Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet – Amazing Picks and Reviews

basketball shoes for wide feet

One of the most played games all over the world is the game of basketball and in playing basketball, one needs to be fully equipped all necessary items and instrument.

basketball shoes for wide feet

A basketball shoe is the main highlight or could be referred to as the most important item needed in the game of basketball but you could have a difficult time playing basketball if you don’t have the right pair of playing shoes for a wide feet.

How to Shop For Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

It is a big deal what a basketball player wears on his leg during a game as that is instrumental to the level of performance that he would deliver and finding the right pair of shoes for playing sounds easier but the choice of shoe to play with is very important and as such certain questions needs to be asked in order to make a good choice. Questions like;

  • How much do I ought to spend
  • Which shoe brand makes quality shoes
  • Would it be the ideal size
  • Would they suit my wide feet
  • What areas should I pay attention to when shopping for one

Finding the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

There are several perspective one needs to carefully take a look at when searching for an ideal wide feet basketball shoe and these shoes ought to be very responsive and also comfortable enough or you might have a hard time playing this game. There are not too many options out there but you should be able to have an idea about its cushioning, traction, padding, comfort and also durability. You are in safe hands as our best basketball shoes for wide feet will bring to your notice the best shoes that would suit every wide feet player out there.

Adidas Crazy Explosive

basketball shoes for wide feet

The adidas brand is one that never seizes to amaze its customers with the quality of product it delivers to the market and this adidas crazy explosive basketball shoe is certainly another quality shoe that meets up to standards and is built to rise to the occasion. This shoe features a boost technology which helps in improving the level of cushioning in this shoe and this also goes a long way in ensuring that anyone who makes use of this shoe feels unmatched comfort while in use.

Several customers have described this shoe to be a game changer in the world of basketball while other customers also believe this is the best shoe for any indoor court game. High ankle support, allowing free movement of the feet and also providing the feet with stability, control, traction and support are the vital benefits of playing basketball with this shoe.

Adidas Neo Mid Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

This is also another impressive release from the Adidas company and this shoe feature the unique blend of original synthetic and high texture materials which stands it out from other similar products. The sides and front of this shoe are well ventilated which makes these shoes to be worn over a long period of time and customers sing praises of its construction and traction that allows the feet move freely anytime. The feet would also remain in a locked position thanks to its lace-up design and also being lightweight also aids free and easy movement.

One upgrade the Adidas brand actually made in designing this shoe is that it has several widths which is why it is a preferred option for people with wide feet. Its price also sets it apart from other products as this shoe could be gotten for around $60 for a start.

Under Armour Jet Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

Next stop is the Under Armour Jet basketball shoe which features a mix of high quality leather synthetic, textile and rubber material in its build and the combination of all these materials makes sure this shoe provides more than enough support while playing. Improved cushioning around its ankle region also indicates additional support as well as comfort while playing and players would actually love this shoe as it has a HERRINGBONE traction pattern which makes sure players don’t slip while playing both indoors and outdoors.

Ending up with this shoe simply mean you have five amazing colors to choose from and several buyers believes this is the perfect shoe for people with flat feet. The only downside with this product is it may require a break-in period as a result of the hard material used in building this shoe.

Under Armour Clutch Fit

This is also described as another step up in the game of basketball as this attractive shoe comes with a Clutch-fit technology that ensures players have a better playing experience anytime and any day. This shoe is tasked with the duty of providing stretchiness, support, aeration and also enabling players to be able to adjust their feet while playing. Every shoe has its greatest feature or asset and here, it has a G sock liner which doesn’t just support the ankles but also makes sure it moves freely.

One downside that this shoe has it has the tendency to attract a whole lot of dust which is why it is not a good idea for indoor games and this may lead to constant cleanup of this shoe. Looking away from this downside, this shoe is one of the best option any professional or amateur basketball player could actually settle for.

XIV Nike Lebron Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

The Nike Lebron XIV shoe is one that is gaining popularity nowadays but one question people are faced with is if it lasts or if it would impress. However this shoe would certainly live longer than most shoes in the same bracket as it is made out of a durable leather material which alone extends the lifespan of this shoe and being flexible also enables the feet to move freely while playing. However, one aspect that tends to ward people off from this shoe is the fact that it weighs heavy on a scale but most buyers have also disclosed that despite being heavy, break-in periods isn’t required as it enables them to show off their skills.

Safety is also another factor to consider as this shoe would keep the feet safe when used both indoors and outdoors and the quality of the rubber material used ensures this shoe sticks firmly to the floor.

