10 Best Financial Calculator – Great For Accounting Students (2019)

Best Financial Calculator perfect for accounting students (Updated in 2019)

An accountant definitely need a financial calculator for calculating cash expenses, loans and other things that helps a business grow and some of this calculators have some additional features to the regular divide, add, multiply and subtraction features.

Financial calculators function like mini computers as they help to keep track of long algorithms as well as having unique features like data drives to store formulas, graphing abilities which makes sure accountants solve mathematical estimates.

This review is going to show you the ten best financial calculators to help accountants work faster and save time.

10 Best Financial Calculator Reviews


10. HP 10BLL Financial Calculator


This financial calculator comes with over 100 in built functions that is suitable for mathematics, finance, business and statistics and it is also recommended for students eager to get ahead. This calculator is also designed to handle problems on interest rates, leasing, savings and loans, discounted cash flow analysis, amortization, loan payments and lots more.

You can also tackle mean, standard deviation and weighted mean problems using this device and it also features an LCD screen that contains about twelve characters in just one line.


9. HP 12CP Financial Calculator


This calculator is a newly improved design of the industry top leading 12c calculator which is well constructed to tackle tough financial problems and with this device you can enjoy algebraic and RPN modes of entry, built in functions that are more than 130 as well as keystroke programming which has four times extra memory of about four hundred steps.

This calculator also features new buttons like that ‘backspace and undo’ buttons and this device also guarantees six times extra speed used in calculating interest rates, standard deviation, loan payments, TVM and several others. This device is also recommended for business work, real estate, economics, finance and accounting.


8. HP 10bll (NW239AA)


This device is suitable for students likewise professionals and it is also easy to use which makes it suitable for statistical, finance and business calculations. This calculator is considered as the smart choice for anyone as it features over 100 functions which are easily accessible and also allows you work faster including saving your time.

This device is allowed for use during CFP certification examination and it can also be used in solving problems on interest rates, standard deviation, IRR, NPV, TVM, loan payments, conversions amongst others.


7. Texas Instruments BA II plus

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This calculator comes with lots of exciting features as well having extra function which helps to save time in order to make difficult equations turn easy. This calculator is recommended for advanced finance as well as entry level, investment, economics, statistics, accounting including several business classes and this calculator is also recommended when sitting for CFA (chartered financial analyst) exam.

This device ensures that you can solve more advanced problems like finance and business related questions and it is also designed to solve payback, net future value, modified duration, discount payback and lots more.



6. Texas Instruments TI-84 plus

The Texas graphing calculator makes sure the user sees an equation, the coordination as well as its graph at the same time and you can also move from one point to the other just by typing a number.

This calculator features different useful plots including histogram, XY-line, whiskey and box, scatter and other possibility plots and with this device you can solve problems on trigonometry, engineering, logarithm, finance, hyperbolic functions and calculus.

The Texas graphing calculator also consists of graphing tools used in science and mathematics work and it also features a tool used in solving problems on graphing, storing as well as analyzing about 10 functions while it also has a split screen where you can evaluate tables and see your graph.



5. HP 50G Graphing Calculator


This calculator proves to be the best in handling connectivity, flexibility and power for college students, engineering workers and science professional. This device features USB connectivity, total memory of 2.5MB, an SD card slot, new RS232 and a built in intelligent editor which gives the user more capability unlike in other devices.

This calculator also comes with over 2300 in built functions that is recommended for students and professional and it also features a big equation library including giving the user the choice of algebraic data entry, efficient RPN and textbook.



>4. HP 12C Financial Calculator


This financial calculator makes use of an RPN (reverse polish notation), in built statistics and financial functions and over 120 in built functions that includes 10 character, register based cash flow analysis, one line LCD display and this device measures about 5.0 × 0.6 × 3.1 inches.

This calculator features a sturdy, thin casing and it is well designed to handle problems under statistics, NPV, APR and IRR. This calculator is also recommended for first timers as it features a manual which shows you situations and sample problems as well as graph and tables showing techniques.



3. Texas Instruments BA II plus Financial Calculator


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This financial calculator is highly recommended for students and business professionals as it consists of features that are used in solving common mathematical problems and also different financial problems while it also features a worksheet mode which has tables for depreciation, bond, compound interest and amortization.

The Texas instruments BA II financial calculator also has an in built memory that serves for storing previous worksheets and this device can also handle advanced list based statistical and cash flow analysis. It also comes with a slide case that offers protection for the screen.



2. Texas Instruments TI-83 plus 


This financial calculator comes with an easy to use interface for graphing as well as a well-designed layout and it also features an easy programming language that serves for developing conversion programs.

This calculator analyzes and stores about ten matrices as well as data storage in lists that contains about 999 elements and with this device you can also tackle equations for different variables.

This calculator features different plot types including histogram, whisker and box amongst others and it also helps in solving regression analysis and advanced statistics, data analysis, graphical analysis as well as features for handling trigonometry, calculus, logarithm, engineering and hyperbolic functions. This device is also recommended for SAT II, SAT I, NMSQT/PSAT, IC, Math as well as IIC.



1. Texas Instruments TI-84 plus


This financial calculator is highly recommended science and mathematical problems and it comes with several preloaded apps as well as functionality which help’s the user explore inequality graphing, interactive geometry and real world analysis and data collection and it is also recommended for middle school down to college.

This calculator also comes with USB cable which helps you transfer data from this device to a computer, TI connectivity, slide case which is impact-resistant, 4 AAA batteries, silver oxide battery as well as free software apps like catalog help, simultaneous equation solver, polynomial root finder, Cabri Jr etc and a guidebook.

It also has a big LCD screen which helps the user view equations and graphs, six parametric expressions, three well defined sequences, six polar expressions and about ten rectangular functions.

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