40 Thinking Of You Friend Quotes – Interesting And Touching Quotes

40 Thinking Of You Friend Quotes

Can’t Stop Thinking About That Good Friend? Let Them Know Today. Be Inspired By Our 40 Thinking Of You Friend Quotes Which Are Heart-Warming And Would Express How You Feel

Thinking of that someone special you’ve spend a better part of your life with, someone you’ve shared your superficialities, your predicament, someone you’ve poured your best and worst to and all the mortifying and debasing details about you.

40 Thinking Of You Friend Quotes

Friends have long been compared in juxtaposition with brothers. It is a feud in the share of man’s heart that will not soon go but the crux of the matter is that friends can be the best thing to ever happen to a man if he finds the one with whom he can unburden himself to as we were not born or hewn to be by ourselves.

But have someone who’ll help us grow, what we oftentimes miss is when you have that special someone, not telling them how important they are and how much they mean to you.

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Do not miss the opportunities, the chance of Fate to tell that special friend you care for them because the truth of life is often that we regret the things we did not do than we do. Life being the invariable bitch never gives us two chances often so here are apt list to tell that friend how important they are to you.

40 Thinking Of You Friend Quotes

  1. I love you my friend and though my limbs may turn frail, my thoughts will ever remember you 
  2. Thinking of you and the playful days we had, how I wish for them again 
  3. I think of us and the clique we have and there’s nothing that have made me happier in life than this 
  4. Unlike a snake sheds it’s skin, like a chameleon wears it’s guise and being veiled, you my friend I cherish every moment with you in truth and singleness of heart and mind 
  5. I was taught to ever love a brother but you, my friend, I loved you in truth and cannot do otherwise 
  6. I’d trade places with death if you cease to exist today because you are my bestie for life 
  7. Nothing is much the beauty it holds without you in my life because it all seems dull, dear friend 
  8. You are the friend I never want to say the end to 
  9. Like a Rose brings out the beauty in a garden so doth your friendship bring out the best in me 
  10. The day I met you I understood what it means to have a wonderful and great person to waste time thinking of the happy playful and boys night out together-tme with 
  11. You are the friend every friend needs 
  12. Like the revelry of a thousand joy so do I feel every day I think of the opportunity to be make something good of someone’s day and just be the one person they would not want to lose 
  13. My being your friend was not one thing I envisaged going through the years but since I have known you, I don’t want to un-know your as my friend 
  14. Been through the bad patches and yet each time I stand to think of it all, I must say I would not want life any other way because going through them with you was beautiful 
  15. You heal my nothingness by being there for me at my worst so I’ll always be there for your at yours 
  16. I am so proud to have had and have a friend like you because you are the definition of how friends should be 
  17. Your friendship brings to my thought the aglow of a thousand starlight 
  18. True friends are those who came into your life, saw the most negative part of you, but are not ready to leave you, noy matter how contagious you are to them.
    Michael Bassey Johnson 
  19. Dear George: Remember no man is a failure who has friends.”
    Its A Wonderful Life 
  20. We may have outgrown the years now that I think about us and how we use to be but still I know you are a friend I’ll have given it all to relive them again 
  21. Thinking of you and your friendship is worth more already than Gold to me 
  22. I admire that your would walk the mile with me but what’s more than you thought to suffer in my sufferings 
  23. There’s no one worth more brain time to me than my best friend in the world 
  24. If our friendship was a series, it’ll never have to see the end because I wouldn’t need to think of new reasons to always love you as you make me feel loved every day 
  25. Thanks for being the friend I’ll not want to lose and more so the friend I’ll never hope to part ways with 
  26. There nothing worse than saying goodbye to the ones that gave you only reasons to stay
  27. You are of more worth in thoughts than the reality of a dazzling butterfly on a blossoming May 
  28. I think of you like I’m am addict to the thoughts of you because you are a lover and a friend, two in one 
  29. You are the best of friends, friends kill to have thank you for giving me reason to stay awake at night to thinking of the beauties of the day 
  30. Thoughts of you and I is how lovers should be, grieves first, thank you my love for loving me so deep 
  31. True friends can communicate with their eyes.
    Mary Rose Magnaye 
  32. True friends walks in when the rest of the world has walked out. 
  33. Friends are partners only this time without a certificate and are brothers without being assigned by blood or birth 
  34. When you find someone you’ll lose a night sleep for, then you’ve found a true friend 
  35. I often wonder what life would be without that one person you know you would have to share your soul and thoughts with but when I think of my best friend, I don’t want to be in that life if it exists 
  36. My friends are the summer in the winter and the blossoming of May when it is drought, they are worth all the thoughts and time 
  37. When it’s all said and done, my epitaph won’t be readied by stones but by my best friends forever with whom I have loved as my brothers 
  38. With you, I get so happy oftentimes my life is happier than I had ever been 
  39. You make me happy beyond my years and joyful beyond words.
    Thanks my dearest friend 
  40. You avails me a joy kind of relationship unprecedented in bliss and I can’t help thinking of your worth to me 
  41. Having you for friends to me is as bound as the seas are to make waves and happily I’ll forever treasure your friendship


Pretty sure you could wrap your head round that special friend who deserves a mention from your, do make him feel special enough to know you care so much about him by sharing.
We would also like to know which really caught your fancy, do tell.

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