Nike Son of Force Basketball Shoe

basketball shoes for wide feet

Having a faux leather material construction and also having impressive high tops are what makes this shoe unique in its own way and if you intend settling for this shoe then bear it in mind that you would be selecting from about three colors including blue, white and black. For making great jumps while playing, this shoe would help with your aim as it features midsole kinetic lift technology which helps to launch when jumping while its well ventilated system is also another step up to the game of basketball.

Furthermore, the feature that actually earned this shoe a spot in this review is its natural biomechanical fit which makes it the best shoe for people with wide feet as it comes with extra spacing on the inside and it cushioning system features a triple layer namely the T-foam cushion layer, T-foam explosive layer and ghost foam and these three layers all combine to optimize performance while playing.

ANTA Klay Playoffs Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

The first ANTA product we would be discussing in this review is the ANTA KLAY playoffs basketball shoes and one fact about the ANTA brand is their interest in providing protection for the heels. An impressive feature of this shoe is its knitted upper design which makes sure there is improved aeration or airflow and this doesn’t just help to keep the feet dry but also ensures it feels light.

Bearing some of its impressive feature in mind, one other important aspect of this shoe is if it is affordable. Most people believe spending about $79 on this shoe is too much but considering its overall performance and quality, you can actually go on and spend because it is worth it which is also why people refer to this shoe as MR RELIABLE.

ANTA Light Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

Just after the ANTA KLAY playoffs basketball shoes is the ANTA Light basketball shoes and this shoe comes with a double benefit as it can be used either when training in court or when playing a real game. One good thing about this shoe is it enables the feet to breathe as it features a soft mesh design and a well knitted upper design and even if its cushioning is a little bit stiff, it also serves as a playing guard.

Its kind of traction is one that makes it perfect for both outdoor and indoor use and the hard rubber soles that it comes with isn’t just about improving the level of comfort but also about enhancing overall performance.

Adidas NEO Executor Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feer

This adidas men’s neo executor basketball shoes is another impressive shoe by the adidas brand and coming with cloudfoam cushions would help the feet breathe and feel comfortable but also ensuring that it doesn’t lose its fitting in the process. One feature that thrills people about this shoe is its stability level which is made possible as a result of its unique synthetic overlay design and comfort is just another bonus when talking about this shoe thanks to its well-padded collar and tongue.

Coming in grey, navy, blue, red, black and white are the colors this shoe comes in and if you are on a tight budget then you should consider going for this shoe as it is very affordable. Being affordable doesn’t mean this is a low quality shoe as it has already proved to boost performance whether you are playing in court or working out at the gym.

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basketball shoes for wide feet

This is certainly one that would please the eye and even though they are not built to please aesthetically, this shoe would please in improving game performance and also in offering ankle support. Its whole woven technology makes it quite comfortable and breathable but the very important factor of this shoe is its NI-NING cloud technology which makes sure every external impact is being repelled. Its high quality material build doesn’t just make sure it last and fights back damages but it also makes sure that the feet feel comfortable and also breathes conveniently while playing in court.

Nike XXXI Air Jordan

basketball shoes for wide feet

Being referred to as an anti-gravity machine and also being considered to be one of the most comfortable shoes for basketball is what makes this shoe very popular and familiar to most players and customers. It features a synthetic leather material build that makes sure it isn’t vulnerable or prone to early or unnecessary damages and this high quality material build also makes sure that this shoe is extremely supportive and also flexible. Having a stylish and lightweight design also makes this shoe a favorite for many players.

Moreso, its ability to provide optimal support for the ankles is as a result of the innovative NIKE Flyweave technology and the combination of a synthetic exterior and wide toe box enables players to put together a grand performance and also supporting the heels and ankles.

Adidas 2.0 D’Lillard Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

If you are a basketball player with a wide foot then you are rest assured that you have found a good shoe for you as this shoe would provide high quality support for the ankles and also additional support for the forefoot. Having a cut-style and also featuring the combination of high quality mesh and synthetic fabric makes this shoe well ventilated and its genuine high quality leather material construction also contributes to the reason why this shoe lasts longer than others in the same box.

Players do not have to be bothered about injuries while playing with this shoe as its padded collar design prevents against injuries and players are assured of comfort and support which is made possible as a result of its thick rubber sole.

CP3.X Air Jordan Basketball Shoe

basketball shoes for wide feet

One thing about the shoes from Jordan is they somehow manage to make a mark or create a lasting and great impression which is also a major reason why this shoe is best suited for both outdoor and indoor game. This shoe comes with one of the best fittings ever seen as its slim TPU cage tends to cover the heels and the midfoot perfectly well. The breathable material used in making this shoe makes way for better and proper ventilation and this also is another major reason why this shoe is a better choice for people with wide foot.

