Are you looking for a case that would help keep your iPad mini devices safe? We recommend you go through this review which will show you the very best cases that don’t only have stylish and elegant looks but will also protect your iPad mini devices from droppings, dirt, bumps and scratches.

Top 10 Best iPad Mini Cases 2017: Unbiased Reviews

These cases can also be used for typing uses, watching movies and also for Facetime but they are not compatible with iPad Mini 4 devices.

Top 10 Best iPad Mini Cases Reviews

10. iPad Case, iPad Mini 1 2 3 Case

iPad Case, iPad Mini 1 2 3 Case

Making use of this product ensures protection against rain, dust,bump, drop or scratches thanks to its three rugged layers of protection. And it also has an elegant concept which gives it a tough hand feeling and a stylish look.

It comes with a removable cover that you can take off when you choose to. Its magnetic cover is made with premium PU leather which can be folded into a landscape stand for better hands-free viewing. It also features an automatic sleep and wake option and it is specially designed for Apple iPad Mini 3/2/1 generation.



9. Khomo iPad Mini Case

Khomo iPad Mini / Mini 2 Retina / Mini 3 Case

Purchasing this product guarantees you full access to every jack, button and port on your device without having to take off this case and it also features a full functional wake and sleep feature.

Making use of this case guarantees several you viewing angles at sixty five and thirty five degrees and it is also compatible with iPad mini 3rd, 2nd and 1st generation devices.



8. Topsky Built-In Kick Stand Layers Case

Topsky Built-In Kick Stand Layers Armor Case

This case helps you get a lot of fun as its design is convenient for facetime and video experiences and despite being sturdy, this case is quite easy to move about with.

The outer layer is made with an anti-slip silicone material which brings extra cushion and protection against force and impact as well as great handling and it also works effectively to protect your screen from scratches. This is an easy to clean case and



7. iPad Mini Case, iPad Mini 2 Cover

iPad Mini Case, iPad Mini 2 Cover

This case is made with stylish and sturdy handcrafted leather material and it is perfect for use for Apple iPad Mini/ Mini 3/ Mini 2 with retina. This case comes with an in-built stand which adjusts to give you several viewing angles as well as landscape portraits and positioning which in turn helps to find a suitable and comfortable angle when playing or working.

The iPad also comes with elastic and adjustable hand strap with soft cushion which places your hand in a suitable and comfortable position when viewing. It comes with a card slot where you can place your ID and cards and it works effectively to protect against scratches, dust, bumps and dirt.


6. iPad Mini Case Rotating Case

iPad Mini 4 Case, Thankscase Rotating Case

Using this product offers you top class protection and functionality as it features an all-in-one design including wrist strap and folder wallet style case. This product also comes with an in-built elastic hand strap which helps to the this case firmly even on the move.

One exciting feature of this product is that features swivel that rotates 360 degrees which in turn allows your device to rotate either horizontally or vertically while its in-built magnetic strip also guarantees you extra smart cover. This product is made with soft and top quality PU leather and being lightweight and slim also makes this product the best for your device.


5. iPad Mini Case, iPad Mini 2 Case, iPad Mini 3 Case, iPad Mini Retina Case, ULAK 360 Degree Rotating Synthetic Leather Case Cover for Apple Ipad Mini 1/2/3n(.9-inch) with Auto Sleep/Wake Function (Gold)

iPad Mini Case, iPad Mini 2 Case

This case is made with an authentic synthetic leather material as well as having a magnetic clip design and it helps to protect your device from dust, bumps, scratches, stains and bruises.

This case also comes with card slots which are perfect for carrying your ID or cards and it also has a wrist strap design which helps to hold your device securely. It is perfect for iPad mini 3 and 2 and Apple iPad Mini alone.



4. iPad Mini Smart Case Cover

iPad Mini 2 Case, ESR iPad Mini Smart Case Cover

This is a lightweight case that is compatible only with iPad mini, iPad min 3 and iPad mini 2 and purchasing this product ensures that you gain full access to every port on your device. This product comes with a non removable front cover which is made from top quality and durable leather. Its semi-transparent hard back ensures that your device stays protected from fingerprints and scratches.

It also comes with a tri-fold design as well as strong magnet which provide support when you place this case in a stand mode while typing or watching movies and it is also very easy to clean.



3. Snugg Leather Flip Stand Case

Snugg Leather Flip Stand Case

Purchasing this product comes with a lifetime warranty and it also features high quality craftsmanship and materials which work together to give this case a perfect fit as well as guaranteeing protection for your device.

This case also features automatic sleep and wake design while its interior is made with protective premium and soft fiber material which also helps to provide protection for your device.

This product is perfect for iPad mini 2 and 1 with Retina A1454, A1490, A1455, A1491 or A1489 and it also features openings and precise cut-outs which gives you full access to your jacks and ports.



2. Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox Defender Series Case

This product has a robust silicone feature which helps it to absorb force or impact as well as making this product a durable one and it also comes with an in-built screen protector which is very easy to clean and also protects the screen from damage and scratch.

Purchasing this product guarantees you complete access to your device as well as protection as it is well designed to prevent debris and dirt from destroying your device port. And it is also made with top quality materials which give it a unique style and texture look.

This is an easy to install product as it silicone feature stays fixed and installs easily over the polycarbonate pieces and this polycarbonate pieces has snap closing which helps them to lock together.


1. Khomo iPad Mini Case Cover

Khomo iPad Mini / Mini 2 Retina / Mini 3 Case

This product is a lightweight and durable one that also features a smart design which makes it perfect for iPad mini 2nd generation, iPad mini 1st generation and iPad mini 3rd generation products. Making use of this product offers you several angles for typing and viewing and also folds back which makes it ideal for watching videos and movies.

Purchasing this product ensures that your device will always be protected from scratches thanks to its inner soft lining which offers your full screen maximum protection and it also ensures that you can have full access to your buttons, ports and jacks without having to take off this case. It also comes with a wake/sleep feature as well as precisely cut camera hole.

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