Whether you are having a birthday party or a get together with your friends, you can use party favors in decorating the venue as they are helping in keeping your family and guests entertained.

Top 10 Best Party Favors 2017: Unbiased Review

There are different party favors available today but it is necessary that you go through this review which will show you the features and benefits of some products so you can spice up or add a little bit of spark to your party.

The Glow Sticks Bracelets Party Favors Toys is rated number one in this review but there are still others you can select from.

Top 10 Best Party Favors Reviews

10. Dazzling Toys Foam Rocket Launcher

Dazzling Toys Foam Rocket Launcher

Perfect for use as a kid’s gift or as party favors, this toy rocket launcher comes with three foam rockets and twelve sets of one pump which helps to provide enjoyable and fun moments for your kids. It is also very easy to use or play with as all it require is for you to place the rocket launcher, pull the launcher and watch as the rocket flies straight into the air.

This toy guarantees that your kids will be engaged and entertained for long hours and it is also perfect for outdoor use.


9. Fun Glitter Stacking Stationery and Crayons Toy

Fun Glitter Stacking Stationery and Crayons Toy

The fun express transparent crayons comes with 5½ inch plastic crayon which features about twenty colors and a cap and your kid would enjoy making use of these crayons as it helps to boost creativity and imagination by helping them stack vivid colors and drawing pictures.

These crayons are safe to play with as they boast of a non-toxic material production and your kid will have every color needed to get any art project done.



8. Make-a-Zoo Animal Sticker Sheets- 12 Pack or Kids

Make-a-Zoo Animal Sticker Sheets- 12 Pack or Kids

Adding these stickers to any classroom would be a very useful addition as it also helps to teach the children about sea creatures and aquatic life and you can also use these stickers for parties as it helps to enhance creativity in every kid as different combinations can be pieced together to produce new and amazing results.

Purchasing the Kidsco animal sticker sheets offers you about 20-24 stickers in every sheet and it comes with different sea creature stickers like octopus, clown fish, turtle amongst others.



7. 36 Pack Flashing Rubber Rings for Party Favors

36 Pack Flashing Rubber Rings for Party Favors

Whether it is a concert or a dance party, you should get this jelly bubble light up finger toy which draws a lot of attention and can be used as party favors and these toys are made using gel and elastic rubber with a led enclosed which ensures it fits every finger as well as being safe to play with.

These rings features off and on switch which helps to turn the lights on and the rings are also sealed in which ensures added safety. Coming in different shapes and colors, these rings will be the main attention of any party and they come neatly wrapped in rows and columns in a display box.



6. Aeromax GLOW Tangle Free Toy Parachute

Aeromax GLOW Tangle Free Toy Parachute

Enjoy the fun that comes with playing with this tangle free toy as all you have to do is toss it upwards and watch as it flies and it also boasts of a unique design which helps it produce a sparkling glow at night time.

Recommended for girls and boys, you can use this product as a gift item for party favors, birthdays, stocking surfer or even Easter basket and it is made using top quality and rip-resistant nylon material which makes this toy very durable.



5. Kangaroos 8 Beach Balls Party Favors

Kangaroos 8 Beach Balls Party Favors

Allow your kids join in on the fun during the summer by getting them the Kangaroo 8 beach ball which was voted in the top ten beach toys and best in pool toys by beach weekly.

These mini beach balls will provide your kids with endless fun as it is played by tossing them in the air or for playing volleyball and these balls come in variety of designs and colors so you can select the one that would best attract your kid.



4. Educational Insights Playfoam

Educational Insights Playfoam

Get your kids this amazing educational insights game which allows your kids express their creativity without requiring cleanup afterwards and this no-stick playfoam is ideal for making squashy, sculpting squishy creations.

Non-stop creativity is guaranteed as this playfoam never runs dry while its non-sticky formula ensures that it doesn’t stick to your clothing, car seat or carpets.

Some benefit that comes with making use of this playfoam is it helps to encourage self expression and creativity skills as well as aiding sensory stimulation and play and it also features twenty individual pods in colors like peach, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple and blue.



3. Joyin Toy Assorted for Kids Party Favors

Joyin Toy Assorted for Kids Party Favors

This item is considered as the best gift for your 3-10 year old kids during their birthdays, classroom rewards, Easter egg fillers, Christmas stocking surfers and also for party favors and it provides loads of fun for every kid as each character represents a new trick like shaking tails or heads, walking, spinning, sliding, flipping as well as swimming in water.

Purchasing this product comes with characters like sea life, snowman, Santa Claus, racing car, lady bugs, helicopters, dinosaur and many more and they are made using top quality materials which ensures durability and long lasting use.



2. Premium Animal Collectibles Set

Premium Animal Collectibles Set

Recommended for kids of ages 3 and above, this puzzle toys are ready to play fun games and they are also safe for use as they are made using eco-friendly and non-toxic erasers.

There are variety of items in this collection and that provides your kids with loads of fun and one useful importance of this product is it can used as the perfect gift item.

These erasers come in a new bag and each pack comes with thirty animals with no added duplicates.



1. Glow Glowstick Party Favors Toys Supplies Mixed Colors

Glow Glowstick Party Favors Toys Supplies Mixed Colors

Considered as the best glow sticks brand, these glow sticks comes in five attractive and bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink, blue and green and they are well designed to produce a sparkling glow for about eight to twelve hours.

Make use of these glow sticks for your birthdays, parties, Halloweens, bars, weddings, bath tub and many more as they prove to be the main source of attention in every occasion.

Making use of this items provides so much fun as it comes with hundred connectors which allows you create patterns like necklaces, bracelets and many more and they are safe for use as they are not flammable and non radioactive.





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