It is very necessary for both instrumentalists and vocalists to own a portable PA system as they are very important equipment used in improving performance.

Top 10 Best Portable PA Systems 2017: Unbiased Reviews

There are different factors to take into consideration when shopping for a portable PA system like compatibility, size of crowd, wireless operations and power requirements, quality of sound, speakers, mixers and microphones and this has led to settling for the best quite difficult. For this reason, our 10 best PA systems review contains every useful information about the best products and after reading this, readers would no longer experience any difficulty is settling for a reliable product.

Top 10 Best Portable PA Systems Review

10. Fender Passport Conference PA Systems

Fender Passport Conference PA Systems

The Fender passport PA system makes use of 175 watts powerful amplifier while its capacity and power is aimed at serving a small and medium sized audience. One unique feature of this public address system is that it comes with an international voltage operation of about 100V – 120V / 220V – 240V and it comes with a 5-channel mixer allows for mixing of small musical ensembles and lecture panels.

It also comes with ¼-inch /line inputs and XLR which guarantees flexible and ideal source connectivity.



9. Winbridge WB001 Rechargeable

Winbridge WB001 Rechargeable UltraLight Portable Voice Amplifier

Using this equipment guarantees soft and Hi-fi clear sound and it also features a lightweight and compact design which allows you moves about with this speaker system about freely.

This speaker system delivers clear sounds that are free from howling thanks to its amplifying circuit and it also comes with one key scan, high sensitivity radio and memory channels.

This speaker system is made with top quality ABS materials together with high-light technology makes this a wear-resistant and durable product and it also features in-built Lithium batteries which also promotes environmental protection. Purchasing this item also comes with a waistband, a USB cable and a user manual.



8. Rechargeable Portable PA System with Wireless MIC

PYLE-PRO PWMA100 – Rechargeable Portable PA System with Wireless MIC

You can get all you need using this compact and portable speaker system and it features a lightweight and durable microphone which fits the hand comfortably and also operates even when away at 100FT.

Users would experience no difficulty in moving about or operating this speaker system which explains why it is a perfect choice for small gatherings, medium sized gatherings to large gatherings while its unique power system ensures your voice gets heard.

You can also connect two wired microphones, a guitar, an MP3 player or any other external audio device thanks to its additional ¼-inch jack inputs and it also allows you listen to your favorite FM stations using the FM tuner.

Another additional feature of this speaker system is its aux-in input which allows you connect with your iPod device. With a 3.5mm input jack, this PA system ensures users stay connected with other non-enabled Bluetooth devices.



7. Pyle Wireless Portable PA Speaker

Pyle PWM86Oi Wireless and Portable PA Speaker Sound System

This is a powerful and portable PA sound system that comes with a 3-inch compression tweeter, an 8-inch subwoofer used in projecting your gusto and voice and a power of 500 Watts and this portable PA system also comes with a 30-pin iPhone/Ipod dock used in playing music and also where you connect and charge your devices thanks to its in-built rechargeable battery.

This system comes with wireless VHF microphone which still functions even when 100FT away and it also features four multi-color LED’s which tells you when this system is charging, when the wireless microphone is operating, when the battery is low and when the power is on. You can also connect two wired microphones, a guitar, an MP3 player or any other external audio device thanks to its additional ¼-inch jack inputs.



6. Pyle Wireless Microphone PA Speaker System

Pyle PWMA200 Compact and Wireless Microphone PA Speaker System, Handheld Mic

This is an easy to move about with speaker system and it is perfect for events where you have to move about with the microphone and still deliver the same top quality sound even at a distance of 100 feet and it is also lightweight and compact for easy portability.

It comes with a ¼-inch input jack that allows you connect a wired microphone and this system is also compatible with your iPod devices but requires a 3.5mm stereo cable to allow you connect with other external audio devices using the AUX audio input jack.

Its 3.5mm audio output ensures that you connect with additional speakers for better coverage and sounds while its internal FM receiver makes it possible to listen to any special show, special song or even join in any favorite radio program.



5. 2-Way Powered Bluetooth Speaker System


2-Way Powered Bluetooth Speaker System

This Bluetooth speaker system gives you total control over everything you need and it also provides the necessary accessories needed for you to have a memorable listening experience as it delivers a two way stereo sound for your listening pleasure.

This speaker system features an in-built Bluetooth technology which ensures you connect with other audio devices like your MP3 player, tablet, Smartphone, iPhone and PC and allows you stream your favorite songs. It is also aimed at allowing users listen to some of the best radio services like Spotify and Pandora.

This speaker system features a 3.5mm AUX-in jack which allows you stay connected with additional devices as well as giving you control over the sound thanks to its remote control and the control panel placed behind the unit.



4. Obsolete Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

Ion Audio iPA57 Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System

Making use of this portable Bluetooth speaker allows you stream your favorite songs from any Bluetooth enabled device and it is one that Android, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad devices would work great with.

Using this portable loudspeaker system with wireless/wired connectivity and a powerful rechargeable battery with a charge indicator guarantees a memorable listening experience and rich bass sounds. Other vital features of this PA system are microphone as well as an in-built digital FM/AM radio with a retractable antenna.

 Ion Audio iPA57 Tailgater Bluetooth Portable Speaker System with Auxiliary USB Charger” locale=”US” tag=”10roars-20″]Click here to buy this item on amazon


3. ION Audio Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

ION Audio Block Rocker (iPA76A) / Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a unique speaker system that guarantees 50 hours of great and exceptional sound when charged fully thanks to its dynamic rechargeable battery and it also serves as a means of charging your tablet, Smartphone and other devices thanks to its powerful USB power bank.

This portable speaker system comes with telescoping handle and wheels which allows for easy transport and its Bluetooth connectivity option ensures you stay connected with Bluetooth enabled devices and this in turn allows you stream and listen to your favorite song on these devices. Other features of this speaker system include an auxiliary cable, microphone, 1/8-inch auxiliary input, AM/FM radio.



2. Hisonic Lithium Battery Rechargeable and Portable

Hisonic HS1208 Lithium Battery Rechargeable and Portable

The Hisonic PA system is perfect for all outdoor occasions and it comes with a 40 Watt powerful speaker which is well designed to deliver clear and sound loud sounds even in noisy surroundings.

This speaker system comes with a replaceable and rechargeable high capacity battery and it can be moved about easily thanks to its lightweight and compact size. Purchasing this speaker system offers you a 1 year warranty and it also features a microphone input jack and an in-built VHF wireless microphone which allows you create your own memories.


1. ION Audio Tailgater Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker


ION Audio Tailgater Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker


The Tailgater Bluetooth speaker system is designed to make your special occasion or your backyard party a memorable way as it delivers exceptional sound quality thanks to its 50 Watt powerful amplifier and two-way speaker system and using this Bluetooth speaker system also makes it quite fun to play songs via a Bluetooth enabled device.

Tuning into FM / AM stations or your create your own type of fun using its microphone is one feature that sets this PA system away from the entire products  and one advantage of this speaker system over the rest is its long battery life as using this ION audio tailgater system guarantees 50 hours of great and exceptional sound when charged fully.

Its USB power bank can be used in charging your tablets, Smartphone and other devices while staying connected with devices that are not Bluetooth enabled is also possible as its 3.5mm jack serves as a connector between such devices.




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