Best Cross Training Shoes for Women – Best for Workouts

best cross training shoes for women

Cross training refers to the combination of several exercises as a way of boosting or improving ones training activity. These exercises might be cycling, fitness training, strength training, running and swimming and by doing this combination of activity, muscles which do not partake in running get to gain more strength and flexibility.

This form of exercise is one where picking up injuries is very easy especially if you do not make use of a well fitted cross training shoe and cross training shoes have one major attribute in common and that is they do not encourage just one particular type of activity meaning they are versatile.

It supports you in all forms of exercises and helps you achieve set down goals.

A Complete Guide On Finding the Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

best cross training shoes for women

It is very important to get a sneaker or shoe that would suite this form of exercise and for every athletic woman out there who engages in cross training, here are the best shoe options you can count on;

The Best Cross Training Shoes for Women Reviews

1. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Shoe

best cross trainer shoes for women

When talking about cross training shoes which would be ideal for every female athlete out there, the PUMA women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM cross trainer shoe is one that comes to mind.

It is one that is well suited for a host of various activities and having a beautiful design that makes one want to show them off at the gym, neighborhood or even while running on track.

These shoes are designed to offer the feet superb ankle and arch support and additional comfort is also guaranteed thanks to its exceptional cushioning.

The PUMA brand can be very expensive but if this shoe is worth it and of great value then you shouldn’t hesitate in going for this product and its good looking design makes one look stylish even when you’re dripping lots of sweat.

2. Nike Women’s Metcon Training Shoe

best cross trainer shoes for women

Versatile and having an excellent design is an eye catching feature of this women cross training shoe and even if you are lifting, running, climbing, jogging or whatever activity you engage in, this Nike Metcon brand is one that would definitely make users feel very comfortable.

When lifting, there is a high level of balance, stability and support and this is as a result of its firm rubber and shoe platform combination and there is also an assurance that this shoe would hold up very well when engaging in activities like climbing thanks to its embroidered reinforcements in needed areas.

It is lightweight which is why this shoe is suited for cardio and running exercises and you don’t have to be bothered about the feet feeling hot as this Nike Metcon shoe comes with mesh design combined with the ability to wick away moisture that ensures the feet stays dry and cool.

3. Reebox Nano Crossfit Women Shoes

best cross training shoes for women

Reebox isn’t a new brand as people think it is but it is one that has been around for a long period of time. It has managed to stay relevant on the market today as its shoes are purely high quality shoes.

This Reebox Nano Crossfit women’s shoe is not different than the rest or lesser in quality and it also has the ability to offer the feet the much required stability and comfort when training.

Having a minimal drop sole ensures that this shoe has the right and proper foundation for activities like squatting and lifting.

Having a grippy heel and toe combined with delivering excellent traction makes this shoe every woman’s favorite and its toe region has lot of extra room so the feet can spread more and feel more relaxed.

One distinctive feature of this shoe is its Nano-Weave seamless technology which makes this shoe durable, ensures it is well ventilated and also helps in keeping the feet dry at all times.

4. Merrell Bare Access Flex Shoes

best cross trainer shoes for women

The Merrell Women’s Bare Access Flex Shoes is one that has what it takes to compete with other footwear brands that are at the top and this is because it has certain similar attributes which also connects to why it has made its way to its review.

It can also be gotten at a very affordable rate which is also another edge it has over other expensive brands. Even though this shoe is specifically made for cross training purposes, it can also be of use when it comes to jogging, trail running, climbing and other outdoor activities.

Furthermore, this shoe has a durable rubber outsole which features anatomical grooves that has a firm grip, is sticky and also provides adequate traction to move on any surface as well as in any weather condition.

5. Adidas Women Powerlift Shoes

best cross trainer shoes for women

This shoe is one that would stand out not just because it is made by a popular and high profile company but because of its excellent features.

Its combination of a firm heel and also having a low profile is one attractive feature of this shoe and for every woman who indulges in lifting heavy should consider going for this shoe as it offers optimal stability and support when lifting.

