Shovels are the perfect gardening tools required to transplant seedlings as well as to move organic and earth materials around. But it can also be used for other outdoor activities like camping, cutting down brushes and even slicing snow and these shovels comes at an affordable price.

AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

If you want to go shopping for a well-designed and quality shovel, here is a detailed review on top ten best shovels and their important features:

10 Best Shovels To Buy With Reviews

10. Swede Multifunctional Folding Camping Military Shovel

Swede Multifunctional Folding Camping Military Shovel

The friendly swede multifunctional shovel features a fire starter which is located at the side of the shovel, a window breaker in times of emergency found at the end of the shovel. The whistle placed between two shaft parts, two bottle openers placed at the end of the shovel blade and at the end of the saw/knife.

A knife on the side of a small saw, paracord fixed to the pouch alongside a carabiner and a saw which you will find between the shaft part and the shovel blade. Its fire starter is very important as it helps you stay warm in cold weather conditions and also to enable you heat up water or food.


9. Survival Shovel – Folding Shovel

Survival Shovel – Folding Shovel with Pickaxe, Saw and Fire starter for Hiking, Camping, Entrenching and Backcountry

The survival shovel is a lightweight and durable folding portable shovel which is highly recommended for outdoor use and with its well-constructed serrated edges this shovel transforms into a saw which you can use in kindling or cutting down brushes.

This multifunctional shovel can also be used for fire starting purposes as well as a pickaxe and it is made with manganese steel with a 42 – 46 rigidity rating. This shovel is also perfect for backpacking trip or weekend camping and it can also be used for digging holes when hiking or as an entrenching tool to prevent the spreading of wild fire.


8. Root Assassin Shovel

 Root Assassin Shovel – Award Winning Shovel – Best of All Garden Tools – Best of All Garden Shovels

This shovel is perfect for clearing away an overgrown area of brush, forest or garden and it features a curved shaped design used in cutting down roots with ease as well as a well-constructed bone structure which gives it remarkable strength. This shovel also has serrated teeth with a unique shape that makes it suitable for difficult jobs and it can also be sharpened using a grinder or a wheel.

This shovel is made with structural solid carbon steel that is coated with silver color powder and it also has a long lasting bright red handle coated with rubber which allows for easy and comfortable use.


7. Suncast SF 1850 Big Scoop Snow Shovel 

The Suncast big scoop snow shovel features a big gray scoop with snow float design and a one piece steel collapsible handle which makes this shovel easy to store when not in use and it also comes with no-stick graphite blades.

This shovel has a length of 60 inches and its blade length measures 22 x 28 x 5 inches and it is ideal for clearing down brushes as well as for camping activities.


6. True Temper Snow Shovel – 1641200

The true temper aluminum snow shovel has the shape of a blade which makes it ideal for pushing snow or for shoveling activities and this 18-ich aluminum shovel is made of durable materials and also lightweight. It comes with a steel wear strip which is perfect for use on asphalt surfaces and concrete surfaces and the wear steel strip also works to extend blade life.

Its handle features an ergonomic steel construction which helps to reduce hand fatigue and strain. Its handle is also an oversized D-grip that allows for easy grip even when wearing hand gloves.


5. Suncast SC3250 Snow Shovel

The Suncast snow shovel/pusher has a steel blade that measures 18 x 12 inches and the overall length of the shovel measures 52.5 inches. It also comes with a bent ergonomic handle which eliminates fatigue on the hands as well as strain.

It also features a wear steel strip which is perfect for concrete and asphalt surfaces as well as extending blade life. This shovel also comes with steel core ribbed handle that gives you a well-balanced and comfortable grip even while wearing hand gloves.


4. Fiskars Long Handle Digging Shovel 

This shovel comes with a lifetime warranty and it is perfect for digging even in tough and hard soils. It comes with an 18-gauge steel shaft and a 14-gauge hardened welded steel blade which makes it durable unlike other tools with wooden handles and also making sure that this shovel doesn’t flex like fiberglass. It features a sharpened blade which ensures that this shovel breaks up clouds of dirt and also penetrates hardened soil.


3. SOG Elite Entrenching Tool F19-N

This folding shovel serves a multifunctional purpose as it can be used as a hex wrench for loosing or screwing wrench, shovel for cleaning, digging and trenching, fire starter for outdoor adventure and starting out fires, as a straight and cross screwdriver, as a bottle opener, as a scale knife in scraping fish scales for barbecue activities, as a ruler.

It features a gauge length of 10cm which helps you to get clear and exact measurements and it also comes with a carrying pouch which allows you carry this instrument along on your shoulder during hiking or working.


2. Toro 38361 Power Shovel

Toro 38361 Power Shovel 7.5 Amp Electric Snow Thrower

This is considered to be one of the best shovels in the United States as it features a 7.5 amp electric snow blower that is ideal for steps, sidewalks, decks, walkways and residential areas. And it also comes with adjustable metal telescoping handle, a durable plastic body, resistant to rust as well as a two year warranty.

This electric shovel can cut about six inches deep and twelve inches wide in just one pass and it is well constructed to blow up to twenty feet, move about 300 pounds of snow as well as clearing up to four inches of snow from a 50 x 20 foot driveway in about twenty minutes.

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1. AAA 4004 Red Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

This shovel features a high quality and lightweight aluminum construction and it can be adjusted from 25 inches to 32 inches which allows for variety of uses. This high quality shovel features a three piece construction which serves for easy disassembly as well as for easy packing and storage and it is the perfect equipment for your SUV, truck, car and other snowmobile or recreational vehicles.

This is a quality and reliable shovel used for slicing snow and can also carry out difficult task like digging your car out after a snow storm. It has a sturdy body frame which ensures that it doesn’t bend or flex.


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