Purchasing The Best DJ Controllers Under $300: Top Picks & Guide

Best DJ Controllers Under $300

Best DJ Controllers Under $300If you are a DJ, selecting the right gear for your work can be such a challenging task as technology has modernized the art and introduced new software to make operation quite easy and convenient.

You will find the best 5 DJ controller models that would meet your $300 budget. There are numerous DJ controllers and that’s why we have put together this well detailed review to make purchase a breeze. Having noted all that, let us take a look at the best five models that we have rounded up on Amazon;

Review Of The Best DJ Controllers Under $300

#5. Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Controller

Its lightweight and perfect design makes it the ideal DJ controller for use on the go and you will also love its responsive jog wheels, intuitive layouts and tactile performance pads which makes this DJ controller worth the money.

Making use of this DJ controller means you can actually trigger sampler, slicer, Pad FX and hot cues and another impressive feature is its dedicated button for calling up sample sequences directly from its hardware.


  • Well designed to make playing, mixing and enhancing a wonderful experience
  • It is ideal for beginners as it is recommended in playing at small and medium houses with small sized parties


  • Has issues with its volume dips found on the crossfader curve
  • Its record box software quite difficult for most DJ’s to make use of in clubs


#4. Gemini GV Series G4V Professional Audio 4-Channel MIDI Mappable Virtual DJ Controller

Gemini GV Series G4V Professional Audio 4-Channel MIDI

You will love the Gemini GV DJ controller as it comes with unique features like gain and filter control, 3 band EQ control as well as auto loop, hot cues, sampler and manual loop which makes mixing so much fun and easy.

It also boasts of a full featured physical DJ deck which allows any DJ gain total control of its four virtual software decks. You will find this DJ controller quite easy to use as it comes with four rotary controls and eight multi function pads while its controls boasts of a backlit design which delivers better visual feedback.


  • Its vinyl settings and jog wheel work perfectly well.
  • Quite easy to use which is why it is recommended for beginners.


  • Poor design as it stops working in between.
  • Two of its volume faders doesn’t last as it stops working.


#3. Numark Party Mix | Starter DJ Controller

Numark Party Mix Starter DJ Controller

One of the numerous benefits that come with making use of the NuMark Part Mix starter DJ Controller is its unique design which allows you connect seamlessly to speakers for great performance in your living room and it also boasts of an in-built soundcard which delivers great bedroom practice while making use of headphones.

Its light show and other great features make it the right choice for both beginners and professionals and it also comes with slider controls and dual scratch platters which makes operation quite easy and convenient. Mixing songs on this DJ controller is quite easy thanks to its backlit sync design while its sound-active lights will definitely improve and light up the atmosphere of any party.


  • Great performance and compact design allows it use up less space.


  • Software tends to expire after thirty days.
  • Bad mixer and software doesn’t really work well.
  • USB plug if found at the on the controller and this could lead to untimely damage.


#2. Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | USB DJ Controller

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 USB DJ Controller

The NuMark Mixtrack Pro 3 USB DJ controller is another top rated and best selling model that you would come across on Amazon when shopping for a good and quality DJ controller today and one of its impressive designs is its built-in sound card which allows you connect directly to speakers, microphones and headphones.

Another impressive feature of this DJ controller is its one plug design which means it is powered using a USB connection to any computer for both beginners and for home use while its 100mm pitch sliders ensures that this DJ controller

maintains beat in a perfect synchronization.

Other notable features include; rubber trigger pads, 16 backlit features, volume levels display, multifunction touch strip and metal jog wheels.


  • Excellent design and it functions well too.
  • This controller is ideal for spinning and mixing especially for beginners.


  • Less cues and dedicated buttons.
  • No internal sound card and no USB audio interface.


#1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel controller for Serato DJ

If you are searching for a top quality and suitable DJ controller for Serato then this Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 equipment is the right choice for you as it now boasts of unique dedicated buttons and 4-deck control design which allows you transit from one channel to the other seamlessly.

Another impressive feature of this equipment is its level masters and trim knob which also helps you to master input volume. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 portable 2-channel Serato DJ controller also boasts of trans pad beat effects which will improve your skills greatly while other notable features include; large jog wheels, USB powered, MIDI controlled and more.


  • It software comes with a good interface and it is also very durable.
  • Well designed to work with virtual DJ without having any issues..
  • Is also recommended for beginners as it has a responsive and nice unit.


  • LED’s tends to blink despite making use of a noise loop isolator.



In conclusion, we hope that after going through this review and after considering our best five models, you will be able to find the right type to meet your $300 budget and you are guaranteed that all the DJ controllers mentioned in this review will serve any purpose thrown at them and would also last for a long time so you don’t have to be worried about getting a new one anytime soon.

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