To reduce the risk of your toilet from getting blocked then it is necessary you get a plunger and there are plungers available today which also fights against bacteria, mildew and mold thereby ensuring that your toilet remains clean.

Top 10 Best Toilet Plunger 2017: Unbiased Review

There are different toilet available today but before purchasing one you need to compare between their various features and benefits and that’s why we recommend that you go through this review which will walk you through the best toilet plungers available today and help you make the right choice.

Top 10 Best Toilet Plunger of Reviews

10. G.T Water 1.6 Gallon Master Plunger

G.T Water 1.6 Gallon Master Plunger

Specially designed for use on a 1.6 gallon toilet, the G.T water products master low flush plunger boasts of 83 inches of displacement for clearing of clogs effectively from your toilets unlike other standard plungers and it also requires easy installation process while the well shaped handle guarantees easy and convenient handling.

This is an easy to use and durable item which delivers low flush action and it comes in an attractive black color.



9. Roto Rooter Instant Plunger

Experience easy plumbing action using the Roto Rooter instant plunger which is manufactured using top quality plastic and rubber materials for durability. And it comes with a vortex force clog breaker which delivers a less tedious and quick plumbing action while its dual seal and larger head provides top plunging action and high engery.

The Roto Rooter instant plunger is well designed to keep your floors neat and clean and it comes with a well shaped handle which allows for easy push and pull down the tubes.


8. Heavy-Duty PlumbCraft Toilet Plunger

Heavy-Duty PlumbCraft Toilet Plunger

Thanks to its convenient all in one storage design, the Heavy-duty toilet plunger can be used as a toilet brush as well as toilet plunger and its durable, strong and rounded brush is effective is cleaning up of difficult regions around the toilet.

One advantage of this product is its toilet plunger is well designed to fit most toilets and it also features a 5-3/4 inch diameter cup with a 15-inch handle.

Another notable feature of this item is its two caddy compartment which ensures both items gets stowed away from your toilet.



7. Kleen Freak Antibacterial Plunger

Kleen Freak Antibacterial Plunger

Rated among the best, the Kleen freak toilet plunger is made using germ guard protection which provides defense against mildew, molds and bacteria and using this plunger drains toilet bowls effectively without spreading more germs.

This heavy duty plunger features a top quality rubber cup that creates a tight seal on most toilet bowls and this plunger is well constructed to work perfectly with high efficiency and standard toilets.

Its germ guard design helps to fight against 99.9 percent of bacteria thereby helping your toilet to remain clean and this Kleen freak plunger features a unique design which delivers high plunging action as well as making sure unsanitary water drains away from the rubber cup.



6. G.T Water Products Master Plunger

G.T Water Products Master Plunger

The G.T Water Products master plunger is effective in getting rid of clogs in your toilets, faucets, sinks and many more and purchasing this master plunger guarantees a unique plunge per push unlike any other plunger available.

This attractive black color plunger boasts of seven times the displacement of rubber cup plungers and its sturdy construction and design ensures long lasting performance and use.

The G.T water products master plunger also boasts of 162 cubic inches of displacement for clearing of fogs effective cleaning unlike most standard plungers.



5. Rubber Toilet Plunger for Bathroom

Rubber Toilet Plunger for Bathroom

Featuring a 21 inch height, the Rubber toilet plunger saves space and also fits easily under most sinks and in most cabinets and it also comes with a wide, extended cup which delivers excellent suction, fit and pressure for effective plunging action.

Its plastic handle makes it very easy to clean and you won’t have to worry about blisters and splinters thanks to its plastic handles unlike in wooden handles.

Clear clogs faster using this quality plunger and purchasing this product also offers you a free Ebook “How to poop like a Pro” – the ultimate guide to healthy bowel movements.



4. Korky Max Performance Plunger

Korky Max Performance Plunger

The Korky max performance plunger is considered to be the most universal plunger as it is well designed to fit with bowls of different sizes and shapes for effective plunging action and one remarkable feature of this plunger is its bulb shaped and soft bottom which ensures that this plunger fits newer bowl outlets unlike most plunger products.

Purchasing the Korky max performance plunger guarantees an effective plunging action as it comes with a bellowed head which works for correct and pivot angle and it also requires easy installation and features easy handling.



3. OXO Grips Toilet Plunger and Canister

OXO Grips Toilet Plunger and Canister

The OXO good grips hideaway toilet plunger features a sleek design which allows you tuck it away easily while its covered canister makes sure the plunger doesn’t come in contact with other household items.

This plunger head is well designed to work effectively on most toilets and it comes with a ridge-free and smooth design which guarantees cleanliness.

Another notable feature of this item is its canister drip tray has ventilation slots that allow quick evaporation of water while its handle comes with a top flat surface which gives you a comfortable and secure grip.



2. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

This item comes with a sound magnetic collar which holds the cover firmly to the plunger steel rod and this ensures you can carry and pick them up without dripping and one notable feature of this item is that its plunge flange features a narrow and long design which makes it clean effectively with most modern toilets.

Its stainless steel rod is well constructed to stand any task and its cover comes with a large opening which helps to detach the plunger easily as well as hiding the plunger when not in use. Purchasing this product offers you a 5 year warranty and it also guarantees optimal plunging action.



1. Neiko Toilet Plunger with Patented

Neiko Toilet Plunger with Patented

One attractive feature of the Neiko toilet plunger is its mold resistant, rustproof and lightweight aluminum handle that comes with a peg hole which makes it very easy to hang after use while its remarkable four step heavy duty suction cup is well designed to fit most sizes and types of toilet drain openings.

This durable rubber cup produces a tight seal at all angles of the drain making it ideal for both residential and commercial use and it also features a sleek design which ensures that the cup doesn’t get stuck or flips backwards unlike other traditional plungers.

This item however has an outstanding bottom design and smooth edges which guarantee that toilet water won’t be left inside the cup.



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