Chainsaws are typically lightweight, easier and the best method in carrying out clearing and cutting tasks in your yard. They are essential in cutting down trees for fire suppression in wild fires or for firewood or cutting up concrete. There are tons of chainsaws out there which could make purchasing one a difficult task for you.

Best Power Chainsaws reviews

That’s why we have put together this review on ten of the best chainsaw and their unique attributes and features to help you select the one that’ll match your needs.

Here’s The Top 10 Best Power Chainsaws To Buy With Reviews

10. GreenWorks 20332 

This Greenworks corded chainsaw is designed to start operation in about five seconds and it also features a powerful torque which helps to complete every task while its 18 inch chain and bar ensures that clearing large debris an easy task.

It also comes with an auto oiler which provides adequate lubrication for maximum clearing performance with ease. It also comes with a tool-less chain tensioning with quick adjustments which ensures that you can go back and finish the task at hand. This chainsaw features a wrap around handle which gives you different cutting positions for clearing at several angles.


9. EGO Power + 14 Inch 56 Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw 

The EGO lithium ion cordless chainsaw features a top efficiency brushless motor that has 6300 RPM and it also comes with a 14 inch Oregon chain and bar. This cordless chainsaw features a chain kickback brake that provides added control and safety.

It also features a design which makes this product weather resistant. This product is considered to be an OEM part and it also features a chain tensioning knob.


8. Husqvarna 455 Rancher

This product features a well designed x-torq system which helps to produce low vibrations and reduce emissions to about 60% as well as reducing consumption of fuel to about 20%. This chainsaw also reduces the possibility of engine flooding and makes way for easy and quick starting.

It also ensures replacement and cleaning of the air filter while its centrifugal air cleaning system helps to eliminate large debris and dust particles before getting to the air filter. This chainsaw has additional CARB complaints features and 20inch long 55-1/2cc 2-stroke gas-powered chainsaw which works to improve engine life as well as reducing air filter cleanings.


7. Poulan P3314 14 Inch 33cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

This product features a 33cc, 14 inch two cycle gas powered chain saw together with a gear driven automatic oiler and it is perfect for cutting jobs in your compound thanks to its 28 inch diameter cutting capacity.

This product also comes with an automatic chain oiler, a primer bulb and a 14 inch steel bar which enhances easy starting and it also features an exclusive air filter system which improves air filter life.


6. Husqvarna 450 18inch 50.2cc X-Torq 2-Cycle 

This powerful chainsaw is perfect for people who cut less often and its 3.2HP X-Torq technology helps to boost fuel efficiency and reduce toxic exhaust emissions. This product comes with a centrifugal air cleaning technology together with a snap-lock cylinder cover while its combined stop/choke system and smart start control helps to reduce vibration. Purchasing this product comes with a warranty of 2 – 4 years and it is also CARB complaint.


5. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 inches Long 

This product features a 36inches chain with self cleaning and bi directional chainsaw style cutting teeth which is guaranteed to cut through woods in two ways. And it is made from a high strength treated super strong heat steel which is extremely flexible, versatile and lightweight.

One advantage of purchasing this product is that it comes with a magnesium fire starter which is water resistant, fireproof and shatterproof which also makes this product ideal for Bushcraft purposes. You can sharpen this chainsaw using the 5/32 round chainsaw file and it also comes with a strong nylon front snap carrying case.


4. GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX 

This product comes with a premium power of DigiPro brushless technology which guarantees 100 cuts in a single charge and it is also compatible with 40V GreenWorks G-MAX Li-on system that gives you variety of tools to select from.

This chainsaw’s brushless motor design features about 30 percent torque which ensures quality cutting performance. It also reduces vibration to about 70 percent which gives you comfort while in use. It also features a low kickback chain and a chain brake which also boosts user’s safety.


3. Poulan ProPP5020AV

This product comes with a long lasting DuraLife engine and it also features a super clean air filter system which helps to improve the air filter life. It also comes with a reduced vibration handle as well as an easy to pull starting system which helps to reduce operator fatigue.

This Poulan chainsaw is the only chainsaw with the highest power (50cc) available and other additional features of this product includes spring and purge assist, dual post, aluminum professional inch style clutch cover, spark plug, tool-less access to air filter, carrying case, automatic chain oiler and on-board locking scrench holder.


2. GreenWorks 24282 G-MAX

This product features a top performance 40V Lithium-Ion battery gives you zero memory loss and a fade free power after charging and it comes with a variable speed which gives you wind speed of about 150 mph that is ideal for cleaning leaves and debris from patios and tough surface areas. This product features a lightweight stylish design for ease of use and user efficiency and it also has an extra speed control on the sweeper tip which boost gathering and sweeping abilities.


1. Black and Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 Amp Electric Chainsaw

This product is perfect for pruning tree branches with a diameter of about four inches and it is also recommended for tearing down branches after storms as well as cutting branches into manageable sizes. The chainsaw features a 4.5 Amp motor which allows for fast and powerful cutting and it also features top quality jaws which helps to grab and cut in a simple motion.

This product also comes with a heavy duty chain and cutting bar which guarantees quick cutting of thick logs and branches and it also has a weight of 6-1/2 pounds with a bar length of six inches.


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