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72 List Of Questions Nobody Asks

No Question Is Too Personal To Have An Answer Or Too Awkward To Ask But Sometimes Most People Choose Not To Ask Some Questions Or Maybe These Questions Just Seems Not To Make It To Our Minds While Conversing With Someone So Check Out These 72 List Of Questions Nobody Asks:

Sometimes there are the things about people which even without admittance from these individuals are falsely extrapolated and there are some things which also by tacit are wrongly accrued to situations and persons.

72 List Of Questions Nobody Asks

Most times we have that thing about us that nobody really knows or there are those things that nobody asks care to know which is deep into the person we are and in the room of our minds, there are questions we would have other people know but we cannot but hope they take the first step to ask.


Ofttimes we get lucky people see a side of us besides the superficiality and shallowness of the hi’s and hey’s we make and ofttimes we don’t, the expedient thing is that we truly appreciate the person we are and soon all that we want to be known for will be cleared about us and the right questions will be asked.

Know that not all will be as it is stated but the many which says exactly that is worth noting especially. Here’s a list of pertinent questions nobody asks;

72 List Of Questions Nobody Asks

  1. What is the hardest thing you ever faced
  2. What’s the side of you you hate most
  3. Does everything fall under black or white to you or is there a grey
  4. Do you think God is all they say he is
  5. Is there a moment you really hated you parents to death
  6. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wished you were dead
  7. Do you know what it means to be in a death scare situation
  8. Is there any thing you hate more than death
  9. Do you thing there’s one thing you’ve been lied to all your life
  10. What’s the proudest grudgingly you’ve been of your hater
  11. Do you believe in hell
  12. If yes, do you think the concept of hell is fair
  13. Do you think your fashionable disposition predispose you to forms of sensual advances from the opposite sex
  14. Is there a moment you felt so much hate for someone that verges on extreme
  15. Do you think your experiential malaise contributes to your problems now
  16. Have you ever been any moment you felt death will be better off
  17. Do you think your parents still have more to learn of parenthood
  18. What’s the one thing you dislike about yourself
  19. How hurt were you by your ex
  20. Sincerely rate your awareness to your social adeptness
  21. Would you make an impact if you were at the helms of affairs in your country
  22. Do you honestly think you’ll one day make a good father
  23. Do you think school affects education
  24. Why did you say so
  25. Ever cried over a movie
  26. Ever loved someone by pity
  27. Will you do a nude show for fame
  28. What do you dislike more in your life
  29. Have you ever had sex before
  30. Have you had a one night stand before
  31. How much is too much when dancing in a party
  32. Would you let someone easily check your phone
  33. Would you allow anyone go through your emails
  34. Is there a hidden part of you you’d never tell anyone
  35. Do you love your country
  36. Give one reason why
  37. Do you hate school
  38. Have you ever been sexually abused
  39. Gave you ever been sexually frustrated
  40. Have you ever gone on a blind date
  41. What do you think about religious centres
  42. Do you think they are more of financially geared than religiously oriented
  43. Do you like surprises
  44. Do you like celebrating birthdays
  45. Have there been an incestuous affair in your family before
  46. Your idea on gang-up killing
  47. Ever witnessed someone’s death
  48. Acted unethical towards a girl before?
  49. Been arrested before?
  50. Do you think there are something’s you fear by virtue of other’s being afraid of it not you directly
  51. What’s your worst you ever been
  52. Ever spied on a girl before
  53. Do you think your future is bright by virtue of your decisions
  54. Is there anything that irks you about your parents
  55. A phobia?
  56. What’s the one thing which by retrospect makes no sense now than it did
  57. Ever felt the need to patronize courtesans on the streets
  58. Have you found one person you could give it all for
  59. What’s the one thing you hated about your parent’s parenting
  60. Do you fear growing up like your parents
  61. What do you think about adoption
  62. What do you think homosexuals
  63. Do you support gay marriage
  64. Do you cringe when you see horror movies
  65. How often do you curse
  66. What point in your life do you feel worse about your life
  67. Do you often wish you had different parents
  68. Do you think Satan is an entity or an embodiment of all things evil
  69. Have you ever cross dressed
  70. Do you fear being obese
  71. Ever shied from a fight
  72. Ever gambled




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