Having an additional room in its toe box region enables the feet to spread and flex and you won’t have to spend heavily in acquiring this shoe as they come at a reasonable price.

Durability is a feature that entices or attracts customers to this shoe as it is made out of a quality leather material and even though they are designed to be of light weight, they are very tough and able to withstand any form of exercise or activity it engages in.

6. Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 195 Shoe

best cross trainer shoe for women

One thing we have come to notice about certain crossfit shoes is they can be for crossfit but poor at running activities but this isn’t the case with this shoe as its versatility makes it the right choice for both running and crossfit.

They have a heel to toe drop value of 3mm, are fast and also lightweight which makes one have required power when close to the ground and its sticky rubber sole is one that provides unique traction and grip thanks to its superb indentations.

One feature that is rarely seen in most cross training shoes today is its shoe rope tec design which tends to enhance traction and boost durability especially if you engage in rope climbing activities and having a roomy toe box design makes it an ideal choice for athletic women with wide feet issues.

7. Nike Lady Free 5.0+

best cross training shoes for women

One reason that makes the Nike shoe very popular today is the fact that they have the combination of durability, comfort and flexibility and this makes them a very good option if you engage in running, cross fit or any other everyday activity.

With this shoe, no one would be worried about unnecessary slipping as it features an inner mesh sleeve which has sock like fit that tends to conform to the shape of the foot to fight against slipping when lifting or running.

The sole of this shoe is designed to have a firm grip alongside providing suitable traction which makes one run or make use of this shoe on any surface.

There is a high degree of assurance that this shoe would keep the foot secured in one place in order to help provide support for lateral movements and weight lifting. They are comfortable to slide the foot inside and do not even need a break-in period.

8. New Balance Women’s 20v5 Shoe

best cross training shoes for women

The only way one can enjoy a crossfit workout session is by making use of a reliable and well fitted shoe and this high quality shoe from New Balance sturdy, lightweight and sleek but yet provides the right amount of support and stability that is required. Female athletes can also count on this shoe when engaging in serious and tough workout sessions.

Wearing and walking with this shoe feels like you’re walking on cloud or even barefooted as it comes with a unique REV-lite insole that has a minimal drop design and the feet would also enjoy a good amount of cushion which tends to support and make the feet feel very relaxed.

9. RYKA Women’s Influence Shoe

best cross training shoes for women

Providing adequate breathability and comfort is what the RYKA women’s influence cross training shoes has to offer as it makes sure the feet doesn’t suffer from too much heat and when lifting, users have extra support in its direct fuse and flex foil layers which provides extra support when lifting.

The combination of a precisely cut insole and textile lining helps to keep the feet comfortable and in good shape and its forefront and heel region would enjoy large amount of cushioning thanks to its durable and double impact midsole.

Its outsole is durable and has a footprint design and this outsole is also capable of providing the best traction so one can make use of this shoe comfortably on any surface. If you desire to dance to the beat of your own drum when training then the RYKA influence is what you truly need.

10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Craze TR 4

best cross training shoes for women

For every female athlete out there in search of a powerful and versatile cross training shoe, the ASICS women’s gel craze TR 4 cross trainer shoe is one that meets such expectation.

In order to help or assist in delivering a solid and top class performance, the ASICS Women’s gel craze 4 TR cross trainer shoe features the combination of high responsiveness and protection which also encourages users to stay at the top of their game.

This shoe is also a must have for every female athlete who lifts or trains heavy as it comes with a Rearfoot gel cushioning technology that helps to fight against or protect against harsh impacts and if you are the type that works out on hard surfaces then this is just the right shoe for you.

Its midsole material helps in making lateral transitions quite easy and it also partakes in creating a responsive and lightweight bounce back experience.

11. Nike Women’s 7 Flex Trainer

best cross trainer shoes for women

You wouldn’t enjoy your training session if you intend working out with a shoe that would not help achieve your aim or even take you closer to your goals.

To avoid being in this situation, it is very necessary that you give the Nike Women’s 7  Flex Trainer Shoe a serious though as it is one that is believed to helping female athletes achieve their everyday goals.

