5 Best Fitness Tracker under $100: Most Affordable Picks

Best Fitness Tracker under $100

Best Fitness Tracker under $100A fitness tracker worth about $100 might be the best option for you if you have no idea about the world of fitness trackers and although such fitness trackers won’t come with GPS connection design.

They would still work effectively in monitoring when you sleep, sleep time, wake time, heart rate with enabling you receive notifications and many more. These fitness trackers also have various apps with several features that help users stay active.

Despite the numerous models available today we have compiled the best five for you that you can wear comfortably all the style, keep accurate records and also add a touch of style.

Without taking much of time, come with us as we show you the best five models that would match your $100 budget.

Review Of The 5 Best Fitness Tracker under $100

5. Fitness Tracker, Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker:

Fitness Tracker Coffea H7-HR Activity Tracker

Featuring 14 training modes which will give you a better understanding of your fitness levels, this Coffea H7-HR activity tracker proves to be the perfect choice for you today as it also helps to keep track of your burned calories, distance, steps, speed, heart rate and more.

What most users stand to gain just by working with this fitness tracker is it accurately and scientifically monitors your heart rate while you exercise and it also works effectively in monitoring your sleep motions and effective sleeping time.

Charging this device is also made easy as it comes with a standard USB port which allows you charge using a mobile driver or PC and it works perfectly well when combined with Bluetooth 4.0 devices.


1. User friendly as it demands swiping to turn on

2. Considered as the better replacement for fitbit fitness tracker


1. Quite difficult to pair tracker with phone

2. Switching functions makes it lose already recorded number of steps

3. Thick sensor which leaves marks on the wrists and feels uncomfortable


4. Fitness Tracker, Coffea C2 Activity Wristband

Fitness Tracker, Coffea C2 Activity Wristband

One reason why this Coffea C2 activity wristband is widely used today is because it plays a huge role in calculating burned calories, distance and steps and this in turn gives you the perfect idea of your fitness levels.

Rated as one of the best fitness trackers ever, this Coffea C2 fitness tracker boasts of the combination of business, sport and fashion and you can view important details on its bright OLED display.

Charging this device is also made easy thanks to a standard USB port which allows you charge using a mobile driver or PC and it is aimed at being compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 devices.


1. Bluetooth connection pairs quickly and easily and you will also find this fitness tracker easy to install

2. Arrives fully charged and works excellently well too

3. Quite comfortable and doesn’t cause any form of pain on the wrists


1. Counter restarts continually

2. Bands pop off when in use


3. Fitness Tracker, NewYouDirect Smart Watch Activity Tracker

Fitness Tracker NewYouDirect Smart Watch Activity Tracker

If you want the perfect fitness tracker to keep track of your how well you sleep, how long you sleep and your wake up time then this fitness tracker is all you need to keep your activities in check everyday. It will also track walking miles, steps, active minutes, burned calories as well as keeping record of your exercise minutes.

One impressive and amazing design of this fitness tracker is its wrist sense design which allows you light up its screen just by raising your wrist so you can view time and daily activity on its bright OLED display while its built-in USB design makes it quite easy to charge using a phone charger adapter, computer or laptop.


1. Quickly delivery and also very easy to setup

2. Easy to use as it boasts of an effective and simple operation


1. Difficulty in synchronization

2. Poor quality design as it fails to pair, turn on or change time


2. Fitness Tracker, Homogo Smart Band Activity Health Tracker

Fitness Tracker, Homogo Smart Band Activity Health Tracker

Backed with a 12-month warranty, you are rest assured that the Homogo fitness tracker will serve as long as users expect and it owes this to the high quality of materials used in designing this unique fitness tracker.

Its host of numerous functions like acting as a call reminder, SMS reminder, sleep monitor, measuring burned calories, distance, pedometer, APP message reminder, incoming call ID and many more which is why it is considered today as the best and versatile fitness tracker ever.

You can also be able to check and view your time and daily activity using its bright OLED display and it also works well with Smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.


1. Top quality design as it gives you accurate and precise results

2. Can be installed quickly so you can start monitoring activity

3. Great functionality and high quality of material makes it very durable


1. Return window shuts down on its own

2. Screen stops working after some time


1. LEMFO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

LEMFO Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor

The LEMFO fitness tracker heart rate monitor for women is well designed to upload real time heartbeat data to its app on your phone and monitor hear rate and it is one users can absolutely rely on when it comes down to recording light and deep whole sleep time and wake time.

One notable feature that this fitness tracker comes with is a remote control which can be used in controlling for the cellphone and it also proves to be the best notifier as it informs you of incoming messages and calls.

This is one fitness tracker everyone would enjoy settling for as it boasts of top performance acceleration sensor which helps to keep track of multiple sports event like jumping rope, cycling, running, sit-up and more while its waterproof design makes it lasts longer unlike other poorly designed fitness trackers scattered all around the market.


1. Keeps track efficiently

2. Quite easy to use as you can link it with your phone

3. Its size ensures it fits the wrist perfectly



The aim of this review is to help you make the right choice whenever you consider shopping for one today and we are hopeful that will all the necessary information listed above, you would be able to make the right choice and find that which best meets every requirement.

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