22 Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers: Realistic & Interactive Dolls

Getting your child a toy to play with is an excellent idea as playing with toys help to improve physical and mental development in children. There are various toys parents can choose from but buying your child a doll seems to be a perfect choice especially in girls.

Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers

Popular baby dolls includes Madame Alexander, American Girls Dolls, Baby Alive and lots more but detailed below in this article is a list of the ten best baby dolls for toddlers based on reviews and popularity that will certainly be the best play toy for your kid.

What To Look Out For When Considering A High Quality Baby Doll For Toddlers

  • Safety – this is one factor that should be kept in mind as there are numerous cheap and poor quality baby dolls made using harmful materials and chemicals. Toys should be made with kid friendly materials to ensure the safety of our kids.
  • Longevity – dolls do undergo rough use from kids so it is vital that we settle for a doll made with durable materials that would be able to withstand such use. Its head, legs and arms such also be sturdy.
  • Design – dolls are designed to provide fun and be kids greatest companion when growing up so check out the design before settling for it. Is it stunning? life-like? can it be customized?
  • Fun – dolls should be able to provide fun for kids while playing with them. Failure to meet this requirement means kids would lose interest in playing with them and this would send parents back to shopping for a better doll. Dolls that speak, drink, bathe, get wet and even fall ill are very fun to play with so check them out too.

22 Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers

22. Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Blonde

best baby dolls for toddlersThis isn’t just a doll but it is one that is designed to help improve role play abilities in every growing kid. It boasts of certain attractive and amazing features like embroidered facial features and a blonde fleecy hair.

This is one baby doll that your little kings and queens would love to cuddle in bed as it comes with a soft body for soothing while other impressive features of this doll include; belly button, embroidered toes and a gentle feeling.

This doll comes dressed in an onesie which is difficult to take off with a pacifier which stays attached to the mouth magnetically.

21. Kidoozie Snug and Hug Baby Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersWhether you have a preschooler at home or a toddler, this is one baby doll that would help to expand their thinking faculties. This isn’t just a doll that would provide fun for every growing kid out there but it is also aimed at boosting hand to eye coordination, enabling complex reasoning, boost problem solving skills and many more.

This doll has a cute look that would make kids admire and love to care for and hold this doll and it also boasts of some amazing features like having remarkable blue eyes and an outfit that is easy to remove which make this doll similar to a real life baby.

Other notable accessories that comes with this doll includes diaper, feeding bottle, headband and a removable jumper.  It is however recommended for kiddies aged twelve months and above.

20. Baby Doll Bathtub Set Featuring 10 Inch All Vinyl Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersNot only would this baby doll improve imaginative thinking but it would also help in building up motor skills just b changing this doll’s clothes. Every accessory that comes with this toy is made using water friendly materials so our 2 year old kids can have more than enough fun while bathing.

One advantage that comes with playing with this baby doll is it helps in enhancing imaginative thinking and active play in babies. It is also the right kind of doll that would show babies the value of being clean as it comes with every required accessory that would make bath time fun time.

19. Classic So-Soft Baby Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersThe classic so so soft baby doll is also another must-have doll for every growing kid out there and it is one that would provide so much fun and excitement each time your baby plays with it. These classic baby doll has certain features that would interest and keep your baby glued while playing with it and these features include having a peek-a-boo satin belly and a soft body.

Its soft body helps in soothing your little king and queen and it also provides parents with time to get other chores done around the  house as your play would find it difficult to let this doll go. Surface washing is recommended when trying to clean up this doll and it is recommended for babies aged one year and above.

18. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersThis is one unique way of getting your kid to cultivate the act of nurturing at a very early stage and the cultivating of this act would get him or her prepared to welcome the arrival of anew born baby in the family. There are several advantages that comes with playing with this toy and boosting every kids sense of security and comfort is also one of them.

This well designed to is quite easy to hug and hold while playing and there is every guarantee that you baby would be delighted with playing with this doll as it would rattle and shake to delight and interest your little kings and queens. It is also reliable when it comes to introducing kiddies to role playing activities.

17. Baby Dolls Plush Kira – First Baby Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersThe Kira plush baby doll is one that every kid out there would not just love to play with but also love to own. It comes with several amazing and intriguing features that would appeal to your little kid. These features include having a a floral embroidery, plush feeling and also standing at a height of eleven inches which makes it the right doll to care for and hug.

This is one baby doll that would serve as the best friend and perfect companion for every growing kid out there. It is made using high quality and durable materials which ensures that this doll grows with your kid. It is also safe for your baby as it doesn’t contain any harmful materials or even having a pointed or sharp edge.


