Best Backpack for Elk Hunting – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Backpack for Elk Hunting

If elk hunting is your thing then you should know that backpacks are very important because their performance and service would determine how enjoyable your hunting trip would be.

Elk hunting involves going out with several hunting equipment and gear and sometimes you might even decide to go hunting with a weapon but making use of a dependable backpack would actually make sure you don’t encounter any problems on your hunting trip.

Backpacks also proves to be great hunting companions and if it is able to put in a high quality performance then you are rest assured that your hunting trip would actually be a positive one.

A Complete Guide on Selecting the Best Backpack for Elk Hunting

Best Backpack for Elk Hunting

If you are in search of a good backpack for elk hunting and the one that possesses unique lashing features, nice gear pockets and one with an all in one pack system then you have come to the right place as we have the best backpack for elk hunting with some great tips to help you settle for a better and quality backpack.

Best Backpack for Elk Hunting Buyers Guide

 Eberlestock M5 Team Elk Pack

best backpack for elk hunting

This is actually a newly designed backpack for elk hunting which weighs up to 6 ounces and measures about 3100 cubic inches and what makes this backpack favorite and the top of this list is its solid construction and level of quantity. The Eberlestock M5 team elk pack features an aluminum tubular frame designed to curve at the back and form a sort of meat shelf and having a big zipper pocket simply means that one can put important and useful items inside this pocket.

Right between its body and the suspension system is a rifle scabbard and the thrilling part about this scabbard is it allows users to pull out their rifle with ease when necessary and without delay. Its mesh zippered pocket at the front also serves as a good storage option and its suspension system features a harness system that one can make use of in adjusting and getting the best length possible when carrying this backpack.


  1. Its waist belt can be removed fully
  2. Lots of pockets for storage
  3. There is all round stability and comfort
  4. The best hunting pack for every multi-day hunting trip


  1. It comes with side pouches with less space to contain bigger scope
  2. The limb pocket at the bottom isn’t effective when used with crossbows

 2. Badlands 2200 Camouflage

best backpack for elk hunting

This is also a newly designed backpack from the famous Badlands brand and this time they have designed a very versatile backpack which also comes fully equipped with a durable internal aluminum frame that makes it quite possible to carry along every necessary gear for hunting.

This is a 2200 cubic inch backpack although it isn’t as wide as the Eberlestock M5 backpack but it deserves to hold the second spot on this list as it features a batwing design accompanied with about three horizontal straps which makes it easy to put items in this bag and also providing a great compression point.

A very handy feature of this backpack is its mesh side pockets at the bottom of this bag and it also comes with a pocket wide or roomy enough to house a spotting scope. The most amazing feature of this backpack is its waistband design which comes with a holster for holding a firearm and not just would this holster hold a firearm but it would also hold a bow.


  1. Would carry heavy weight and still deliver comfort
  2. Its batwing feature makes it very versatile
  3. Features quiet zippers
  4. Designed to support loads
  5. Comes with a lifetime warranty


  1. Fewer large pockets
  2. This backpack isn’t organized

3. Stone Glacier Solo 3300 Backpack

best backpack for elk hunting

The Stone Glacier solo 3300 solo backpack is one we can proudly say has a simple and amazing design.

It is quite unique as it is built to have about 330 cubic inch which makes it ideal for hunting and weighing about 3.3 quarter pounds, the Stone Glacier solo 3300 backpack would carry about 80 to 90 pounds of weight but yet the user would feel comfortable while carrying such weight.

The good thing about this backpack is it comes with nice straps and more compression straps which can be used in adjusting till a nice and comfortable length is achieved.

When considering pockets, this backpack comes with a pocket in front and also by its side on the interior of this backpack and this inner pocket fails to zip due to the Velcro design of this backpack. It also features a meat shelf and two hangers on its exterior.


  1. Easy to adjust torso lengths
  2. Effective and durable zipper systems
  3. When lifting heavy loads, its frame system offers maximum support
  4. Described as a very efficient and reliable packing system


  1. Not waterproof
  2. Noisy zippers
  3. Has no top compression

4. Horn Hunter Full Curl System

best backpack for elk hunting

When going on any hunting trip you would definitely require a backpack that would be useful in transporting your heavy gear and a backpack with a lumber feature would be the best as it can be easily adjusted to offer the user desired comfort.

