60+ Text My Love Messages – Messages That’ll Make That Special Someone Smile

60+ Text My Love Messages

Love Letters Still Proves To Be The Ageless Form Of Showing Love But Sending Romantic Text Messages Are Considered The Real Deal Today In Expressing How You Feel So Check Out These 60+ Text My Love Messages:

Love Quotes are the norms when lovers wants to catch that perfect phrase in sweetening their other half’s heart towards them, they especially when finely written or empathetically inked can capture a lover’s motive and put to paper how exactly he or she feels.
60+ Text My Love Messages
Love it a beautiful thing and needs no further say on that and her are more beautiful quotes which will not just seize as is immanent in your heart but sway your lover’s heart too into loving and feeling ever line of it.

60+ Text My Love Messages

  1. Loving you is the one constant reminder that despite the many blights earth may give, heaven is beside me
  2. I missed you today and even though it felt like hell, I thought of seeing you again and in an instance, all I get was a smile in my spirit
  3. You are all the sum of goodness my heart can ever feel
  4. Like a balm you salve my soul giving me the bliss of the heavens
  5. You make it all precious to me like there’s not a thing of the rubric “happiness” without you
  6. I came, I saw, I conquered all because I had you
  7. Nothing compares to loving you, it’s a bliss comparable to nothing
  8. You are the better part of my world, with you is m I’ll ride and die only if you bid it
  9. If I was charmed into loving you then I want forever to remain so
  10. If for anything I have known bliss and love and happiness today twas and is only because I met you that very fortuitous day
  11. Praise be God that I have loved you the way I do because the opposite would have been my result without you
  12. You are where I belong and I belong with you
    Trisha Yearwood
  13. Can I love another?
    Not even if you cease to live
  14. I’ll wrestle the most haughty beast and joust the most hideous snares if it means I’ll be next to you my love
  15. My heart is a space brimmed with love for you and with you alone
  16. There are few things of more importance to me than the promise that I’ll see you everyday
  17. You are all the good things in my life I’ll never trade a thing for
  18. Though a thousand years may pass, you will remain in my heart till the passing of this earth into nothingness
  19. Loving you is like a fart which when I hide, pains my inside
  20. Albeit life may not be perfect, with you is all the perfection I need to yet feel my happiest
  21. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.
  22. I never meant anything more true than when I say I love
  23. My world revolves around the very fact that you live
  24. You are all I ever dreamt wand try people say dreams don’t come true
  25. You make me believe in fantasies and reveries that indeed they do come true
  26. Your heart is a vine that I was happy I climbed up to the top
  27. I have not even till now save you, seen a cause to be martyred for
  28. My heart has a reason to be joyful because you gave it more than one
  29. To the store of love Cupid could have to dole, my love has more depth than the wealth of the ocean
  30. You are by far the one thing I’ll always be happy that fortuned from my life
  31. If I was a sickness then you are the cure
  32. Sometimes all one needs is someone to understand and accept the little things about them and it’s what you gave me
  33. Being with you makes me understand what living entails
  34. I could not have hoped for better having hoped and found you
  35. I never thought love to be like this and though it’s not been all rosy but you are a reminder that love always has a positive outlook if we really into it
  36. From me to you, I don’t know what would have become of me were it not for you
  37. I’ll treat you forever like my first and only daughter in care and my mom in joy then as my best friend whom I never want to lose
  38. I’ll take forever if that’s what it means to not do a day without you
  39. You are all there is a lover can hope for
  40. Although I may not have the answers to it all, you are the answer to my “why” of life
  41. Your love is like an alchemy turning my despair into joy
  42. I am so in love with the promise of growing old with you
  43. You are all the world to me with whom I’ll happily see tomorrow with
  44. My love for you is beyond words and shall have its place amidst time and space
  45. You are all the good in my life and the reason why tomorrow seem bright
  46. I’ve seen more of life to know outside you there’s no such thing as love and bliss
  47. When you hold me down in love, I feel there’s nothing else that can pull me down
  48. Knowing I love you as much as regal do, there’s nothing is m I’d rather be found doing than loving you
  49. Your love is magic magic healing the life in me
  50. My love starts and end with you.
    There’s no room for another
  51. You make me happy that I melt so much at the thoughts of being loved by you
  52. There’s nothing much more beautiful in this world than knowing you care
  53. All the words of love I ever spoke to you are but drops in the ocean of my feeling.
  54. I don’t care how hard it is to be together. Nothing is worse than being apart from you
  55. The greatest feeling in the world is knowing I’m loved by you
  56. My love for you  is something that will never be fully understood or appreciated by the poverty of the English language
  57. My only prayer for you is that you realize that you will always be beautiful in my eyes.
  58. Having you means having love and happiness together in my life
  59. Loving you as much as I do is not without the fact that you are by some hated but as their hate is strong, my love is stronger
  60. Love is not all about getting everything you want, sometimes it involves letting go of something you love and with you I’m ready to lay it all down to compromise that our love may blossom
  61. The greatest gift you gave me was the time to gain your attention because then I knew you were mine already
  62. My love for you is more than a feeling but a choice. and I’ll keep making it every time
  63. It’s not what I feel but more what I do and for you I’m ready to do the unbeknown
  64. The greatest force on earth and yet I’ll still be standing next to you
  65. In this life I lead, you’ll evermore be my proudest wealth
  66. You are more than anything, you are my everything
  67. You gave me joy in its purest and since then I just say to myself if only the world has this joy you give to me, it’ll be a better place
  68. You are the one good reason to live for
  69. When posterity shall ask me what made my life worthwhile, it’ll be that I love you and had no regrets, of this I’m sure


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