72 List Of About Me Tag Questions – Questions That’ll Get You Excited

Just For Fun, Certain Questions Can Be Asked To Get To find Out Some Information About Certain People Or Even Yourself So To Start Finding Out These Useful Information, Check Out This 72 List Of About Me Tag Questions:

I know the most pertinent of question is why or what is the motive of it but oftentimes our acts are obfuscated by misconceptions about us. Getting to limn out the man things about you is not something to show off or an avenue to make up more things about you in this world already rife with facades and lies but to make sure people know you for who you are if by discretion you choose to and avoid unbecoming discrepancies.

72 List Of About Me Tag Questions

The about me tag is not a front to embrace narcissism either but sit in front of the camera and talk about the beauty of being you, the journey of the flaws down to the hackneyed lot. An add on to this is it lets or give your viewers more reason to be happy they follow you. Now this is a list of about me random question you can try

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72 List Of About Me Tag Questions

  1. Your name
  2. Is there a reason for your name
  3. How many sibling have you got
  4. What is your middle name
  5. If you were chanced to go back in time to change your name, will you?
  6. If yes, what will it be
  7. Your favorite sibling
  8. Your pastime
  9. Your date of birth
  10. Favorite food
  11. Favorite song
  12. Sum up you in one word
  13. High school or College Student or none
  14. Have you any pet
  15. Your best friend name
  16. Who was your first kiss
  17. First girlfriend / boyfriend
  18. Any talent
  19. Your best high school moment
  20. Favorite movie
  21. Favorite season
  22. Any nickname
  23. Ant allergies
  24. Ever lost an open debated
  25. Ever had sex
  26. Ever gone camping
  27. The worst you’ve been as yourself
  28. The most hideous things you’ve done for love
  29. How many crushes do you have
  30. However long do you take to dress
  31. Beat gift you’ve ever received
  32. Worst subject you did in highschool
  33. The scariest moment you’ve ever faced
  34. Had a death scare before
  35. Your IQ
  36. Who is your ideal kind of girl
  37. Who is the Robin in your life
  38. In a clique
  39. Ever suffered from depression?
  40. Your ideal place
  41. How many languages do you speak
  42. How many siblings do you have
  43. Favorite cartoon character
  44. Favorite TV show
  45. Favorite TV channel
  46. Favorite Song
  47. Celebrity crush
  48. Worst (anything)you’ve ever faced
  49. Favorite Uncle
  50. Favorite aunt
  51. Ideal kind of girl /guy
  52. Favorite book
  53. Hip Hop or Blues
  54. Best gift you ever received on your birthday
  55. Sum up yourself growing up
  56. Sum up yourself as you are now
  57. What do you think contributed to that change
  58. Your least best extended family member
  59. Your favorite sport
  60. Which do you support
  61. Greatest wish
  62. What’s the one thing you wish to accomplish before your death
  63. Ever suffered a fracture
  64. Ever engaged in a fight before you were the cause of
  65. What’s the one thing you can’t help going against
  66. Last time you cried
  67. Last time you lost someone to death
  68. What’s the one thing you fear of your existence
  69. Ever rode on a rollercoaster
  70. What do you do for fun
  71. What’s your Friday night like
  72. What’s the latest vogue that caught your attention


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