25 Best Am Fm Radio Perfect For Home Use: Unbiased Reviews

Thinking of getting one of the best AM FM radio for home use? Here are the reviews of the highly rated radio you can get in the market currently.

Radios are very important gadgets and are quite useful when going for an early morning Best Am Fm Radiojog or spending the morning in the coffee shop as it helps you stay updated with news both international and local.

You can also listen to your favorite radio music shows and talk shows on an AM/FM radio but most people find it difficult to get the perfect radio for meet their needs and this is caused by variety of products available in the market but this review is going to show you ten highly rated radios and also help you in making the right choice.

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What Are AM FM Radios?

These are the type of radios that receives AM and FM signals. The difference between this type of radios are simply their modulation meaning the FM is transmitting at smaller distances while the AM is doing so at larger distances.  As everyone knows, FM is mostly used for music shows by radio stations while AM is used mostly for talk shows.

They are also considered to be one of the consistent and popular electronic device and they are still quite relevant to man despite being around for over several decades. They have however evolved and now have various types known as portable or pocket radios, boom boxes, walkman, digital and vintage recorders.

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25 Best AM FM Radio With Great Reception

25. DreamSky Mini Portable FM Radio

best am fm radioThis is one radio that is solely designed for one man use as it doesn’t come with a loudspeaker but an earphone port and an earphone so users can listen privately. It also comes with an alarm setting which is quite easy to operate so you don’t miss out on a great appointment or meeting.

The DreamSky mini pocket radio is portable, lightweight and compact which makes it the ideal outdoor radio for going on fishing trips, hiking, camping, sporting events and even for use while on the go. It comes with an easy to tune button which which helps in searching or tuning for any of your favorite radio stations.

Its LCD screen enables you to see the time clearly while its backlight design also helps in providing illumination especially at night time.

24. RadioShack Analog AM/FM 

best am fm radioWith this portable pocket friendly radio, there is every guarantee that you would listen without disturbing the people around you as it boasts of an earphone jack for connecting earphones. Durability is also guaranteed when talking about this radio as it boasts of top quality components used in its construction which in turn guarantees long lasting use.

Thanks to its portability, lightweight and compact design, the RadioShack analog portable pocket radio is one that users would find absolutely easy and convenient to move about with. It also comes with a telescoping antenna which ensures a better signal reception for picking up your favorite radio stations.

23. Philips AE1500 Pocket Size

best am fm radioYou can use external earphones by connecting them to the headphone jack for private listening or by using the built-in speaker. It also comes with a unique AM/FM tuner which works effectively in helping you select from different radio stations so you can listen to your favorite shows or musical programs or weather forecasts.

The Philips AE1500 pocket friendly radio is one that users would find quite comfortable and convenient to move about with thanks to its portable and compact design which ensures it perfectly fits into any bag or pocket. This is also one portable radio ensures you can listen to songs and your favorite radio talk show programs anywhere you go.

22. Bosch 18-Volt or 120V Compact

best am fm radioDurability is one of the key and notable features of this top quality radio from BOSCH as it is designed to absorb shock and provide maximum protection thanks to its durable material housing. And having a lightweight is also one great feature of this well designed radio as it can be moved about with anywhere. Its compact design also promotes easy and convenient storage.

Having a 7-inch rotating antenna means that this radio works effectively in picking up great signals for your listening pleasure which makes this radio ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to its powerful and reliable neodymium speakers, there is a high level of assurance that users would enjoy listening to this radio in high quality audio and rich tones with maximum clarity.

This is also a multi-functional radio as it comes with an auxiliary port which allows for connecting with other compatible digital players.

21. Sangean U3 AM/FM Digital

best am fm radioMost people desire to own radios that are extremely durable and that is one feature that the SANGEAN U3 radio is all about as it is designed to extremely rugged which makes it withstand accidental droppings or even rigorous outdoor use. This radio is also designed to be resistant to water which makes it resist damages caused by water.

This radio proves to be the best companion on any outdoor trip as it is portable enough to be carried along when going on hiking, camping, for use in workshops and even in garages. It is however powered using batteries and AC current while one stand out feature of this radio is it can also be used in charging phones.

Other notable features of this well designed and rugged radio includes alarm clock, programmable memories and many more.

20. JESSON Personal Radio

best AM FM radioThe JESSON personal pocket radio is one of the well designed and highly functional pocket radios that one would come across on the market today as it boasts of several interesting and amazing features which makes it stand out from the rest products on the market today.

