5 Best Gifts for 7 Year old Boy: Lovable Toys Your Kids Should Own

Best Gifts for 7 Year old Boy

Best Gifts for 7 Year old BoyOne way of ensuring kids stay entertained and happy together with the rest of the family is by getting them a fun toy as a gift that they can play with.

Several toys available on the market today comes with its own benefits as some are created to boost coordination, concentration, imagination, creativity and many more.

If you haven’t noticed, your kid is growing and it is time for you to get him creative games that won’t only give him fun moments but also  helps to improve him academically. From building games to creative games, here are the top 5 best gifts you can get for your seven year old son.

Reviews Of The Best Gifts for 7 Year old Boy

#5. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

Allow your kids experience the fun and joy of nature by getting them the Grow and Glow Terrarium which would allow them plant, craft and water their own terrarium and it comes with everything they need such as decorative lid, mason-style plastic jar, river stones, decorative sands, potting mix, garden figurines and many more.

One feature that would impress your kid about this game is they light it up at night time using translucent stickers that glow in the dark and not only does it provide fun for your kids but it also helps them learn about life of plants as well as helping them to create their own eco-system.


  • Great ordering and delivering service
  • Provides much fun for kids and keep them entertained


  • Works for a little while and then it starts molding over
  • Poor quality of product as it gets destroyed sooner than expected


#4. Remote Control Building Kits for Boy Gift- Robot Kits for boys

Remote Control Building Kits for Boy Gift

If you kid is the type that loves assembling stuffs then this remote control building toy kit is the perfect choice for him today as he can now build his own tank and control it using a remote and one amazing features of this great toy.

It comes with RC function and building blocks which means your child can build, control and also boost his imagination and creativity. The educational benefits kids would stand to gain each time they play with this toy includes helping to improve cognitive skills, concentration and patience and the fact that they derive joy and fun playing with it makes it the perfect choice for every kid.

It is also one of the safest toys to play with as it is made using non-toxic materials and it comes with well detailed diagrams to help them build their tank without stress.


  • Instructional manual makes this kit easy to assemble
  • Your child will find it interesting and this keeps your child active and happy


#3. Mega Crystal Growing Lab

Mega Crystal Growing Lab – 8 Colors to Grow with Night Light Display Stand!

Chemistry is more fun when playing with this toy as it teaches your kid how to grow crystals in eight colors such as teal, yellow, orange, green, purple, red, pink and blue and with its easy instructional manual combined with four silicone growing chambers, you can now save and grow crystals easily.

One impressive feature that comes with playing with this toy is you can flaunt five of your home grown crystals while its light up display light up at night time and its STEM teaching guide helps to improve their knowledge on crystal formation.


  • Great product quality as it lasts long and would grow with your kid
  • Great customer service as company attends to the complaints of customers


  • Crystals tends to break when you try taking out the seeds


#2. Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts - Magnetic Dart Board

Get this magnetic dart board for your kid today and allow him enjoy all the fun that comes with playing with darts and one advantage that comes with getting this toy game for your kid is it helps to improve sportsmanship and coordination.

You can easily hang this dart board anywhere in your home using its sturdy hook and it boasts of tough neodymium magnets which ensure it stays firmly attached to the wall. This package comes with six safe magnetic darts, 16-inch magnetic dart board and it is the perfect gift item for kids of ages six and above.


  • Durable product as it lasts a long time
  • Playing this game makes the kid happy and active
  • Safe sticks as your kids won’t get injured while playing with them


  • Photos online isn’t the same as product delivered


#1. Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

Getting this scientific explorer kit for your son would help to boost his creativity and imagination and it will also help him to learn about the fundamental basics of science ranging from the use of some science tools to simple chemical reactions. An advantage of owning this toy kit for your son is he would make use of these toys to engineer, construct, experiment and explore.

This package comes fully stacked with an activity guide, two measuring scoops, two sticks, pipette, three plastic cups, two cotton swabs and more while the chemicals it comes with includes corn starch, vegetable oil, three color tablets and more.


. Kids love experimenting with this

. Helps to boost color changing skills in your kid

. Fun and easy kit to learn


There you have the best gifts for your seven year old boy which would boost their coordination, keep them active and entertained as well as helping them to improve academically.

Your kids would be able to improve on their building and creative skills if you get them any of the products mentioned above and parents have absolutely nothing to be worried of as these toys are totally safe to play with so feel free to purchase anyone that catches your eye.

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