16. Mary Meyers Taggies

best baby dolls for toddlersThis is one unique baby doll that is aimed at helping babies and kiddies develop and grow. Being at eight inches tall simply means that this doll has the right height for kiddies to hug and care for it. It is designed with special attractive features like having a satin feet, soft body, sweet smile and an embroidered face which would attract or excite kids.

Unlike other poorly designed baby dolls on the market, the may meyers taggies baby doll is designed with multiple textures which would appeal to every kid that plays with it. The aim of this baby doll is to provide unmatched fun for your little one while safety is also guaranteed as this toy is made using durable and safe parts which would bring no harm to babies while playing with it.

15. Baby Starters Brunette Olivia Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersDurability is one of the key and stand out features of the Baby Starters brunette olivia doll as it is made using top quality polyester fabric which doesn’t just guarantee long lasting use but also ensures that this doll withstands rough and rigorous use. For better cleanup results, it is also recommended that this doll should be washed using a machine washer.

This well designed and attractive baby doll is one that is designed to grow with your baby as he or she grows. One interesting and exciting feature of this well designed baby doll is its soft fabric construction which works effectively in soothing babies. It boasts of the right size for cuddling and can be used as a gift item during baby showers or birthdays.

14. Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Sleepy Time Scents

best baby dolls for toddlersThis is one baby doll that every kid will cuddle into bed with or would even love to hear a bedtime story with. One impressive and stand out feature of this doll is it makes use of a micro-encapsulated technology in giving off lavender scent when hugged lightly. It is highly ideal for kiddies aged one and above and can be kept clean just by washing the surface.

It boasts of a fleecy hair, unique embroidered features and a pacifier which is designed to stay attached to the mouth magnetically. It is also considered quite safe for kiddies to play with as it has no sharp or pointed edges or even features harmful materials in its production.

13. Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Stella Peach

best baby dolls for toddlersThis baby doll is one of the best and most sought after when checked on rankings. It boasts of a fleecy hair, unique embroidered features and a pacifier which is designed to stay attached to the mouth magnetically. This is the ideal play mate for kiddies aged one year and above and it can also be kept extremely clean by washing just the surface alone.

Helping to boost motor skills in every kid out there is a big advantage of allowing kids play with this doll. Learning how to dress a baby is made easy with this doll as it features a velcro like closure combined with an easy to remove diaper which makes dressing up this doll quite easy.

This toy is also aimed at improving imaginative play and delighting our kids. It is also considered safe to play with as it contains no harmful materials or sharp and pointed edges which could cause harm while playing with it.

12. Soft Baby Doll, My First Doll – Baby Dolls That Look Real

best bab dolls for toddlerThis soft baby doll comes feeling soft, tall and snuggly stuffed with a pink dress which would make kiddies fall in love with this doll at first sight. This baby doll is ideal for toddlers and it also proves to be the ideal gift item during baby showers, birthday and other special occasion. It is extremely safe as it doesn’t contain harmful materials or have sharp and pointed edges which could be detrimental to your baby’s health and this also makes this doll the best companion for any toddler out there.

Having well detailed features like a sweet smile, wide blue eyes, realistic face and more would keep our kid intrigued and glued to this doll for hours. This doll isn’t just designed to provide hours of fun for every kid out there but also helps in the development of interaction, active play and imaginative thinking in kids.

11. 11 inch Soft Body Doll

best baby dolls for toddlersThis doll is full of personality and designed towards helping your child improve in his or her imaginative thinking, boosting fun play and also helping to enhance active play in kids. It boasts of several amazing features like a vinyl legs, arms and head combined with a soft body which makes it look a bit real.

Children would find it quite easy and fun to play with this doll as it boasts of the right size which makes it quite easy to play with, carry and hold. It also makes work around the house less stressful for nursing moms as they have it at the back of their minds that their babies are occupied playing with this doll.

This doll is tested and certified safe for all kids to play with as there isn’t any harmful material in its production. It is highly recommended for kiddies aged 2 and above.

10. Adora Playtime Baby Dot Vinyl – Baby Dolls For Girls

best baby dolls for toddlers

This 13 inch doll is a cuddly and lovable doll and is perfect for children of ages one and above. It features a lifelike baby power scented vinyl and also a bean bag bottom and a soothing satin body. The eyes of the doll can close and open and she can also suck on her pacifier or thumb.

This brown eyed doll is machine washable and hypoallergenic and that ensures she always stays clean, fresh and ready for play. It also comes with an embellished removable polka dot sleeper which is embroidered with a quality flower and Adora.


9. La Baby Soft Body Pink Play Doll

best baby dolls for toddlers

This doll will certainly wow your child as it looks so real and has a unique face that will brighten and decorate any room. It has a soft body which makes it fun to play and cuddle with while its hands, feet and head are made with a cushion-like and soft vinyl texture that feels exactly like a real skin.