It also boasts of a pocket friendly design which ensures that it perfectly fits into any any pocket or handbag which makes it ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. It comes with an earphone for private listening while its lock switch helps in fighting against accidental or unwanted operation.

It is well designed to support both the FM and AM radio bands for your listening pleasure. This is one pocket radio that all users would find quite easy to make use of thanks to its simple and easy to operate buttons.

19. Crosley Solo AM/FM CR3003A – Tabletop Radio

best AM FM radioThe CROSLEY solo radio is designed to be in a world of its own. This radio is one that boasts of a sleek, fashionable and also having a great physical appearance as it comes with rounded corners and a unique modern design which makes it the center of attraction in any radio shop.

One impressive feature of the CROSLEY solo radio is its exclusive technology that guarantees the production of consistent, lean and rich audio quality and this exclusive technology also works effectively in the elimination of hot spots regardless of where this radio is being kept or used.

It is designed to provide users with an high quality radio listening experience ever whether the uer is listening using a headphone or its loudspeaker tuner.

18. Sony ICF-F10 Two 2 Band Transistor Radio

best AM FM radioHaving a portable and convenient carrying strap are some of the exciting features that makes this well designed and top quality radio from SONY the best and ideal radio when embarking on any outdoor trip like going fishing, hiking, picnics, camping and more.

It is also one radio that is designed not to disturb the people around you while listening to your favorite stations thanks to its headphone jack which allows listening with an earphone for private listening pleasure.

One notable feature of this well designed portable radio is it comes with telescopic swivel antenna that is aimed at obtaining the best signal reception anytime and anywhere. It also boasts of a large 3.75-icnh top quality speaker which guarantees that users would listen to this radio in amazing and rich audio quality.

17. Best reception & Longest Lasting AM FM Compact transistor

best AM FM radioEveryone might get tired of advanced technology at some point. If you intend going on any outdoor adventure such as hiking, camping or even going on picnics, have you ever thought about not being able to make use of our electrical gadgets in the wild? This radio proves to be the ideal companion as it is designed just to run on two AA batteries which would last for several weeks.

Designed to stand upright on a stable base, this is one radio that would  provide high audio quality as well as crystal clear sounds similar to that of a loud thumping electrical device. It also boasts of a stylish, sleek, portable, compact and small profile which ensures it perfectly fits into any handbag or pocket for easy transportation.

It also boasts of having less amount of buttons compared to other radios found on the market today and this lesser amount of batteries makes this radio quite easy to operate. It also has other amazing features like a carrying strap, telescopic antenna, earphone jack, on and off volume and many more.

16. Panasonic Portable  – Portable Am Fm Radio

best AM FM radioThis is one top quality speaker from the famous PANASONIC company which comes with a powerful and dynamic four inch speaker that delivers high and amazing audio sounds for users listening pleasure. It is specially designed to work or run using about four AA batteries or cam be powered using an AC cable so users can listen to their favorite songs or stations anywhere they go.

One impressive feature of this well designed radio is its telescopic and ferrite antenna which works effectively in picking up crystal clear and amazing radio signals. Another impressive feature of this well designed portable AM FM radio is its LED tuning indicator which also guarantees low light tuning so as to save up battery life.

This radio is however portable so users can find it quite easy and convenient to move about it with ease so they can listen to weather reports, the news, favorite talk shows or even songs even while on the go.

15. Sangean PR-D18BK AM/FM/Clock

best AM FM radioThis is a well designed portable radio that one can make use of  when it comes to listening to your favorite AM and FM radio stations. It is portable enough for one to carry along on a camping trip, to a ball game, to a picnic or on any other outdoor adventure. It also comes in about four different colors so one can easily select that color that tends to match or suit his or her taste.

For additional portability, this is one radio that is specially designed  to run on just batteries so you can listen to your favorite stations anywhere you go. It also boasts of a true analog tuning design which guarantees a fade free reception and would pickup radio stations for users listening pleasure.

However, it also boasts of a simple to use interface so everyone would find it quite easy and simple to operate this radio. It also features an alarm buzzer which helps to wake you up at a desired time anytime and any day.

14. Sangean LB-100 Ultra

best AM FM radioThis top quality and well designed SANGEAN portable AM and FM radio is one that boasts of several amazing and exciting features that makes it stand out from other products found on the market today. Speaking about stand out features, this radio boasts of a durable ABS plastic used in its construction which makes this radio resistant to impact. It also boasts of water resistant materials used in its construction that ensures this radio doesn’t get damaged by water.

