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62 Ex-boyfriend Tag Questions To Help You Gain Closure

Do You Need Questions You Can Ask Your Ex Just To Gain Closure Or Even Find Out Facts About Your Past Relationship? Most People Find This Act Very Difficult To Indulge In But It Is Beneficial To Find Out Things You Never Knew About Your Former Relationship. Want To Learn More, Here Are Our 60+ Ex-boyfriend Tag Questions To Help You Gain Closure:

Ex boyfriend tag questions are questions which albeit can ruffle those tight seams of every relationship and it also helps one develop a certain level of intimacy and bonding or even clarity in your relationship.

If all you do is wonder and never really had closure as to why you broke up or she/he broke up with you then some questions are expedient to be asked and thanks to the ex boyfriend tag questions which albeit would not be able met with the proper acquiescence by your ex, you’d be lucky to get an audience from that person if they meet your wish to answer your questions.

62 Ex-boyfriend Tag Questions To Help You Gain Closure

People break up, are jilted, jilts and do not have the best of the aftermath of it yet many are still on better times afterwards and if you happen to have the latter you can send these messages to him as tag questions at least for closure sake.


You know you can get to talk about things differently than you left them by hindsight and they often make for better converse to hark back to and oftentimes we get to rue the relationship of past, jaded after a jilt but then again by retrospect anything is not the first impression it had mostly.

So you could have gotten over the hurt of your past and what to share in your relationship and the beauty of it whilst it lasted, here’s the one list of question can help you do thus.

62 Ex-boyfriend Tag Questions To Help You Gain Closure

  1. Did you ever mean the words “I love you’
  2. By retrospect, was our relationship a bittersweet affair or all worse
  3. By retrospect, was our relationship a mistake to you or a worthy lesson
  4. How much do you think back on us
  5. Do you think it was any of our mistake in particular
  6. By retrospect what do you wish I did different
  7. By retrospect, do you wish we worked out
  8. On a scale of ten, how painful was our breakup to you
  9. On a scale of ten, how did my excesses contribute to our breakup
  10. On a scale of ten, how intimate were we
  11. On a scale of ten, how much did our breakup affect you
  12. How much of a person have you found post-me
  13. Have you ever thought we could have been better if we met at different times of our lives
  14. When did we meet
  15. Where did we meet
  16. When was our first date
  17. When was our first kiss
  18. When did you first feel we were drifting apart
  19. What gives you that redolent feeling of us post-me
  20. Have you found the one
  21. What’s my favorite color
  22. What’s my favorite song
  23. What do you miss most about our relationship
  24. How have your new girlfriend made up for my flaws
  25. My flaws
  26. My imperfections
  27. What you hated most about us
  28. At what moment did you start feeling less for me
  29. Was our breakup more of emotional, sensual or inadequacy
  30. Do you think I should have done differently if we started again
  31. How much do you think sensual pressures and pleasures contributed to our breakup
  32. 100% honesty, how much did you yearn for another relationship after our breakup
  33. Did our breakup affect you so much
  34. What do you hope I did better
  35. If you had a wish we should meet on a whole different level would you make that wish again
  36. Do you regret how things turned out
  37. What is my favorite meal
  38. What was your happiest moment with me
  39. What was your worst moment with me
  40. What’s my tribe
  41. What’s my favorite line you enjoyed most
  42. What were your initial thoughts of me
  43. What would you have me have done when we dated that I didn’t do
  44. How efficient were our body language reading
  45. How much do you think you know me
  46. If you are too wish a kind of guy to me, what traits would best suit me
  47. Why would we were attracted to each other and why we didn’t
  48. What is the sweetest thing I ever said to you
  49. What is my blame in our break up
  50. Best gift you think you ever gave me
  51. My favorite TV show
  52. What’s something you did that that irked me most
  53. What’s my favorite memory of us
  54. On what apportionment are the factors responsible for our breakup
  55. What sport do I play
  56. Who’s my best friend
  57. When’s my birthday
  58. When was our breakup
  59. Do we by hindsight think we argue too much
  60. Who do to think wanted the breakup more
  61. Human factors?
    How much did they play in our breakup
  62. Did you cheat while we dated


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