GoPro pole is one of the most sought after technology around and the reason is quite clear. Everybody loves to record what happens in their lives while others would also love to show friends and families videos and pictures of their memorable experiences.

And in order for people to get that clear and static free shot, one needs to have a GoPro pole. They help you hold the camera firmly at your preferred position giving the choice of the story to tell with your pictures and videos.

best GoPro Poles

If you are interested in getting a GoPro pole to boost your videos and pictures then here is a review on some of the best GoPro poles available to give you that premium and quality experience.

8 Best GoPro Poles


8. MiPremium ProFloat Waterproof Floating Hand Grip

This product features a handler with a floating body which holds the BacPac accessories and the camera on the surface of water to avoid them from drowning and it also features a bright orange color which enhances visibility, retrieval in water and easy spotting.

This instrument is perfect for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, sea-diving and water fun water sport activities. This ProFloat product features a top quality non slip foam handle which gives extra comfort and tight grip as well as helping you get a good aim before capturing.

It also has a water-tight compartment which serves as storage for small and important items and one interesting feature of this product is that it is compatible with GoPro Black Hero 1, 3+, 4s edition, Hero 4 and HD Silver.


7. PRORIES Monopod Selfie Stick for GoPro

This product has a fast twist, extremely and a lock mechanism while its telescoping extension pole features a lightweight, sturdy, stable and versatile monopod selfie stick perfect for GoPro sessions, Hero 3+, 4, 1, 2, 3, Smartphones, HD cameras, android and Iphones.

It is made of a durable billet aluminum which is corrosion and water resistant as well as giving top action while its portable size makes it suitable for snowboarding, hiking, skateboarding, mountaineering and skiing.


6. Smatree SmaPole F1 Waterproof Floating Carbon Fiber Hand Grip

With this product your can place your GoPro cameras floating on the surface of the water to help you explore the beauty of the unknown water world and this product is made of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber which makes it very solid and durable.

It features an installed aluminum tripod stand together with an in-built nut which ensures you don’t worry about losing as well as offering maximum security for your camera while its adjustable strap helps you attach your wrists to the SmaPole F1 to avoid unexpected falling while in use and its ¼ inch standard threaded hole helps to connect attachments, mounts or tripods.


5. Shineda SD-208 Telescopic GoPro Selfie Stick

This GoPro pole is made from aluminum alloy material and it also has a comfortable, soft silicone grip as well as matte colored tubes while its telescopic extendable monopod pole is compatible with GoPro Hero 4, 3, 2 and 3+ cameras.

One exciting feature about this product is that it has an in-built GoPro adapter which helps to mount the selfie stick on your GoPro camera and it also comes with extra mount options like ¼ screw hole and a wrist strap which helps to attach the pole on a stable tripod.


4. ActionSports Aluminum Waterproof Telescoping Monopole 

With this product, your mind can be at rest knowing that you have one of the best GoPro poles and not a cheaply made, plastic and thin selfie stick. This product features a top quality all aluminum GoPro wrench, pole and mount and this fully anodized aluminum which ensures that this pole is resistant to rust and water.

It also comes with a top quality aluminum twist lock extension system and an adjustable strap, tripod mount and an aluminum thumbscrew. This GoPro pole has a perfect size which makes it suitable length and travel when necessary and it also features a foam handle which perfectly and securely fits your hand.

It is also compatible with GoPro Hero 5 session, Hero 5, 3+, 4, 1, 3, 2 while its tripod mount has a standard size for shoots and points.


3. GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras, Waterproof, Pole Extends 17-40 Inches, Aluminum Tripod Mount and Thumb Screw, Nylon Carry Bag (Black)

This GoPro pole is made from a sturdy material which is tough enough to overcome extreme activities and its anodized tubing also features an aluminum GoPro tripod mount including CNC aluminum which ensures that you attach your GoPro 5 Hero to this stick and make use of it in any situation.

This GoPro pole features a twist locking system which ensures that you can adjust this pole and can also use it for close up or static shots or can be used for grip, taking selfies, capturing POV footage as well as follow cam activities.

This pole can be used in any weather condition or environment and is perfect for surfing, snowboarding, hiking and lots more.


2. Smatree SmaPole S1 All Aluminum Alloy Handheld Telescopic Pole 

This product features a stronger, lighter and full aluminum alloy design which is guaranteed to last for a lifetime and it also features molded CNC fixed tripod mount together with a built-in which ensures you don’t worry about losing the nut.

This extendable and secure SmaPole S1 ensures that you make fast adjustments ranging from 15.8 inch to 40.5 inch and it also guarantees top quality shooting effect. This package also comes with 1 Smatree wrench, 1 SmaPole S1, 1 Plastic thumbscrew, I aluminum thumbscrew, 1 user guide, 1 Blue rope and it also comes with a lifetime warranty.


1. Selfie Stick – Pole – Monopod Selfie Stick

This product offers you a universal use as you can use it with Samsung, GoPro cameras, iPhones and many more and it also comes with a Smartphone adapter which can connect to any device of about 85mm in width so you can enjoy capturing great images.

This pole has an added ¼ × 20 thread at the bottom which ensures that you can perfectly fix it to a tripod thereby making this product a self monopod stand and its pole is also waterproof which ensures you can make use of it anywhere and if you know someone who desperately needs to improve his video and photo shoots then you can give this product as a gift and let them experience the fun and thrills of using this GoPro pole.


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