50 Beautiful Quotes To Make Your Day – 38th Is My Favorite

Loving And Cute Quotes Go A Long Way In Making Someone’s Day Blessed, Fun And Even Memorable So We Have These 50 Beautiful Quotes That Would Make Your Day:

Ever read of something that just blew your mind away, something beautiful or thought-provoking, something like “Oh My God”, what a write up then that’s what beautiful quotes are for you, they are to render the world a better place with varying topics as Love, Humanity Nature and assortment of beautiful quotes you can come up with.

50 Beautiful Quotes To Make Your Day

Love is such a beautiful feeling and as aforesaid there’s no end to the saying of it and Humanity is a part and will always be a part of us albeit not many give liberty to it.


50 Beautiful Quotes To Make Your Day

  1. The sun and the skies they tell me only how ethereal your presence means
  2. You are as precious as the very best next thing to heaven
  3. Your kind is of a trillion next to never to see of your kind again
  4. I love seeing the whole world but not without you by my side
  5. If ever at all there comes a moment I chose to love without you, then I pray that day never truly comes
  6. Loving you has brought nought to me but the bliss only fit for the heavenly
  7. I’ve loved you in ways that even my heart knows you are indispensable to it
  8. You are my world and life without you means there is nothing good in this world
  9. Who says who deserves to be happy, who says who deserves to be sad, who decides who smile, who pains and joy or toil.
    All these are often to vague to think on but I know I am grateful for ever loving you the way I have done
  10. It is I who am more grateful to have found a one like you because you are my all the world
  11. It is expedient we pay heed to nature and start appreciating just how beautiful she is because we are all part is a cycle
  12. In the universe, we were made for all of us, one for the other and not one for himself
  13. Two heart beating as one is how beautiful we are to nature when we chose to respect the beauty of her
  14. Mankind have learnt to fly to the skies, delved to the sea but have not learnt to really live on earth
  15. Nature gives to that that cherishes her
  16. Nature’s betrothed are all of us who despite the ugly side of her know the beauty too
  17. Nature’s dwelling are the boughs of perfection in imperfections.
    There’s the Lion and the lamb, the preys and the predators but also the the Spring, the dandelions and all her beauty
  18. Nature splurges her plenitude as bequeathed her to those who pay heed to her beauty
  19. We are one in mind attuned to our inner consciousness when we love nature as she loves back
  20. A love affair of blooming season and undivided love is one my heart will never tire in giving you, my love
  21. When the heart speaks the body has by primal reason nothing to oppose
  22. Humanity is a cause beyond religion or philosophy.
    It’s an inbred feeling primed in ever man
  23. We may know less of the other but Love is when despite it all, your heart says he/she still is the one
  24. Humanity is a just cause which only the most virtuous in heart can possess, a cause that trumps all else
  25. We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones to make a better place so let’s start giving
  26. Humans are born in and to love, it’s only on earth we learn to hate
  27. It is rather unjust to say humanism doesn’t count nor our eleemosynary deeds but by virtue of religious cause that we are saved but then who’s to say what, we can’t be the judge of anything being mere mortals and flawed, it’s Justin up to us to do the needful in being humans for humanity
  28. I have scarcely found a man more just in doings than one who thinks of his fellow man as himself
  29. At the end what counts to some degree are that we love each other as ourselves and God be good, all religious text acquiesce to that
  30. Life is not the fast lane nor the possession or the fancy things or the people the people that fawn over us, it’s the simple things as the people we live for and lives for us
  31. There comes a time in every one’s life where the world must live together as one
  32. Seeing the smiling faces the happy people and brimful
  33. If you want to make the world a better place just take a look at yourself and make a change
    *Michael Jackson*
  34. When we set on a cause apart from the cause of love, justice and peace for the good of humanity, then somewhere somehow Nemesis will set a cause to put us in our place
  35. We cannot all of us be successful at amorous love but for love of humanity, we should strive our hardest to do
  36. In times when we cannot bring ourselves to the very thought of being just and pure and simple and clean think of posterity and what you would have tell them of the legacy you set.
    I stayed true to my cause or I let my greed as the flawed human as I am take the cause
  37. Life is like a big merry go round buy you have to go down to come up.
  38. And when I’m asked by my unborn what I’m most proud of it will be that I met the world at a 5/10 and I’m my own ways made it 9 for you
  39. Life is beautiful it’s only otherwise to a blind soul
  40. Tell me life is hard and I’ll say I’m comparison to what
  41. I have seldom met a man like the Nazareth which I read of although I’ll argue to say such manner of person ever could live as a man or maybe his deity overshadowed his humanity but in all charismatic of his persons is that he was a person of love and it’s why he holds more true than any leader that ever rose
  42. And when I find that special someone, it’ll be us in years living as we’ve dreamed and not as I dreamt because love is seeing through each other’s want
  43. True love is not in the good times but the bad
  44. Show me a true lover and I’ll tell you if they are so in their worst times together
  45. To love is to compromise
  46. Though we may not have to ourselves the virtue of time to eternity, I’ll love you till when I draw the little breath I have
  47. I have existed and lived and found that the difference is nought but Love.
  48. I have seen self discipline, constancy, chivalry and kindheartedness but in all of these is that love for your fellow humans is first called upon before one could show them
  49. If I’m asked what I want to be remembered for it’s not being the best sportsman nor richest nor most knowledgeable but that my children should be most proud that I was their father because a better home makes a better clime
  50. Love is a universal currency beyond race, beyond time and beyond man.
    Love is a force unable to change the basest of man, love is life




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