50 Make My Boyfriend Smile Over Text Quotes – 19th Is My Favorite

50 Make My Boyfriend Smile Over Text Quotes
Are you really feeling the air of love and you want to write some honeyed lines for your “honey” the beauty of the two of you, your feelings when with him and all that butterfly stuff in your tummy, felt the electric in the air or the beating of your heart at a fleet-footed steed pace, do you want to really tell that special one the very first reason you felt love when he graced your mind and heart, well here’s a list inventoried for that purpose of the many a reason lovers fall in love.
50 Make My Boyfriend Smile Over Text Quotes
The sweet moments, the wonderful things you shared, the immutable and inseperable love that beats in your heart can be let out so here are the best quotes to help express how you feel.

50 Make My Boyfriend Smile Over Text Quotes

  1. You stole my heart a long time ago and I never want you to give it back.
  2. I don’t know what you did differently that got me this much but I’ll willingly walk every path that led to you in the first place
  3. You came into my life and then my heart couldn’t stand a sight without you
  4. I know you don’t know You had me from the very first hello
  5. If ever there’s a time I love you less then it’s not me but some other imitating “me”
  6. You are flawed as I am but I couldn’t have loved you more
  7. Ever the moment I chose to love you, I bless that day
  8. You make me believe that so long as I love you, there’s nothing else I’d rather be with
  9. Too many times I have spent with you yet I know I can get enough of you
  10. My love for you is just like my entire lifetime depends on it
  11. My love for you is just like the love a child has for his candy
  12. You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen these eyes on
  13. The wholeness of my person has a lot to do with Toy because you make me sane
  14. I love you that it’s impossible to think of a future where you are not in
  15. There’s a meaning to me and it has everything to do with you
  16. Your love is to me as sweet is to the taste
  17. You are everything good in my life I can’t resist
  18. I woke up today and smiled because I knew it’s see you again
  19. You wow me everyday as though there’s never an end to your unbelievability
  20. As long as i have life in me, your love will always hold the bulk of my heart
  21. There’s something about you that gets me so high that I never want to know know a life without you
  22. You are the part of me I don’t want to lose not now or forever
  23. From now till I draw my last breath, you are my one and only love
  24. Your love is and shall always be a conduit of joy to me
  25. Down the path of time, I’ll forever be joyed I love you because gave and still gives me a reason to love
  26. You are a side of me that’s too beautiful to do without and I love you more each day
  27. If I had you before many things in my past would not have been because you like a lull in my storm
  28. You to me are more than everything and anything
  29. In my life is no room for hate and despair because you came in the first place
  30. My verses if I were a singer would all describe you because you are beautiful in all definition of it
  31. You are everything good in my life that I’ll ever want to guard jealously
  32. By virtue of love, I would stand in front of the bullet for you if need be
  33. More often than not I have thought and mused on the futility of life and existence but when you came along, I felt the energy and vigor of life and the things it means
  34. You mean the world to me and your absence feels like not living
  35. That you love me is reason enough to be joyed to be alive
  36. You are the one thing in my life that holds more meaning than all of other reasoning put together
  37. Having known you, I don’t think there’ll ever come a day I’ll have to be without you
  38. You make me happy that at least I have experienced love more so as it is by you
  39. In this life I lead, I’ll love you like there’s no tomorrow
  40. I’d there’s one certainty amidst the uncertainty of life, it’s that I’ll love you like there’s not going to be a tomorrow
  41. My love is modeled on you because no one better yet know to be like you
  42. If even nothing more than lies protrude from your mouth, all I hear are beautiful lies of me that makes me love you more each day
  43. In life, nothing good can be compared to you. You mean the world to me
  44. Though ten years may catch up to us, as long as you’re mine, I’ll feel no worse because you are beside me
  45. You are by a mile a part of me that I’ll always proud of
  46. From me to you is beyond love but adoration, happiness and undue joy
  47. You make happy and excited to see the sunrise each morning my love
  48. Growing up with all of the experiential darkening history I’ve had it’s hard to think I’ll still be lucky to have someone like you
  49. I have seen and had lovers but with you, they pale by a mile
  50. Although I may never know what it is to die for love but everyday I feel love for you, I get reasons why it’s more than a possibility




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