25+ Happy, Motivational And Funny Hump Day Quotes

happy, Motivating Hump Day quotes

As the weekends are the kind of days people look forward to, mothers, friends, children and even workers, yes! workers. Middays tend to be the most toilsome because the amount of revelry in the us-time with friends in the weekend before would have been spent for Monday and Tuesday and seeing as there’s little to mitigate that or there’s... Read more →

30+ Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lover

Happy Birthday Wishes To My Lover

The concept of “LOVE” is one older than man and to love and be loved is a feeling every human soul yearns because there can be nothing more chivalrous than trusting someone with so frail a thing as your heart and when that someone requites with the self-same love, it makes it all the more... Read more →