The combination of a breathable upper design, lightweight and also having a supportive platform makes it unique and different compared to similar shoes and this shoe is one that would provide adequate traction and flexibility in all directions.

Looking at its reviews online, customers were pleased with its forefoot design which features cables that ensures a locked-down and secure fit all through your workout.

12. New Balance Women’s WX608v4

best cross training shoes for women

The New Balance is a trusted and reliable brand in making quality sports footwear and this New Balance Women’s WX608v4 shoe is one that carries that same trademark which ensures it propels athletes towards achieving their goals.

Its durable material build is one feature that makes it stand out as it is made of durable leather material which makes it stand up to any test thrown at it and its rubber sole is also durable and is capable of providing the right amount of traction to walk or train or any surface.

Furthermore, the New Balance WX608v4 shoe comes with an IMEVA midsole whose dual density collar has a soft foam that helps in providing great cushion for the feet while firm density foam provides adequate support when lifting.

13. ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5

best cross training shoes for women

The ASICS Women’s GEL Venture 5 running shoe is one that also carries the trademark of high quality and great standard that the ASICS company or brand is known for and this shoe is one every female would actually love to work out with as it is capable of providing all round comfort everyday and also making this shoe fit the foot perfectly.

It comes with a Rearfoot gel cushioning system that makes sure the feet feels extremely comfortable and relaxed immediately it comes right out of the box and users can be able to train on any surface or terrain thanks to its rugged outsole which is designed to fight against unwanted slipping.

Durability is also another enticing feature of this shoe as it is made out of premium synthetic materials that makes it last longer when compared to other cross trainer shoes.

14. New Balance Women’s 711 v3

best cross training shoes for women

If you want a cross trainer shoe that would help build up on your performance and style then this is just one shoe you should be looking at right now and it is one that is built to be lightweight which enables athletes to wear for long.

Whether it is for training, jogging and any other sport activity, you can count on this shoe to help you scale through every workout or sport event thanks to its versatility and the feet would also enjoy adequate flow of air as it features a mesh design that is breathable which makes sure the feet stays dry all the time.

Maintaining stability and also providing the feet with great cushioning is also another factor that makes this shoe a popular demand and there is all round comfort especially around the heel region as its tongue has a new sock foam and insert that makes the feet relaxed and comfortable.

15. RYKA Hydro Sport Cross-Training

best cross training shoes for women

This shoe features a great build and design that makes it the ideal solution to every woman’s training needs and it comes with an upper design that dries off quickly, provides support and is also friendly with chorine.

This isn’t just an average cross training shoe but one that is set out to helping female athlete improve their game and the inclusion of a webbing foot cage makes sure there is lateral and medial support at all times.

It is one that users would experience no problems in wearing or taking this shoe off while its forefoot has extra ample room where the foot can spread and also feel more comfortable.

Its outsole however features a drainage system and also sticky rubber which makes sure it meets up to expectation when used on wet surfaces and durability is also one hundred percent when talking about this well-built shoe as it only features unique and top grade materials in its build.

What to Look Out For When Shopping for Cross Training Shoes

A good pair of shoe is what would make your workout session productive and there are quite so many options to choose from when you take a good look at the market. Finding the right one would be a lot easier if you pay attention to these factors;

  • Size – this feature is also of great importance and the goal here is to settle for a shoe that isn’t too loose or too tight as it makes sure you train comfortably
  • Comfort – a shoe with superior arch support, a breathable material, a sole that absorbs shock and a well padded shoe would make the foot comfortable during trainings
  • Brand – this also goes a long way in helping buyers make the right choice as there are great brands out there that specialize in making quality shoes that would be ideal for your training sessions.
  • Material – ranging from synthetic, textile and leather materials, cross training shoes can come in any of these materials and a full grain leather material shoe is always a preferred option as they tend to last longer than other materials.


In this review you would certainly find a cross training shoe for any woman out there as this review shows you the best brands and models to go for. Make sure you go for what impresses you after reading this review.

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