You will need a quality projector if you present in seminars or business meetings or even if you love watching movies right from the comfort of your home and unlike other media players that make use of television to function, projectors are designed to stand on their own and they are also convenient to set up so they can display directly on walls.

Top 10 Best Projectors 2017: Unbiased Review

One benefit that comes with making use of projectors as their HD designs which fights against image distortion and other issues but due to the various models available today, most people find it challenging to purchase the best.

However, we have put together this review which features the best projectors which are ideal for outdoor and indoor use and possess high quality designs and technology which will take entertainment to a higher level.

Top 10 Best Projectors Reviews

10. Crenova XPE470 Mini LED Video Projector

Crenova XPE470 Mini LED Video Projector

This is the ideal projector for home use as it features a new LED bulb which is less noticeable and thanks to its compact and despite having similar size to that of an iPad mini, this projector is very easy to install so you and your entire family can start enjoying theater-like experience at home.

Making use of this projector allows you connect to a DVD player, desktop or laptop using a HDMI cable so you can project photos, videos and more from these devices and it comes with a 12-months warranty as it features quality material production which guarantees durability and long lasting performance.



9. Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

Epson VS240 SVGA 3LCD Projector

Compatible with latest media players and laptops, the Epson VS240 projector boasts of a 3-chip technology which delivers three times wider color effect and three times increased color brightness unlike other low quality projectors. It also features about 3000 lumens color brightness which guarantees vivid and accurate colors.

This projector is ideal for projecting graphics and presentations thanks to its SVGA 800 x 600 Resolution and it can be set up easily with convenient controls and image adjustments.



8. Optoma Home Theater Projector

Optoma Home Theater Projector

Considered as the ideal gaming projector for your PS4, Xbox one and even your personal computer, the Optoma home theater projector delivers outstanding picture quality while its 8000 hour lamp life ensures long hours of viewing.

One of the benefits that come with making use of this projector is its vivid and well detailed graphics thanks to its advance optical lens, deep blacks and crystal clear 1080P graphic design while its sRGB color profile guarantees that you enjoy accurate and rich color content when viewing.

Another advantage that this projector has over other products is its ability to playback video and music thanks to its Roku streaming sticks which also allows you to share web pages and other digital media contents.



7. DBPOWER T20 1500 LCD Mini Projector

DBPOWER T20 1500 LCD Mini Projector

Purchasing this product comes with a 3-year warranty and it also allows you connect with your Smartphone and iPad using the HDMI cable so you can enjoy watching your favorite videos on these devices.

Making use of this device guarantees up to 50 percent extra brightness which makes it perfect for home use and for better performance it is recommended you make use of this projector in dark environments.

One key feature of this projector is its innovative sound and fan system which the fan works effectively in dispersing heat while the sound system works effectively to reduce the fan sound thanks to its noise suppression design.



6. Milson Video Theater Multimedia Projector

Milson Video Theater Multimedia Projector

One of the benefits that come with making use of this projector is its in-built LED bulb which helps to save up energy up to 70 percent and you will also enjoy accurate and vivid images as it can be adjusted to get the best viewing angle as well as to obtain an exceptional image effect.

This projector comes with several inputs such as USB/HDMI/AV/TV/VGA and many more so you can connect easily with your iPad, laptop, Xbox, PS4, PC and several other devices and it also comes with a 12-month warranty as it features durable material construction which promotes long lasting performance.



5. Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector

Crenova XPE460 LED Video Projector

This projector comes with a fan which works effectively in the dispersion of heat and with low temperature this fan will make no noise while purchasing this product also offers you a professional customer service warranty as well as a product warranty of 12 months.

The Crenova video projector is perfect for use in every home especially in dark rooms as it delivers up to 20 percent added brightness unlike other projector products.

It also comes with a quality HDMI cable which allows you connect to your Smartphone and iPad so you can enjoy viewing on your projector conveniently so you and your family can enjoy cinema-like experience right from your living room.



4. Optoma Home Theater Projector

Optoma Home Theater Projector

Get the Optoma HD26 home theater projector today which delivers diagonal image up to 300-inch and thanks to its HDMI design, you can connect with other CEC and HDMI devices for enhanced operations.

Making use of this projector guarantees best detailed and sharp images thanks to its full HD 1080P Resolution and using its MHL enabled HDMI ports, you can display games, watch movies and even send web content from your tablet or mobile phone.



3. ViewSonic Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

ViewSonic Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector

Featuring a user-friendly, intuitive design, 800 x 600 Resolution and 3300 lumens brightness, the Viewsonic SVGA HDMI Projector guarantees you enjoy crystal clear and high image details. One advantage of this projector over other models is its powerful amplifier and solid speaker chamber which helps to deliver top quality sounds.

Its exclusive super color technology provides a wide color range which helps in delivering true to life images and it is perfect for small businesses as it comes at an affordable price, has flexible connectivity options and unique audiovisual features.



2. Ben Q DLP HDB 1080P Projector

Ben Q DLP HDB 1080P Projector

The Ben Q DLP projector is perfect for watching your favorite TV shows, playing action packed games and watching action packed movies and it boasts of a SmartEco technology which guarantees auto standby as well as conserving energy which helps to extend lamp life.

Experience superb and noise-free sounds as this projector comes with in-built speakers which comes ready for use while some of its impressive features include; 2000 lumen brightness, 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 1080P image projection.



1. Optoma HD141X 1080P 3D DLP Home Theater Projector

Get this top quality projector today which is perfect for action filled video games, watching sports, TV shows and movies and it also boasts of certain features like 3000 lumens brightness, HD 1080P video quality and an outstanding 23,000:1 contrast ratio which delivers superior color production and amazing details.

One unique feature of this projector is its impressive black and powerful watt audio technology which ensures superb sounds and improved black levels and it is fully compatible with your PS4, PS3, Xbox, Blu-Ray 3D player and other gaming consoles.

Other notable features of this projector include; whisper quiet fan, lamp life of 6500 hours, back lit remote and 12V jack which provides motorized screen automation.




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