This radio comes with a powerful speaker which delivers contents that are rich and of high quality to suite your listening pleasure. It also boasts of an LCD display which is designed to keep users updated so they can have a better view of the tie and station they are listening to.

With this radio, there would never be a case of low signal reception as it comes with a PLL synthesized tuning design which guarantees regular pickup of fade free signals. It proves to be the perfect radio for use whether you are outdoors or indoors. It is also handy so users can move about with it and listen to their favorite stations anywhere they go.

13. Sony ICF-P36 – Am Radio

best AM FM radioThis is one well designed and top quality portable AM FM radio from SONY which is well designed to run on two AA batteries.With this radio, users are rest assured that they would not miss out on listening to their favorite shows or news as its integrated tuner is designed to pick up any AM FM signal for your listening pleasure.

One amazing feature of this well designed radio is its battery status indicator which works effectively in informing users when this radios batteries needs to be changed. Its LED tuning indicator also keeps users informed when it picks up a clear signal or radio station.

One can also listen to his or her favorite shows, sports, news and weather reports or updates using its loudspeakers. Its unique headphone socket is aimed at providing a better private listening option for our listening pleasure as well as ensuring that other people are not disturbed by this radio.

12. Sony ICF-506 Analog

best AM FM radioEnjoy listening to your favorite talk shows, music and even weather reports anytime or anywhere using the SONY ICF-506 analog tuning portable radio. This is one well designed radio which users would find extremely easy to work with or operate as it comes with a well integrated and easy to operate analog tuning which helps in picking up clear and amazing signals.

Moving about with this portable radio is quite easy and convenient as its carrying strap makes moving about with this radio less of a hassle. You can actually make use or enjoy making use of this radio anywhere as it is built to run on either electricity or run on batteries.

11. PR-137 AM/FM 2

best am fm radioBuilt to work on batteries and having a convenient carrying case, this quality PR AM and FM radio is one that users would enjoy making use of even at the beach, park, home, play-room or even at the gym. It also comes with a powerful, in-built speaker which is specially designed to produce high fidelity, high quality and crystal clear sounds.

Unlike other poor quality AM and FM radios which fail in picking up clear and great signals, this well designed radio would pickup excellent and crystal clear signals thanks to its unique telescopic antenna. It also boasts of a headphone jack which allows for connecting a headphone or earphone for private listening purposes.

10. C Crane CC Skywave AM

C Crane CC Skywave AM, FM

This radio has an intuitive layout which makes it quite easy to use and it also has a strong AM reception.  One of the interesting features of this radio is that it features NOAA weather radio which keeps you informed on local weather advisories and this aviation/airband also allows you listen to nearby traffic controllers.

This radio features 400 presets, auto scan, rotary volume knob, lighted LCD, sleep timer, clock with 12/24 hour format, stereo headphone jack, signal meter, direct entry keypads and lots more. The c crane cc skywave radio also comes with Earbuds, a foldout backstand as well as a carry case.


9. Sony Compact Radio 

This is a small compact and lightweight radio that has excellent am/fm reception which allows you select from different music programs and talk shows and this gadget also features a digital tuning which helps the user with precise station tuning.

This Sony compact portable pocket radio features 15 presets where you can tune in to all your favorite radio stations through a fast button and it alsohas a program of about 5 am stations and 10 fm stations. It also has a ferrite and telescopic built in antenna which allows you receive clearer reception as well as a headphone jack which ensures private listening for you especially in noisy environments.

This radio offers you top quality listening experience thanks its 2.6 inch built in speaker and it also features a digital clock which shows you the time or can be used as bedside or desk clock.


8. Panasonic RF – 2400 Radio For Long Distance Am Reception

Panasonic RF-2400 AM FM Radio

This portable radio comes with a big panel which serves for easy tuning of am/fm stations on a separate dial scale and it also features a tuning LED with large band indicator.

This Panasonic radio has an easy to use cylinder tuning knob and it also features a 4 inch dynamic speaker which guarantees excellent and clear sounds. This radio has a silver color front style cabinet together with a metal speaker net and it is powered by AC/DC operation.

It also comes with a 110V AC power cord, a fold down handle, a cable which helps you connect to a KSU and an earphone jack which allows you listen to your favorite music programs and talk shows alone.




This travelers radio is guaranteed to pick every radio wavelength including the long wave, FM, short wave and AM (MW) either home or abroad and it is very easy to set the station frequency and spacing which ensures that your stations are always clear and loud anywhere you are.

This radio features a manual or digital tuning and it also has an auto tuning storage function. It is powered by 6V adapter or 4 AA batteries which is not included in the package and it also features a single alarm clock (by buzzer or radio).