The full curl system backpack from Horn Hunter is one backpack that has this great feature which also contributes to why it is being wanted by every hunter today. Having a batwing attachment is also another crucial addition to this backpack and what also makes it unique is its ability to keep items and gear more secured.

Unlike in other backpacks, the full curl horn hunter backpack comes with frame pouches that makes sure this bag rests comfortably at the back of the user so as not to cause any form of pain and having lots of easy to access compartments alongside lots of space makes way for more room to store extra items and also making these items quite easy to access.


  1. One can carry a rifle or a bow while using this backpack
  2. Not an expensive backpack
  3. Reliable when it comes to multiple day or just a day hunting trip
  4. Its gun sling attachments helps in preventing colliding with trees.


  1. Too many numbers of straps on this backpack
  2. Quite heavy when fully loaded

5. Mystery Ranch Stein 62 Backpack

best backpack for elk hunting

Most review and remarks online about the Mystery Ranch Stein 62 backpack talked about this backpack possessing amazing carrying abilities and we believe one reason why users feel this way is because this backpack can switch from being used as a backpack to be used as a daypack. It weighs 4.7 pounds and has 62 liter space which makes sure weight is moved to the hip region and the backpack is comfortably carried while hunting. It does this as a result of the rigid and stiff panel positioned at the back of its hip belt which makes it rigid and stable.

This backpack can be easily tightened using its rigid seat belt and the combination of a great lumbar support and well-padded back makes sure this backpack perfectly hugs the back for added or extra comfort. There is also additional stability and support which arises due to the presence of stiffeners positioned at the side of its seat belt. Before we forget, let’s also bring it to your notice that this backpack utilizes a padding at its bottom to wade off chaffing.


1.    Able to switch from backpack to daypack without stress

2.    Rigid seat belt makes it easy to tighten

3.    Has a curve under the shoulder that prevents riding up to the neck

4.    Its ability to transfer weight makes it offer users high levels of comfort while carrying this backpack


1.    Not an easy to afford backpack

2.    Requires additional assistance from someone to wear perfectly

3.    Its top requires additional materials

6. Allen Pagosa 1800 Hunting Daypack

best backpack for elk hunting

When embarking on any outdoor hunting trip that requires using a backpack with numerous storage options and also a not expensive backpack then the Allen Pagosa 1800 hunting daypack is all you need as it comes with several internal, external pockets, 1800 cubic inch capacity and also organizers that would enable you to carry all you need and still keep them well organized.

It is a budget friendly backpack and also comes with a loop at its front which makes it easy to connect additional external items to this backpack.

A very exciting feature of this backpack is its pocket liner that allows storing water pouch in it and also coming with dual pockets proves to be a great addition just if there is need to carry along an extra bottle of water.

This backpack is easy to find and identify at any time thanks to the combination of high viz lining and tricot fabric and there is also a skillfully designed back support panel which also offers comfort when carrying this backpack.


1.    Made using an extremely soft material that would not feel harsh on the back

2.    Comes with effective and well-padded shoulder straps

3.    Has a sternum feature that offers stability

4.    Comes with an easy to adjust waist belt


1.    Has a small sized compartments contrary to its description

2.    Its material has a strong odor


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7. ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

best backpack for elk hunting

For a fact, durability is just one factor that makes this backpack stand out from the rest in the crowd today as it is made using a durable rip-stop nylon backpack whose main aim is to prevent the entry of water into this backpack so as not to destroy or wet items in it.

With this kind of material, users have nothing to be worried about while hunting under the heaviest of rains as this backpack would keep all items dry and safe.

This backpack is designed to be simply amazing as one enviable feature is its ability to be detach the bag so that the frame can be used in transporting meat and this feature alone makes this backpack the envy of all other backpacks.

The ALPS commander backpack is one that would keep items well organized as it comes with a pocket in front, a main pocket, two hinged pockets at the side and also a pocket for spotting scopes.


  1. Durable as a result of its water resistant design that repels water
  2. Comes with a large main compartment that can be used in hauling about any equipment
  3. Its horizontal divider helps in dividing space internally
  4. Users would be pleased with its hydration pocket and port


  1. Comes with clips that are not user friendly
  2. Its frame isn’t the best for stealth hunting

8. Badlands Superday Hunting Backpack

best backpack for elk hunting

This is another reliable backpack from a high quality brand known as the Badlands and this time this backpack is quite different from the one we previously talked about but still carries that high quality and unique trademark that the Badlands brand is known to have.

