50 Cute Things To Send To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend – Awesome Read

Taking Time Out To Send Your Lover Cute Texts Or Messages Is Quite Amazing As Most Times, We Love To Hear Or Read Nice Words Just To Reassure Us That We Are Still Loved. To Help You Find The Right Things To Say, Check Out These 50 Cute Things To Send To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend:

Love is one beautiful thing to send to your girlfriend and Bette than anything to talk of because what could be more enchanting than two hearts as one in a relationship so if you’ve got that I’m mind here is what you must do because this list is rife with beautiful quotes to send to her or him to make him even love you more than he already does.

50 Cute Things To Send To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend


50 Cute Things To Send To Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

  1. Many a man more beautiful, more charming and desirable but yet none more charming, none more dashing or desirable in my eye
  2. I’ve never loved nor do I think it’s possible to ever love someone like you
  3. The world may be mine for the possessing but without you, I’d rather none of it
  4. Intimacy have seen lovers all the world but you are perfect in all sense of the wor
  5. If loving you was and is a sin then I never want to be shrived of it
  6. If I ever feel the need to live, twas only because you loved me as you now do
  7. While chasing the Moon, I met the Sun in you my love
  8. If loving you is an option there can be no other worthier option then
  9. If the prospect of loving you is a beautiful thing try the thought of building a family with you.
    It’s priceless
  10. I thought I’ll never be able to see the day when Cupid stroke my heart with his arrow and then you came and life never seemed more beautiful
  11. Seeing you the way you are makes me believe in life, in hope, in love and in friendship between lovers
  12. I have found my new in life and it is found in no less than you
  13. I lived all these years knowing all of the means led me to an end that is you
  14. When the cock crows in the morning till the evening chimes when the searing sun alights, the one constant thing in all this variables is that I love and will love you still
  15. I may grow wan and less attractive and you bald and grey but I pray by time and age, our love will stand still
  16. It is with you whom I’ll never be able to tire seeing the light on your face each morning when I wake
  17. A thousand times I have told myself of your importance and yet that word seem not to fail in my heart because you are my true love and friend
  18. There comes a time in every woman life where she just needs her man to hold her and tell her she is all the world to him and you my love, you are that special someone to me
  19. I may tire of listening to my favorite song but I’ll never tire of hearing you say the words of love to my hear
  20. You make me feel like no matter what may come my way, in your love I’m assured
  21. I could seldom think of two reasons to live before you now you give me reasons more than could be said or written
  22. It’s funny how someone just appears in your life and it feels like you’ve been reborn
  23. Until now do I have a reason to say I’m finally able to be martyred for a cause none other than you
  24. If you are a man, I’d wish I was born a woman that I may love you still
  25. Two heart became one the very day you smiled at me.
  26. It was like a thunderclap from Cupids arrow, I felt you first before I saw you and it’s was when I knew, Love is magical
  27. Being with you even the rainy day seems perfectly fine
  28. I have seldom seen liberty to thoughts as beauteous as you in my head but since you came it’s been the order of my day
  29. How long will I love you?
    My answer: Longer than you live on earth
  30. I may not know the definition of love but heck who can define that should be felt, but I know I love you in all truthfulness of the word
  31. There’s a meaning to my meeting you because had I not the angels would have sang a dirge of misplaced love
  32. I have often wondered on fate and time and chance and why no one would truly tell me true what is truth, I know somehow I wouldn’t have been perfectly happy without you
  33. I have known fate, I have known love and I have known disappointment but what sweetens me most is that I know you
  34. You are all the world to me, my quill, my muse and my good luck charm
  35. Your love is to me as a candy sweet is to a child
  36. If your love is a music then I never want to hear the last of it
  37. I know somewhere in the soul’s world we met before the corporeal because I knew you the instant our gaze agreed to meet
  38. Having known love from you, I can never love another because you raise high that bar of expectation impossible to recreate
  39. Thanks for loving me as you do even without my asking you to
  40. You live me truly and I know because nothing say more true than when you look into my eyes
  41. No one I’d rather build a home with than you myself princess
  42. We may not be able to recreate fairy tales in our lives but I promise you we’ll create the perfect kind of love in our own way
  43. Since I met you my definition of perfection has been defined by you and you alone
  44. Twice a lover than you are, your love for me will shame even that of Adonis and Venus
  45. I love you so much that it is foolish to ask if I do but rather how much I do
  46. If I should represent your love in a tome there’ll be none tome enough to fill all I’ll have to say
  47. Like a flashlight, you chase the darkness in my world with the touch of love
  48. You are twice a lover that I’ll never forget even in your absence from me
  49. Nothing gonna change my love for you
  50. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I’d be walking on a garden right now


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