Highlighter pens are valuable assets college or high school students need when studying. Highlighter colors comes in several attractive colors which you can select from no matter what your study need is.

best highlighter pen

If you are interested in getting a highlighter pen, here is a review on ten of the best highlighter pens available which will help you make a choice that will best match your needs.

10 Best Highlighter Pen To Buy With Reviews

10. Dual Tip Brush Pen Set 12 Pack

The dual tip design of this pen offers versatility as a 2mm brush at one end of the brush is referred to as a fine tip. It is recommended for fine detail while a 3.5mm brush at the other end is referred to as the broad tip which is perfect for outlining.

This pen features an attractive 12 secondary and primary colors together with a descriptive blending manual you’ll definitely learn to develop numerous colors. This pen is also easy to clean and it features a non-toxic, vaporless, odorless and acid free materials.


9. Best Highlighters (Extra Large 50 pack) 2 Styles

Buying this product in bulk means you get 50 units at a fraction of the price and it also features two different shades of two different pen sizes including striking fluorescent and vibrant ink.

This product is non-toxic and ASTM approved and that makes it ideal for adults and kids and it also features a smear free formula and a chisel tip which makes it ideal for coloring, studying, marking amongst others.


8. Amazing Gel Pens by Amerigo 

This pen is designed with comfortable grip and smooth precision and it has tips of 0.8 – 1.0mm which makes them durable and write smoothly without breaking or causing skips. This package also features a full set of attractive and distinctive colors which will enhance creativity and you will certainly find a color to match all your color schemes.

These pens are well designed to write on dark and light papers and they would also be a perfect gift for any kid or friend. Either you are making use of an adult coloring book, writing diary, journaling, memos, scrapbooking, notebook or any other activity, you can do lots of things with this amazing colored pens.


7. Color Technik Metallic Gel Pens 

Buying two of this items means you’ll get one free and this color technic gel pens feature a smooth flow of ink which allows for smoother writing and coloring and it also has durable and strong tips which are non-toxic, acid free and create perfect lines.

Using this coloring pen comes with a lot of comfort and this pen offers a comfortable grip and they can be used in coloring books, greeting cards, school projects, party invites, letters to friends and DIY decoration, doodle, scrapbooks and many more activities.


6. Zebra Eco Zebrite 

This product is made from 74 percent of post-consumer waste and each pen features a fine and chisel point while it has a combination of a fine and medium tip. The Zebra Eco Zebrite double ended highlighters comes with different attractive colors.

And if you are the type that like taking notes of bible passages, then this product is recommended for you as it doesn’t bleed through thin bible passages especially when using the fine tip of the pen. The colors of this pen includes orange, green, blue, yellow and red. This pen is also ideal for journaling purposes.


5. Gel Pens / Nature Pack by Gel Gliders 

This set of pens features 24 colors including aqua, green, orange, tan, silver, gold, bronze, brown and several others and it also features refills which ensures that these pens last longer.

This product also has a well-crafted design with a fine ballpoint tip of 1mm which is smear-free, doesn’t skip or fade but just glides perfectly for coloring, sketching, writing and doodling. It is also free from toxic materials and acid and it can also be used for greeting cards, journals, zentangles, tattoos, nail art and lots more.


4. Sharpie Accent Tank Style Highlighters (25076)

This highlighter pens are made from non-toxic and durable materials and they also features an exclusive quick drying smear guard technology which helps to reduce smudging and they are also odor free. Getting this product guarantees ink supply for a very long time through its wide barreled highlighter which is very important in highlighting.

It also features a versatile chisel tip which helps to provide narrow and wide lines when highlighting. This package contains six pens with colors fluorescent orange, fluorescent, pink, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent blue, fluorescent green and yellow.


3. Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Silver, 2 Count

This product features a certified AP non-toxic materials and it also comes with a set of two silver metallic markers. While it also has a fine tip marker which is crafted to give a permanent impression even on the toughest dark and light surfaces.

This product also comes with a metallic opaque permanent ink in silver color and its fine point tip is durable which gives you detailed and thinner lines. This ink also has a quick drying technology design which makes it resist smears and fades.


2. Tanmit 100 Coloring Gel Pens Set

This product features 100 exceptional colored ink pens and it also comes on different styles including white, red, black, orange, yellow, purple, green and many more. It is also ideal for kids and adult coloring books, writing, painting and drawing. While its hard tip and superior ink which are thinner than markers ensures that you writing pens are durable and they write smoothly.

These pens are eco-friendly and they are made from acid free and non-toxic materials. It comes in a foldable case which makes it easy to store in drawers, shelves, backpack or even a locker.


1. Staedtler Color Pen Set

The Staedtler color pen set of 36 assorted colors features an acid free and minimal bleed through effect, assorted pens, 0.3mm fine point. It is also safe and dry and it also features a fineliner that has an ergonomic triangular shape, superfine metal clad tip which allows for easy and relaxed writing.

This product comes packaged in a cardboard box and the pen can also be left open for days and it still won’t dry up because it meets Standard atmosphere requirements according to ISO 554 except for neon colors.



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