Hand gardening tools like trowels are simple tools that serves variety of purposes and some of the tasks they perform includes transplanting, fertilizing or scooping soil, breaking up earth, digging small holes and several others.

Trowels must be made of quality and durable materials, easy to carry or store as well as being easy to work with even if it is your first time to make use of such tool.

Best Trowels

If you intend purchasing a handy trowel, here is a review on the top ten best trowels available:

10 Best Trowels To Buy With Reviews

10. Hopu Stainless Steel Folding Trowel Small Shovel

The Hopu folding trowel is made from top quality and 100 percent stainless steel metal which makes it ideal for digging while its foldable and mini size handle ensure that this tool is easy to use and carry.

The Hopu stainless steel folding trowel small shovel can be used in times of emergency, garden, camping and outdoor use. It also comes with a burning plated handle while its stainless steel construction guarantees that you can use this tool for a very long time.


9. Carbon Steel – Super Strong Garden Flat Trowel 

This tool is a multifunctional tool as it also performs the tasks of an edger, Knife and weeder blade and a traditional digging tool. It can also be used in transplanting, chopping, planting, cutting, digging, mixing and smoothing compost or soil as well as weeding.

This trowel is made with top quality carbon steel that is resistant to rust and its blade is 1mm thick which allows for durability, easy sharpening and strength while its grippy and thick handle together with finger gloves helps you work on any soil with ease.

This trowel is well-constructed to carry out other task like camping and outdoor activities, opening of soil bags, cementing and plastering work, metal detection excavator and cutting of root balls.


8. DeWit Forged Transplant Trowel

This forged trowel features a narrow blade unlike in other trowels and this feature makes it the ideal working tool in confined and tight spots surfaces. This trowel has a full length sharpened so that your gardening chores can be done easily, quickly and effectively and it is also perfect for breaking up soils, planting of bulb and other gardening activities.

It is also tempered and hand forged from high quality boron steel while its handle is made with an ash hardwood. The ash hardwood features elasticity which allows this tool to bend and it is also lightweight but strong.


7. Black and Decker Steel Trowel BD1534 (DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER)

The black and decker steel trowel is manufactured from a top quality cast aluminum which ensures that this gardening tool lasts for a long time and doesn’t rust thereby allowing you enjoy several hours of less stressful tasks in your garden.

This trowel is ideal for digging, planting, scooping dirt, transplanting, mixing and smoothing soil or compost. This tool features a soft molded grip handle which balances perfectly in your hands and it also features a powder coat finish.


6. Garden Trowel with Ergonomic Handle

You can carry out various tasks in your garden with this rust-resistant, high quality one piece aluminum trowel that is well-constructed to endure even the most difficult tasks. It features a bright green color which helps you identify it in the garden while its reinforced handle has a hole which is ideal for storage.

This trowel comes well-polished in tote burlap sack and you can also give this trowel as a gift to any homeowner or gardener while its contoured finger grip and tough handle that has a rubber palm rest helps to eliminate wrist and hand fatigue. This is the ideal tool for gardeners who find it difficult to hold narrow or small handle gardening tools.


5. Ames True Temper 1983500

This hand trowel features a wooden handle and it is ideal for transplanting, smoothing and moving soil, planting and weeding activities while its wooden handle design features a molded poly over grip which allows for extra comfort.

This trowel comes with a chrome plated head that works well when digging and this chrome plated head features some rivets which provides added strength. It also features a hang up hole which allows you hang up this tool when not in use. And it also comes with a northern ash smoothen handle which gives you control and comfort.


4. DeWit X-Treme Hand Trowel

This is often regarded as the best well-designed trowel available as it comes with a well sharpened blade that is ideal for cultivating, planting, aerating, weeding and digging. It is made from a tempered and hand forged top quality boron steel which ensures that the neck or the tip of this tool won’t bend.

The handle of this tool is made from an ash hardwood and it also comes with a lifetime warranty. Unlike other hand trowels, the DeWit X-treme hand trowel is lightweight but yet a strong tool which makes it perfect for all gardening activities.


3. SE 8794SP Stainless Steel Folding Trowel

The SE stainless steel folding trowel is a top quality hand tool that is perfect for camping and gardening and it can fold compactly for easy storage in its belt holster. This trowel features a stainless steel heavy gauge blade as well as a handle that is resistant to corrosion and rust and this handle can match any tough task.

This trowel is used for variety of purposes like digging, as a shovel, weeding or planting and it also comes along with a canvas nylon case. This trowel is well-designed to fold to about 5-inches and also open to about 9-inches which allows for easy carrying and storage.


2. Garden Trowel – Stainless Steel 14 inch

This garden trowel is made from premium quality 16 gauge metal that guarantee you durability and this heavy duty trowel features beveled and sharp point edges that are well constructed to pierce even the toughest, rockiest and hardest of soils.

This garden trowel is ideal for breaking up heavy soils, for planting of bulbs and several gardening and outdoor tasks and it also comes with leather hand strap, a plastic grip and its blade also feature depth markings.


1. Coghlan’s Backpackers Trowel

The Coghlan’s backpackers trowel is a plastic and affordable trowel which weighs about 2 ounce. But it is an amazingly strong trowel with sharp edges that can be used as a digging tool or as a perfect hand shovel as well as for scooping dirt and it is highly recommended for ultra-light backpackers.

This trowel is made from durable material which is resistant to cracks and corrosion and its lightweight feature makes it very easy to pack into any backpack while its orange color makes it possible to spot this tool.


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