Made out of original polyester material makes this backpack quite solid and reliable and its material and also type of build makes it suitable for hunting and also a user friendly backpack. Users would enjoy increased flexibility when using this backpack thanks to its compressor straps and there is also a holster attachment where one can place a side arm.

Users are thrilled by the fact that this backpack was made using a KXO-32 fabric which isn’t something you would come by easily in most backpacks and you can also trust this backpack to keep you hidden and in a stealth mode away from your targets. This backpack isn’t designed to distract and thanks to its “Thermo Mold System”, users would find this backpack very easy to carry about.


  1. Ensures that every gear remains dry thanks to a water resistant design
  2. Molded foam helps in offering comfort
  3. No noisy zippers that doesn’t draw attention to the hunter
  4. It also adapts to any kind of surrounding thanks to its neutral color palette


  1. Hands find it difficult to get a hold of the pistol because of the way it is positioned
  2. Its compartment decoration isn’t user friendly

9. Tenzing 6000 Hunting and Hiking Pack

best backpack for elk hunting

This list wouldn’t be complete if we don’t bring you the Tenzing 6000 hiking and hunting backpack as it features an internal dual rigid aluminum frame that helps in providing structure and customers always love this backpack when they lay their eyes on it as it is one of the backpacks with an amazing detail and eye catching detail on the market.

Users would be able to get a desired fit thanks to its torso suspension system that can be adjusted to obtain that comfortable and desired fit.

Unlike in badly structured backpacks that causes pain at its hips, this backpack is well-padded and structured to support the hip so there wouldn’t be cases of hip pain and fatigue and this actually shows that the manufacturers took comfort and flexibility into consideration when designing this backpack.

Its rear has several air channels that promotes adequate flow of air to prevent unnecessary sweating.


  1. Comes with a rain cover that offers both gear and backpack protection
  2. Its main compartment can be accessed in three ways
  3. Compressor straps tends to offer extra comfort
  4. Enough zip pockets to carry every necessary gear


  1. Non-durable stitches
  2. Zipper quality isn’t durable

10. Eberlestock X2 Pack

best backpack for elk hunting

The last backpack for elk hunting that we want to talk about is the Eberlestock X2 backpack. The brand name Eberlestock is very reliable when it comes to designing quality backpacks and this particular backpack also carries that high quality that it is known for.

This backpack is designed using an NT7 waterproof material that keeps gear dry even under heavy rain or wet conditions and this feature also contributes to why this backpack is regarded to as a very durable one. Its overall build also contributes to its durability and it also features a noiseless operation that lets you stay hidden from your targets.

Speaking about performance, the Eberlestock X2 backpack is one that would offer users a very comfortable hunting experience and hunters would be impressed with the storage system of this backpack as it is built to be very roomy so as to enable hunters carry a large amount of meat.

It comes with several pockets that makes storing up of essentials quite easy and convenient and having a lightweight design also helps to take away every form of pressure or pain on the back therefore allowing hunters to walk for long without feeling any discomfort whatsoever.


  1. Designed to resist water
  2. Features a durable aluminum frame
  3. Comes with oversized compression belts

Picking a Quality Backpack for Elk Hunting

Here you would find out the major aspects that you should carefully look at when trying to find out which backpack would be better for your next elk hunting adventure;

  1. Frame – this is such a very important factor to consider as some backpacks comes with external or internal frames. Either way, getting one with a good frame provides support especially when conveying heavy gear or meat
  2. Material – before settling for any backpack make sure you find out if it is made with high quality material and also lightweight.
  3. Pack weight – this is one aspect that should not be overlooked because you would have to move about with this backpack and it would be nice if you move about with a backpack that wouldn’t wear you out
  4. Day hunts or Backpack hunts – the type of hunting you wish to embark on would also determine the type of backpack that would be ideal. Most hunters prefer hunting for weeks in the forest while other just hunt for a day and return home
  5. Brand – popular backpack brands do not necessarily mean that they are durable as you can also get a non-popular brand with quality features at a very affordable price
  6. System expansion features – this would tell you more on the versatility of this backpack whether it can be used for more than one purpose
  7. Price – knowing your budget and working with it is also key to finding that right backpack and sometimes the price of a particular backpack tends to tell you what the backpack is capable of


Every backpack mentioned and talked about in this review is unique in its own way and the winner in this review is clearly the Eberlestock M5 as it delivers exceptional stability and comfort on any hunting trip.

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