The feeling that comes with playing with this shoe us extremely great and amazing. It however features a podulite system which makes this shoe very responsive in court.

Under Armour Fireshot Basketball Shoe

basketball shoes for wide feet

Being designed to offer extraordinary benefits is what earns this basketball shoe applauds. Having a thirty percent slender size compared to other similar basketball shoes makes this shoe extremely lightweight not just for comfort but also in order to be very responsive. This makes it one of the preferred choice of shoe for any court game. Players are very comfortable with this shoe as being responsive enables them to try out new stunts and even skip without having to worry about sliding over their leg or feeling a leg sprain.

It is made out of flexible and delicate material and the quality of material that it is made with is what makes it a good choice for every player with wide feet. It comes with additional space on the inside which allows free movement, adjustment and also comfort of the feet.

Under Armour Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

basketball shoes for wide feet

Featuring a perfect blend of adequate control and undying help, this is one of the shoe every basketball player would enjoy playing with as it is the type of shoe which would perform impressively well while playing in court and also not make the feet feel overloaded. There are three ideal features of this shoe namely its elastic hard compound, forefoot turning point and herringbone design while its soul helps in ensuring excellent traction on any court.

The responsiveness of this shoe is one hundred percent which is why players especially steph curry can make some cool moves while playing and it also delivers a perfect fit which would not also restrict movement.

Hyperdunk Nike Men’s Basketball Shoe

basketball shoes for wide feet

Taking all of its features into consideration, the Nike Men’s Hyperdunk basketball shoe is one that stands out away from all other products on the market today and if you intend settling for this shoe, then endeavor to settle for its flyknit design. Its flyknit design shoe is extremely versatile as it would be perfect for playing basketball, volleyball and even for casual use.

Having a durable rubber sole takes away every worries as to whether this shoe is restricted to some surfaces and not to some but that isn’t the case whatsoever as its rubber outsole offers adequate traction so you can walk and play on any surface.

Adidas D7 Men’s Comfortable Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

If you want a shoe that would offer you the best and unrivaled traction as well as unmatched level of support in every game then this is the only option you should settle for which is why it is being referred to as an extraordinary performer. It is also very popular for the amazing ankle support that it offers.

Whether you are playing on a dusty court, you have nothing to be worried about as this shoe comes with a new zipper traction which makes it suitable for almost every surface and the materials used in designing this shoe might look a little bit cheap and basic but be rest assured that this shoe would get the job done in court. This is an ideal option for everyone as it is also lightweight and flexible. It would also help with certain injuries.

Adidas Men’s D Rose 6 Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

This is another great option from Adidas for every basketball player out there and packed with several features, this shoe has what it takes to be the basketball shoe that delivers the best in performance while in court. Most people think this is a new product from Adidas but that is where they get it wrong as this shoe has been in the market since 2015. Back in the year of its release, it earned several great remarks and impressive reviews as to why it is the best for every wide foot player out there.

Its PrimeKnit version is the ideal choice if you have a wide feet and not its synthetic leather material version as they PrimeKnit tends to hug the feet much better than the synthetic leather material version.

Drive 4 Under Armour Basketball Shoes

basketball shoes for wide feet

The Under Armour drive 4 basketball shoe is one that is earning great reviews and remarks today from customers and every customer who has tried this one out has something good to say about the amount of traction that it delivers therefore making its traction a focal point. It comes with a thick herringbone pattern which makes it the ideal choice for even and all kinds of surfaces.

Meanwhile, it still has some downside. The materials used in making this shoe are cheap and quite low key while the forefoot looks dead already. Some reviews disclosed that break-in periods tends to be painful. Furthermore, it has great sizing and would offer adequate support most especially for players with wide feet.

Micro G Under Armour Asset 6 Shoe

basketball shoes for wide feet

Made using a light foam material that is able to support the feet, this shoe is one that would make the whole feet and most especially the ankles feel comfortable. Its inner layer features a mesh fabric which allows for adequate flow of air, making the feet enjoy a cozy environment while playing and its premium leather build makes it consistent, stable and durable.

What makes this shoe unique is its ability to stay protective and durable regardless of the amount of pressure it receives and this is also as a result of the rubber non-marking outsole that this shoe comes with which also helps in handling pressure.

Reasons for Having Wide Feet

It is absolutely normal to want to figure out why you have a wide feet and one of the common reasons why there is a presence of a wide feet is due to restorative conditions that could propel physical changes. Furthermore, another popular reason or cause for wide feet is also the presence of a bunion in which one of the foot bone turns to the outside therefore causing the foot to get wider.

Being overweight could also be a reason but it is very necessary to note that if you are increasing in weight that almost every part of your body would also get to increase in weight too.

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