Regular slamming of toilet seats can be a very tough issue for people and it can also cause breakage thereby leading to constant buying of toilet seats.

Everyone loves to have a toilet seat that closes quietly, easy to clean and install and would also last long but there are a lot of toilet seats available and this has made selecting the best very difficult for some people.

Best Toilet Seats

If you want to buy a good and durable toilet seat then you should take a look at our review on 10 of the best toilet seats which will give you comfort. They are made of high quality materials which are also affordable and above all will eliminate slamming and breaking of toilet seats.

10 Best Toilet Seats To Buy With Reviews

10. Comfort Seats C1B5E2-00 

This comfort deluxe soft toilet seat with wood cores is made from soft, durable and strong seat with wood cores and a premium white colored plastic and this toilet seat features a closed front design.

This toilet seat is also made up of propylene materials which are chemical resistant and also have high impact and this seat is very easy to install after purchase because all you need to install is just a screw driver.

One of the interesting features of this toilet seat is that it comes along with a self aligning hardware and it is also corrosion proof. It also comes with adjustable hinges which provides perfect fit and it is ergonomically designed to give you quality and comfort.


9. Bemis 1600E3 000 

This Bemis molded toilet seat is an easy to change and clean toilet seat as it comes with twist hinges which ensures that you can take off this seat for replacement and cleaning.

Its seat can be moved backwards and forwards to give you the best possible fit and also give account for various toilet bowl sizes. One unique feature of this toilet is that it features a unique STA-TITE seat fastening system which is quite easy to install.

It never loosens while its backward and forward movement slowly whispers close and you can close this toilet seat quietly with just a tap. This product features top innovative and quality technology to give you a product that will be perfect for everyday life.


8. Comfort Seats C1B4R2-50 

This comfort deluxe molded wood toilet seats is specially designed with a unique wood composition that guarantees durability and maximum strength. It also features a multi-coat surface which gives this toilet seat a long lasting, beautiful and stylish finish.

This toilet seats also comes with factory already installed hinges which serves for perfect alignment between the seat and the cover and the use of color match bumpers gives it a high decorating finish.

This toilet seat is made from corrosion proof materials and it is very easy to install as well as coming with a self aligning hardware and to keep this toilet seat clean, all you need to do is clean using soapy warm water.


7. Comforts Seats C1B4R2-90CH

This well designed round comfort toilet seat features a seat made from black molded wood together with chrome hinges and it also features a regular closed front that has a cover. This toilet seat is very easy to install and it also comes with a self aligning hardware and its material is also corrosion proof.

This toilet seat features high multi-coat enamel gloss paint and the addition of an ultraviolet paint color protection while its varnish coated hinges also guarantees added life. Other additional feature of this toilet seat includes resistant steel which is resistant to corrosion and a non skid rubberized washer.


6. Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat

This toilet seat comes with a surface that has a wide setting of 19 inches which makes this seat accommodating, durable and comfortable and this seat is also easy to install. This product features a chemical and stain resistant, high impact ABS plastic that is held firmly with stainless solid steel hinges which is tough enough to last for a long time.

This toilet seat also features synthetic stabilizing rubber bumper which helps to hold the bowl to reduce shifting stands. This toilet seat is recommended for everyone including elderly, plus size and physically challenged people thereby making it perfect for your homes, public restrooms and hospitals.


5. American Standard 5325.010.020 

This toilet seat features a strong plastic seat together with cover and it also has a slow close, quiet feature. This toilet seat has an easy take off cleaning feature which gives you simple reattachment and removal without tools as well as having perfect and well fitted elongated bowls. This toilet seat also has an attractive design as well as an elegant finish and this toilet seat also fits variety of bathroom decorations.


4. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

This product is made from high quality, non-recyclable and pure propylene material which offers more comfort and guarantees that it will last for a long time. This toilet seat features a one-touch quick release which makes cleaning this toilet seat easy. You can also get rid of difficult stains, odor causing germs and urine just by using a button and the seat can be easily removed giving you an open area which makes it easy to clean and help you bathroom remain fresh.

It also features a quiet close which stops breaking toilet bowls or loud slamming and also helping to prevent your kids from smashing their fingers while its mounting system is well constructed and designed to hold the seat securely and it also uses rust-free heavy duty hinges which prevents the bowl from sliding.


3. KOHLER K-4636-0

The KOHLER toilet seat features a quiet-close design in which the toilet closes in a slow manner and doesn’t make any noise or slams and it also features grip-tight bumpers which prevents shifting and ensures stability.

This toilet seat features a quick-attach hardware which serves for secure and fast installation while its quick-release hinges makes sure that the seat can be removed or placed back easily for convenient cleaning while it also features color-matched plastic hinges.


2. Bemis 800EC000

The Bemis plastic round toilet seat is very easy to change and clean as its twist hinges allows for easy removal and replacement of the seat for cleaning and if you want to clean this toilet seat. All you need to do is clean with a soft damp cloth together with a mild detergent as well as avoiding abrasive brushes and cleaners and this product also requires easy installation after purchase.


1. Mayfair 148SLOWA 000

This toilet seat comes with a STA-TITE seat fastening design which ensures that the seat is installed and loosened with ease and it also comes with easy to change and clean hinges which allows for easy replacement and removal of the toilet seat.

This product also features a quiet and slow design in which the toilet closes by just a tap without pinching fingers and slamming and it also features durable molded wood together with high gloss finish which is resistant to scratching and chirping.


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