6. Sangean WR – 2 – FM – RBDS

best am fm radio

This sangean wooden cabinet radio features ten memory preset stations which includes 5 am stations and 5 fm stations and it also comes with an easy to read LCD display. This radio features an adjustable sleep timer which allows you fall asleep while listening to the radio, a digital tuning system and it also allows you adjust the bass and treble levels using the variable volume control and this makes it very unique and different from other radios.

Additional features of this radio includes an aux-in input jack which helps connect to an MP3 player or iPad, an infrared remote control,  clock and alarm (buzzer or radio).


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5. Sangean WR – 11

best am fm radio

This radio offers static free and clear am/fm reception and its rotary dial helps you select fm/am bands as well as adjusting the volume of the radio. A lighted analog display shows you station selection option while an LED tuning eye ensures that you get the best reception for any selected station.

This sangean am/fm tabletop radio also features a stereo headphone jack which helps provide for an external fm and am antenna and it also has an AUX-in jack which helps you listen to your favorite music from other portable devices.

It also comes with a record-out jack for connecting to external devices or your recording equipment and the wooden MDF cabinet doesn’t only give it a stylish look but also works to give you quality sounds because of its acoustically tuned design.


4. Sangean PR-D5BK

best am fm radio

This radio comes with a large 200mm ferrite antenna that gives you the best am reception and the addition of a radio data system with a dual 2.5 inch stereo speaker makes this radio a standout portable receiver.

One of the interesting feature of this radio is it has PLL synthesized tuning which allows for fade-free and exact reception and also ten memory presets for 5 FM or 5 AM station selection which can be seen clearly in the LCD display.

This radio features an auto seek button which helps you find active stations automatically, sleep timer with humane wake up system, Backlit LCD, stereo/mono selector switch, 3.5mm aux-in socket, headphone jack, battery life indicator and several other features.


3. Sony CFDS50

best am fm radio

This radio serves an all-in-one function of a cassette, CD and an AM/FM radio playback and this beautiful gadget also features a mega bass boost which allows for extended bass response and this makes this radio convenient, powerful and always ready to entertain.

This radio features stereo speakers enclosed in a bass reflex design which ensures enjoyable listening experience and its built in digital fm/am radio has a stereo tuner together with 30 station preset memory (10 am, 20 fm) which allows you select from wide range of music programs and radio talk shows.

Its convenient playback allows you enjoy listening to personally recorded CD-RW discs, CD-R disc and your favorite CD’s including CD’s with MP3 files and it also features an aux-in which allows you connect to external music devices to the speaker dock.


2. Sony ICF38 – Radio For Am DXing

best am fm radio

You can listen to your favorite am and fm stations anywhere you go thanks to this portable Sony radio. This radio is ideal for power outages, severe and perfect weather conditions and you can also use this gadget at the porch, garage or any part of the house as this portable radio offers simplified and crisp controls.

It features an illuminated LED tuner which helps you to search for your favorite stations easy and fast as well as providing for precise station tuning and it also features a built in carrying handle which makes it very easy to carry.

This radio has a telescopic antenna which guarantees solid and clear reception and the fm/am tuner helps you select from a wide range of sports programs, music shows and talk shows. Its 3-5/8 inch speaker allows you listen to this radio with people around you and it also has an earphone jack which serves for private listening.


1. Sony ICF-S10MK2

best am fm radio

This small radio is designed to fit into any jacket or pocket which serves for easy portability and convenience and it also supports FM and AM broadcasts. It features an AM/FM tuner which allows the user select from a wide range of radio music programs, sports shows and talk shows and convenient listening is guaranteed thanks to its built in speakers.

It also features an earphone jack which allows you listen to your favorite radio shows and songs privately especially in noisy environments. Additional feature of this Sony pocket sized radio includes an LED tuning indicator, a carry strap for convenience and a telescopic antenna.

Frequently Asked Questions About AM & FM Radios

  • What do i do when having frequency issues with my am/fm radio – This is one familiar issue with these kind of radios but there are vital steps that one can take in dealing with this situations. Check out these steps in handling such scenario.
  • Does These type of radios allow two-way communication – The answer is NO. This is because these type of radios are just receivers and they are built just to allow you to listen to radio stations.
  • What is the price range of an am/fm radio – This solely depends on the  model, qualities and features. However, they are quite affordable and might be found around the $20 – $50 range but there are also am/fm radios outside this price range. Just have a budget when considering what option to buy.