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Still Searching For The Best Collection Of Love Quotes To Help Express How You Feel? Then Check Out Our 50 Yet I Love You Quotes 2018 Which Would Show Your Love With Kindness and Great Confidence

Husbands especially do go the length if we could go traditionally as is custom and every wife wants to feel that their husbands still care and chase after them even after scores of years.

50 Yet I Love You Quotes 2018 (Updated Review

Albeit the vicissitudes of life, the dourness, the lost novelty and the inescapable bland routine of lengthy matrimony, it is necessary to still keep the embers of Happy marriage stoked and burning as it is the only palliative and if really lucky, a remedy to a dull marriage.

Marriage can be fun, marriage can be beautiful till the end if both parties are really into making sure the other really enjoys every bit of the rollercoaster ride.

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Telling your wife how you adore her, how beautiful she is and hoe you still cherish her although the years spent together is one really cool way to have a most wonderful marriage.

50 Yet I Love You Quotes

  1. The epitome of romance, the pinnacle of commitment and the essence of marital bliss, is what our love life is. I love you.
  2. The best thing to ever happen to me is you
  3. More often I asked myself how lucky I am too have you then when I think of you I understand it couldn’t have been luck, someone must love me up there by giving me you
  4. I adore you in ways you never know I do, much more than the sway of butterflies in early Spring
  5. I love you my princess so much I’d lie to say I do not
  6. You are the recipe of perfection and with you I can’t ask for anything else
  7. My love for you will never fade, not now nor till the dawning of eternity
  8. Looking back at everyday I have spent with you, I can’t help but smile. You have made me fall in love with you everyday till today; thank you for loving me dear. I love you!
  9. I will love you even when you are old and grey, wrinkled and worn or fatigued and hungry, I’ll love you till forever comes
  10. I never knew what it was to give myself and be given but you came and It couldn’t have been easier
  11. I love you to the sum of infinity
  12. Thank you for loving me dearly as you do because then I wouldn’t have been the man I am today
  13. You may have not realized this in my life but you are all the reason I am happy than I was
  14. Bless the day you came to my life, twas as beautiful as the coming of a new baby to earth because that was how I felt, new and exciting to face the new life because of your love
  15. I often feel if your would be better off without me but I know for me there’s no one better
  16. Every chapter of my life is beautiful because you are in every page
  17. If I could write how beautiful you make me feel, I’ll fill the biggest tome and still have more to write
  18. You are perfection at its best, even with your imperfections, I’ll want you no other way
  19. Your for me is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life
  20. I knew I loved you but every day yours specialness in my life gives me more reason to see why I should love you more
  21. I always thought what it would be like growing old but then you came and I’m not afraid to die so long I’ll be in your arms and you in mine
  22. You are everything I could have ever wished for
  23. No sooner ask me how I want to spend my life than spending every seconds of it with you because you are the only one worth spending my entirety all for
  24. My love for you is so much that no amount of spoken words can be used in expressing how much
  25. I know we might have stumbled along the way and I felt lost and confused but thank you for always being there for me
  26. I love and cherish the memories we’ve had together and I wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world
  27. Every each of you is like an eternal summer that never leaves
  28. You get me high in love I didn’t ever want to come down
  29. I always hoped I’ll spend scores of years together with the woman of my dreams and then when I saw you, you were not her, you were better
  30. One too many times I don’t say the much but there’s nothing I ever meant more than that I bless the day you came into my life
  31. You are the everything I would lay all else for
  32. You probably will never know the magnitude of my love for you dear wife but just know I love you and I love you so deeply than I ever loved another
  33. You are every good thing in my life without which my life is incomplete
  34. You, my wife are of more youth despite age and time than the prime purple hibiscus on a summer day
  35. Who I want to say hello to in the morning and goodnight at night is you…. You are simply special to me
  36. I love you in ways I never loved anyone else because I adore you so much
  37. Thanks for loving me as I do you because the day you came to my life, I felt the need to live again
  38. Your love makes me feel like I can start in the skies as the sun
  39. I adore you more than the sum of your thought could ever discern how
  40. You, my love are more beautiful than the hue of a thousand rainbow and I love you just as you are
  41. If you were a rollercoaster ride I’ll hop in you all the way through the ups and downs
  42. I knew marriage wasn’t for the faint at heart when I hopped into it with you yet I wouldn’t have made a better decision than I did
  43. I’ll love you in good and bad, in worst and bliss, forever till death do us part
  44. Nothing is much the same without you in my life
  45. You are to me like the welcome of a beautiful sunrise
  46. I love you in ways even I cannot discern because you touch the right plugs in my heart when I see you
  47. I may not be the perfect guy for you but I’ll try to be him so long as I breathe
  48. Too many a times I wish of us a fairy tale ride in love but although I may not give that to you I know I’ll strive to be the guy you would be proud not to lose
  49. my love for you weighs more than that of gold
  50. You are too me of more novelty than the new product of an iPhone and of more daintiness than the new model of a newly invented ride
  51. I love you so much that mouth cannot tell how much nor can words tell how special you are to me
  52. I would see the world’s end before I ever see the last day of my love for you
  53. My love for you had no width not end nor space to contain, it’s immeasurable
    I love you so much despite it all because you’ve seen me at my worst abs there’s therefore no one better to have me at my best


Be it Valentine or whatever the season it is make sure to flaunt your lover and make her feel special enough to hold you in her heart with much love.
I hope you enjoy.

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