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72 List Of Husband And Wife Tag Questions

Sometimes, Most Spouses Takes Turns In Asking Each Other Questions So As To Help Find Out useful Interesting Facts About Their Spouses But One Can Only Get This Done With The Use Of Tag Questions Right? So Here Is a List On Our 70+ List Of Husband And Wife Tag Questions:

When two people meet they can never say, regardless of what Fate has in store for them and lots of years down the drain, love could have spurned hate, ubiquitousness turned over familiarity or the ineluctability of a couple forming by the right formula of marriage and when a couple have really made that special bond with each other better a friend to each other then you’ve found truly the kind of stuff that happiness is made of.
72 List Of Husband And Wife Tag Questions
Husband and Wife tag questions are one way to know how much he or she knows about you and thought they could border on some lines you’d rather not have they are apt enough for their purpose.

72 List Of Husband And Wife Tag Questions

  1. My last job before you
  2. Where did we meet
  3. Did you love me at first sight
  4. Do you think I was the one when you first saw me
  5. How long was the difference from our first meeting to my first proposal to you
  6. Where did we get married
  7. How long did we date
  8. How did we date before our first kiss
  9. How many children did I want before marriage?9) What do you think my friend thinks of you
  10. What does my friend think of you
  11. What is my worst habit?
  12. What is my best habit?
  13. Where was my first proposal intended
  14. What is the one thing you do that I hate most
  15. Who is the better dresser
  16. What do I do in our times of argument
  17. Have you ever pretend to sleep at to avoid an argument
  18. What did we share a kiss
  19. What was the last argument we had, on
  20. Who is more passionate on bed
  21. What is something I enjoy doing that you don’t
  22. Who is more romantic Who is more fiery
  23. Who complains more
  24. Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?
  25. How many children would I have wanted
  26. Do you I satisfy you in every other ways
  27. Have I ever done something for your friends you’d rather I did not
  28. What is the most romantic thing I ever did for you
  29. My hobby before I met you
  30. My hobby after I met you
  31. Would you make my list of five favorite persons
  32. How did I come across to you the first time we met
  33. What is my best physical trait
  34. Am I for brawn or brain
  35. Who is more likely to nag more
  36. My favorite song
  37. My favorite female actor
  38. My favorite male actor
  39. My phone number
  40. Where did we first meet
  41. Where did we go on our honeymoon
  42. My first present to you post marriage
  43. My last present to you before marriage
  44. My worst fear with you
  45. My middle name
  46. My best sport
  47. My best friend
  48. The name of the bridesmaids/best #-man on our wedding
  49. The first I said to you when I approached you
  50. The one thing you hated about me when we were courting
  51. My job before I met you( must have mentioned it)
  52. My parents’ name
  53. My dream wedding place
  54. My sibling(s) name
  55. My saddest you’ve made me
  56. My grandparents’ name
  57. Our first date was where
  58. Our relationship first fight
  59. Who makes the relationship tick
  60. Who talks more
  61. What is the most irritating I made you
  62. How much do you think you make me
  63. How much have our bettered you
  64. How much of a sudden did I impress on you when we first meet
  65. When did you start getting the idea you loved me
  66. How many times I asked you out before you said yes
  67. What was I arrayed in the day met
  68. What were you first thoughts concerning my family
  69. Did I really catch your  attention when we first met
  70. What did I do wrong during courting that almost made you not accept me
  71. What do you think drew me to you
  72. What did I sound off to you, is it still the same as now




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