offices, hotels, boats, laboratories or anywhere hot water is required and it is also perfect to supply consistent hot water. This product also features a tough copper and brass heat exchanger materials as well as a modulating power control system.


5. Eccotemp L10 

This product comes with a hose which can be used on a standard 20lb grill tank and it also comes with a CSA approved 9 inch standard gas regulator as well as a stainless steel rain cap. This tankless water heater also features a 74,500 BTU gas burner required for heating up water and one unique feature of this product is it comes with an automatic safety 20 minute shutoff timer which resets when the water stops before starting afresh again and it also features a ½ inch NPT to garden hose adapter.


4. Ecosmart ECO 18

This tankless water heater is well designed to heat more than 2.5 gallons every minute and it features an output setting of 105 degree Fahrenheit and a sink with a low inlet water temperature of 62 degree Fahrenheit.

This is a durable product that helps you save about 60 percent of your water heating payments as it features a self modulating technology and it also comes with a storage space of 12 cubic feet. This product gives users complete control over hot water as it comes with a digital temperature control with one degree increment and it is very easy to use.


3. EcoSmart ECO 27

This product is suitable for high flow rates as well as cold climates and it is recommended for use in high demanding water usage applications. Its self modulating flow sensor system helps you to control the amount of energy needed to heat up water and it also comes with a temperature display which helps you to see settings of the outlet water temperature.

This product makes use of a 9KW standard Emerson electric heating elements that has brass toppings which helps to avoid electrolysis and it also features a resettable automatic thermostat as well as a copper heat exchanger.


2. Rheem RTE 13

The Rheem RTE electric tankless water heater comes with a user manual which serves for easy and quick installation and it also features a rugged copper and brass heat exchanger.

This product also comes with a standby mode and an LED which indicates active elements and it also comes with on-unit temperature control system. This electric tankless water heater features a standard ½ inch water connection. It also comes with a modulating power which is ideal for single shower applications as well as a maximum flow rate of 4.0 GPM.


1. Eccotemp L5

This is the best selling and original portable heater available in the market and it gives you endless and instant hot water anywhere you are. This product is ideal for cabins, campsites and even inside the house and you can also add this product to a pressure washer which is ideal for better cleaning.

This product’s ignition is operated with 2 ‘D’ cell batteries and that makes it perfect for off grid areas where electricity isn’t available and it is also compatible with a 12V pump. This product is well designed to give you an energy efficient, convenient and compact outdoor experience and it also comes with adapters that can be attached to a propane tank and a standard garden hose.


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