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In My Own Opinion, I Honestly Don’t Think There Is Any Question Too Personal Or Too Deep To Ask Especially When It Comes To Wanting To Find Out Things About Your Lover So Here Are Some Fun And Deep Questions You Can Count On To Get Them To Open Up. Check Out Our 100 Interesting Boyfriend Tag Questions No One Asks:

Boyfriend tag questions are one litmus test in discernment of knowledge or basic benightedness about you two and assist in knowing how well you’ve grown in the knowledge of your other half.

Being as is wont to say, under the spotlight of the camera, you are to make a video of you with which the corollary is an upload on YouTube where you garner the flitting eye of your viewers all glued to the inevitability of a good time by your posting or you can answer these many a question by writing a post on your own blog but do make sure to make the best of your options.

100 Interesting Boyfriend Tag Questions No One Asks

People are bound to be glued to something novel, exciting, beautiful or unorthodox and though it might not meet every of this criteria, this is by far one sure way to have the time of your life because especially when your to of good-to-be-true relationship is out in the open for show, there will be a large chunk of ilks vying for your relationship to blossom as there will be the others wanting the opposite.


So should you look to embark on this merry ride of boyfriend tag questions where questions are trained at him that he may answer, here are questions you’ll need for that purpose to begin with.

100 Interesting Boyfriend Tag Questions No One Asks

  1. When did we meet and where
  2. How long did you take to say yes
  3. Who first bought a present for the other
  4. When is my birthday?
  5. Where did I last kiss you
  6. When did we last kiss
  7. How much is too much for me regarding food
  8. What state am I from?
  9. What turns me on?
  10. Where was our first date?
  11. How many siblings do I have?
  12. Favorite radio station?
  13. My favorite movie
  14. What show do I prize above all else?
  15. Coffee or Tea
  16. Who is my role model?
  17. My allergies (If any)
  18. My favorite getaway
  19. What is my kind of clothing style?
  20. What am I most scared of?
  21. What’s my favorite desert
  22. What is my worst fear
  23. What is my favorite meal
  24. What is my favorite song
  25. My sport team/s?
  26. How many siblings do I have
  27. Who is my BFF?
  28. What is (are) my pastime
  29. Do I play sports?
  30. If so which
  31. If I would spend hours engaged in one thing, what would it likely be
  32. What talents of mine do you LOVE
  33. What’s my greatest wish
  34. What is my greatest regret
  35. What kind of movies do I like
  36. What is the first thing I said to you
  37. What are my parent’s name
  38. My favorite song
  39. My first crush
  40. My surname
  41. My best time of the day
  42. My Friday night favourite place
  43. Favorite color
  44. Favorite social media outlet
  45. Best thing you ever said to me
  46. Favorite celebrity crush
  47. My phone number by heart?
  48. My mom’s name
  49. My ideal scenario
  50. Chocolate or Milk
  51. Favorite poet
  52. Drama or Poetry
  53. Best present I ever received
  54. Do I keep a journal
  55. How many times I said I love you today
  56. Best season?
  57. Least favorite gift you gave me
  58. Relationship goals
  59. My best 90’s group
  60. My nickname(s)
  61. Favorite hero character
  62. Favorite movie line
  63. Last time I called you
  64. Last time we saw a movie together
  65. How emotional am and I’m what scale
  66. What virtue do I prize most
  67. Pet’s name
  68. Favorite author
  69. Favorite book
  70. What am I most proud of myself for
  71. What am I most proud of you for
  72. What do you think I would first do if I had unlimited money to spend
  73. What food do I hate
  74. Who is my favorite sibling
  75. What is my worst memory of my youth
  76. My imperfection
  77. How religious am I
  78. My go-to action in case of emergency
  79. Best Christmas memory
  80. Introvert or not
  81. Dream car
  82. Cloth size
  83. Color of my eye
  84. Favorite serial movie
  85. Favorite holiday
  86. Worst time of the day
  87. My kind of person
  88. What turns me off
  89. How many followers do I have on facebook
  90. On Instagram
  91. On Twitter
  92. Worst thing you felt I ever did
  93. My greatest vice
  94. My best snack
  95. My wish list of country
  96. My kind of genre in song preference
  97. Relaxing spot
  98. Ex name
  99. School I attended
  100. Best ever cartoon


I hope by the positive possibility has been the outcome after the many questions of this and do stare to make interesting this to your viewers to that they may also share in the fun.




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