Purchasing the best longboard today requires carrying out a good research on every available product on the market. There are certain factors to consider when purchasing a good longboard such as durability, high material quality, comfort, stability and more.

Top 10 Best Longboards 2017: Unbiased Review

In order to identify the best products with this feature, this review presents to you the best longboards with several features. This would make purchasing one very easy so there would not be any challenge in selecting the best.

10 Best Longboards Reviewed in 2018

10. White Wave Bamboo Longboards

White Wave Bamboo Longboards

Measuring about 36 inches x 9.5 inches, the white wave bamboo longboards is one of the best and durable products ever made thanks to its top quality, high density plastic which offers you optimal control when riding while its 70mm x 50mm durable and fast hellion wheels with in-built spacers helps in providing you with a smooth and comfortable ride.



9. Quest Native Longboard Skateboard

Quest Native Longboard Skateboard

Thanks to its Aztec inspired graphics and top class performance, the Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail longboard skateboard will catch every eye while its large kick tail and wide deck guarantees stability and control when riding.

Featuring rugged aluminum wheels, 7-ply hardwood maple deck and 70mm PU wheels, this longboard will offer you the ride of your life and whether you want to travel in style, cruse to the pool or beach and even get attention, this longboard fits the bill as it offers you a unique style, comes with top quality and delivers high performance.



8. Ten Toes Skateboard Cruiser

Ten Toes Skateboard Cruiser

Featuring lightweight and rugged aluminum trucks, the Ten Toes board emporium zed bamboo longboard is made using top quality bamboo material and it also features a striking vintage look which would attract any eye.

Riding on this longboard guarantees optimal control and stability thanks in that it comes with a maple and bamboo hybrid board with kick tail and bamboo deck while its rugged and durable PU wheels ensures that you enjoy a comfortable and smooth ride.

Other notable features of this longboard include; PU casted black bushing-90a, precision ABEC-7 bearing and smooth and reactive gliding reverse kingpin trucks.



7. Quest Rosharck Bamboo Skateboard

Quest Rosharck Bamboo Skateboard

Get this Quest Rosharck bamboo longboard skateboard from Made in Mars which features an impressive artisan bamboo deck and multi-ply hardwood maple which doesn’t only make this product durable but also provides you with optimal control and stability when riding and thanks to its 70mm durable PU wheels, you will continuously enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Stable performance and transportability are some of the key benefits you stand to gain when you purchase this product and you will be the center of attraction whenever you ride on this longboard as it features an attractive “splatter” design which will catch any eye.



6. SCSK8 Natural Blank Skateboard

SCSK8 Natural Blank Skateboard

Get the SCSK8 natural blank and stained complete longboard and skateboard comes with a deck made using hard rock maple which offers you stability and optimum control when riding and safety is one stand out feature of this longboard is it resists flat-spots and unwanted bouncing thanks to its unique and impressive design.

Whether you are an amateur or professional, this longboard is perfect for you whether you are a woman or man. It also supports rider’s weight about 220lbs and other notable features that this longboard possesses include; precision ABEC-9 red bearings and aluminum 7-inch trucks.



5. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39 inch)


This longboard comes in an attractive pin-tail shape and this pin-tail shape makes this longboard perfect for cruising. One edge this longboard has over most longboards is its guaranteed control and stability thanks to its unique deck shape which also helps to prevent wheel bite when riding and if you want to learn or master riding with a longboard then you should get this longboard today as it is the ideal longboard for beginners.

Its colorful design, full coverage grip tape top and maple laminate deck are some exciting features of this product and it also boasts of 78A urethane wheels which guarantees an easy, comfortable and smooth ride.



4. Yocaher Professional Speed Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Longboard

This is a drop down, plunked stain complete longboard with a unique deck which is lower at the center. One advantage of its low-centered deck is you will enjoy optimal stability even when riding at high speed and this in turn makes this longboard perfect for speed-boarding.

This longboard comes ready to use as it requires no assembly whatsoever and riders are subjected to a comfortable, relaxed and convenient ride thanks to its 70×25 Q-ball wheels.

It is made to last as it boasts of a 9-ply maple concave construction while other features like HD7 heavy duty trucks, aluminum alloy, 180mm hardness and more helps to promote durability.



3. Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard

Krown Complete Longboard Skateboard

The Krown complete lonboard skateboard comes in a 9-inch x 43-inch pin tail shape which makes it perfect for cruising while its Canadian maple construction makes it lasts long and also durable. This also makes this longboard widely sought after by most riders nowadays.

Its black grip tape and 6-inch silver trucks also helps to promote durability as well deliver high performance and ridesrs would enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to its 65mm black 78A wheels.



2. Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Atom Drop-Through Longboard

Featuring a full maple laminate deck which makes this product durable, riding on this longboard offers you maximum control and stability and you will also enjoy riding as it provides you with a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its super high rebound 70mm x 46mm urethane wheels.

Its top quality 80S grip tape, ABEC 5 bearings and reverse kingpin longboard trucks are some key features that comes with this product and it comes ready to use as it requires no assembly.



1. Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Having a length of 44-inch, the Quest Super longboard is one that delivers an impressive performance thanks to hardwood and bamboo maple deck construction and this longboard stands out from the rest as it features authentic and powerful components which provides users with a memorable riding experience.

Not all skateboards feature the same component and material construction and if you are looking for an affordable pro style skateboard then you shouldn’t hesitate in purchasing this skateboard today.





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