The hair of the doll is sculpted vinyl and the doll’s eyes always stay open while legs and arms are non-detachable to ensure safety of your baby. It has a stylish washable onesie which can be easily removed using a simple Velcro strip.


8. JC Toys ‘Lots to Cuddle Babies’ 

best baby dolls for toddlers

When buying your baby a doll, you have to look out for a doll that is lovable, soft with a real look and this JC toy ‘lots to cuddle babies’ Hispanic doll certainly fits that description.

It comes dressed in a pastel long-sleeved onesie and a matching cap and also a pacifier and a pretend bottle for more fun. The bottle and a cupcake bib ensures that your child nurse his doll and maintain a smile and happy look on their face.

It comes with brown eyes that always leaves everyone amazed because they appear so real and its hands, legs and head is vinyl designed. This doll has a washable cloth that can be taken off easily with a Velcro strip while its hair is sculpted and the eyes are always wide open.


7. Manhattan Toy Baby

best baby dolls for toddlers

The Stella doll has embroidered, cute toes, loves to cuddle, has belly button and is made from an ultra soft material. It comes dressed in a soft, two-piece cloth that can be easily put on and taken off and also a pacifier that attaches magnetically and an easy to remove cloth diaper.

It enhances create role play in your child and its soft tuft of fleece hair together with embroidered facial features will definitely thrill your child. It is certainly the best gift any parent or grandparent can give to any child. It is produced by Baby Stella Collection of Soft, Nurturing Dolls Accessories.


6. JC Toys 15030_Ala Baby Play Doll

best baby dolls for toddlers

This soft baby doll has vinyl arms, legs and hands, has a realistic look and its lightweight makes it easy to hold. It is tested and approved and is recommended for children of ages two years and above.

This doll is easy to clean as you can wash the body with mild soap and warn water after taking off the stylish pink cloth and matching hat. Its soft texture enhances cuddling and helps your child develop nursing skills.


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5. La Newborn Nursery Baby Doll Gift Set

best baby dolls for toddlers

If you’re looking for a doll that’ll suit your two year old child then the La Newborn nursery 8 piece layette baby doll is what your child needs. This 14 inch baby doll comes neatly dressed in a blue cloth while the legs and arms are movable.

Each set comes with two blue clothes, booties, a hat, a birth certificate and diaper hospital bracelet. It has small fine toes, soft smiling face and bright happy toes. This doll is made from washable, non-scented vinyl material and it is water friendly and is guaranteed to last for years.


4. Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Brianna Soft Body Doll 

best baby dolls for toddlers

This soft doll has a sweet scent that guarantees your child will fall in love with her. Melissa and Doug Mine to love Brianna doll comes dressed in an easy to remove two-piece cloth together with a flower and a charming embroidered heart.

It has a shiny brunette hair while its eyes can also open and close. She can suck on her pacifier or her thumb and can also sit up or lie down like a real baby.


3. Gund My First Dolly Brunette Stuffed Doll

best baby dolls for toddlers

Gund my first dolly doll is a plush doll that has polka dot sleeves, embroidered pink shirt with lace accents and it has the words “My First Dolly” embroidered on the dress. This doll has a decorated floppy pink hat with flowers, brown eyes and brown hair and it is recommended for all ages.

This doll is machine washable and it guarantees your baby’s safety as the doll’s features are all embroidered. This doll is manufactured from premium materials for quality huggability and softness.


2. Melissa and Doug Mine to Love Jenna

best baby dolls for toddlers

This Melissa and Doug mine to love jenna doll features a cuddly, soft and sweet body with wipe clean legs and arms. She can suck on her pacifier or thumb and her eyes can also open and close. Manufactured from exceptional value and quality and it also come with an easy to remove, smocked onesie that comes with a matching cap.


1. Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll – Best Baby Doll For Toddler

best baby dolls for toddlers

This 19 inch doll has gentle touch vinyl limbs and head and it comes with a hat, jacket, A jersey knit pastel pink floral print onesie, blanket, bottle, bib, booties, pacifier and the cutest giraffe plush friend.

Its hand painted details, brown eyes, hand applied eyelashes and dark brown hair gives it a unique look. This doll will definitely excite your child because of its heart-tugging realistic face and sweet brown eyes that are filled with love.

Final Word:

Dolls have been in trend for over several decades and not only do they serve to keep our kids entertained but they also help in building cognitive, motor and other skills that would be useful in their growth and development.

Getting them a doll would do them a whole lot of good than taking them out on picnics and parties. The interactive and realistic dolls listed in this review are durable and boasts of designs that your children would fall in love with and would never lose interest in playing with.

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