Have you made up your mind on hooking up your home with a powerful and quality home theater system? Or are you thinking of replacing your old one with a better one? You don’t really need to break the bank to own one because we have already compiled the best home theater systems to meet your $300 budget and also show you their various functions and benefits.

Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems under $300 2017: Unbiased Review

Top 10 Best Home Theater Systems under $300 Review

10. Klipsch Home Theater Speaker System

Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Home Theater Speaker System

The Klipsch quintet home theater speaker system makes use of lightweight aluminum drivers and Tractrix horn technology so you can enjoy uncomprising, clear and crisp sound content. And it also makes use of AcoustaComp cabinets which provide a solid foundation so you can enjoy flawless sounds as well as making sure you never worry about cabinet resonance.

This speaker system features a slim and low profile design which allows it fit perfectly or any table or stand or even when mounted on the wall.


9. Samsung Channel Home Theater System 

Samsung HT-J5500W 5.1 Channel 1000-Watt 3D Blu-Ray Home Theater System

Using this home theater system guarantee that your music, shows and movies comes back to life and this product comes with two front speakers, a center channel speaker, one passive subwoofer and two wireless rear speakers which guarantees you an enjoyable media experience.

One unique feature of this gadget is its Smart Blu-ray technology which provides you with unlimited access to media, websites, apps and games and it also uses a Wi-Fi technology which allows you access to games and apps without requiring any wire or cord.

You would also enjoy improved bass sounds, exceptional sound experience, consistent volume levels and clear dialog thanks to its DTS surround while its Dolby Digital plus guarantees clear and rich audio HD content.



8. Polk Audio Home Theater System 

Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater System

Purchasing this Polk audio home theater system comes with one subwoofer, one center channel and four satellites and this product is housed in a non-resonant, heavy duty enclosure that also has a high gloss and elegant finish.

This product comes with wall mount brackets which allows for quick and easy mounting of the speakers on shelves while the Reuleaux Triangular Polygon cabinet found on the satellite helps to provide top performance from this compact speaker.

Thanks to its magnetic shielding, you can easily place this home theater system close to monitors and HDTV’s.



7. RCA RT151 Home Theater System

RCA RT151 Home Theater System

This 80w surround system comes with five speakers plus a subwoofer and amplifier and using this RCA home theater system allows you connect with your gaming consoles, computers, CD and DVD players, TV’s, cable and satellite boxes.

This surround system features 2 RCA type audio inputs found at the rear of this gadget while its line-in audio jack allows for extra connection with your portable audio players and iPod. Other additional features include audio controls and jacks with amplifier.



6. Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker

Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System

Using this system delivers impressive and loud sounds that will certainly fill up every corner of your home  and you will certainly enjoy the life this system brings to your video games, sports and TV shows as well as when watching movies thanks to its superb bass quality provided by its Acoustic mass module.

It comes with a universal remote which offers you control over the cable box and TV and its Sound bar is well designed to perfectly fit in front as your TV.

Making use of the sound bar requires connecting with just one capable and it also features multiple audio inputs which is perfect for analog, coaxial, optical and digital devices.



5. GPX HT050B 5.1 Channel Theater System 

GPX HT050B 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System

The GPX Company is well known for excellent product affordability, design, reliability and quality and purchasing this system allows you connect with your computer, MP3 player, video game system, DVD player and even your TV set so you can enjoy powerful and loud sound.

Going for this product offers you six authentic and quality surround speakers with a powerful amplifier and it also gives you total control over volume and bass thanks to its bass control and digital volume knobs found at the back of this gadget.

It also comes with RCA stereo inputs which allows you connect with other compatible devices so you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs in loud, clear and rich sounds.



4. Logitech  Surround Sound Speaker System

Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System, External TV Speakers

Purchasing the Logitech z506 home theater speaker system guarantees you will enjoy clean, deep and booming sound thanks to its down-firing and powerful subwoofer and even using two channel stereo sources, you will still enjoy listening to rich and loud 3D stereo sounds using this 5.1 surround system.

Making use of this home theater system allows you connect with your DVD player, game console and PC thanks to its multiple inputs and its 75 watts power ensures that you get the required power needed to fill up your room with powerful and loud bass sounds.

You will also have total control over the bass level thanks to its on-speaker bass control and purchasing this product also offers you a user guide.



3. Panasonic Home Theater System 

Panasonic Home Theater System

Using this 5.1 surround system housed in a flexible speaker layout guarantees you will enjoy listening to clear and crisp sounds. One advantage of this home theater system over other models is its ability to up-convert recorded contents and DVD movies into 1080p Full HD detail. You will also enjoy hearing superb bass and audio contents thanks to its unique bass reflex subwoofer and four powerful speakers.

You can also enjoy multimedia playback using a USB devices or external hard drive and you can also stay connected with your TV video/audio using the HDMI cable.


2. Yamaha Home Theater Speaker Set

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker Set

This is an affordable home theater system which makes use of the Yamaha Active Servo Technology that features the combination of amplifier and speaker to eliminate impedance so its speaker enjoys a perfect linear motion as well as delivering top class performance and highest sound pressure levels.

This outstanding system comes with magnetic shielding on the center and front speakers as well as having wide range frequency response. Its magnetic shielding technology makes use of powerful magnets which helps in the reproduction of sound as well as fighting against damage and guaranteeing maximum performance and purchasing this product offers you a 1-year labor and parts warranty.



1. Sony 5.1 Home Theater System

Sony BDVE3100 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

If you really want to turn up the sound action in your home or if you want your room to experience theater-like and loud sounds, then you should go for this Sony 5.1 Channel Home Theater system which is well designed to deliver superb bass and high quality sounds without going through the hassle of wires thanks to its 7.1 inch subwoofer and bass reflex speaker system and it also comes an in-built Wi-Fi technology which offers you unlimited access to music, shows and movies directly on your TV screen.

This system features a Bluetooth technology which helps to connect this Home Theater with Bluetooth enabled devices so you can enjoy streaming your favorite songs.





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