Best Goalkeeper Gloves in the World – With Extra Finger Protection

Is it possible for a world class goalkeeper to pull off a great save without wearing a pair of gloves? It isn’t possible really but there are lots of variables to take into consideration when talking about goalkeeper gloves because what works for a particular goalkeeper might not work for another goalkeeper.

If you also have the dream of becoming a goalkeeper then the first item you need is definitely a good pair of gloves.

A Complete Guide on Selecting the Best Goalkeeper Gloves in the World

Best Goalkeeper Gloves in the World

Goalkeeper gloves offers goalkeepers lots of benefits and even though these benefits might be noticeable or not, they still mean a lot to every goalkeeper.

There is this unstoppable feeling that comes with wearing a quality pair of gloves as you have it in your head already that no one would score you just because you wear great gloves and that is also one of the psychological benefits that comes with wearing quality gloves.

Without gloves, there would be lack of confidence and also the risk of getting injured which makes them a very important tool to every goalkeeper.

However, the numerous types, brands and products has made it a bit challenging to settle for a decent pair of gloves but you can trust our best goalkeeper gloves in the world which features unique and best designed goalkeeper gloves which would boost performance and also make you feel comfortable and safe.

10 Best Goalkeeper Gloves to Buy

1. Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves

best goalkeeper gloves

The Blok It is a well respectable brand when it comes to making gloves and they have this popular saying “goalie gloves that would help in making the toughest of saves”.

It has this great design that enables it fit the hands perfectly so as to prevent the chances of picking up an injury and it also comes with additional padding to help cut down on the chances of suffering from an injury while in use.

Customers who have tried out this gloves were impressed with its firm grip which helps in providing adequate ball control while its high quality material build ensures it puts in a desirable and top class performance.

The main aim of this glove is to protect the hands while its Velcro wrist strap provides a firm, secure and comfortable fit.


  1. Has a high quality construction
  2. Good looking design
  3. Has a strong grip
  4. Worth the price


  1. Some customers complained of it being too rigid

2. Brine King Match 3X Goalie Gloves

best goalkeeper gloves

The goalkeeper gloves that you can count on to provide absolute protection for the fingers is the Brine King Match goalie gloves and it is quite popular as it has this description or tag “finger saves protection spines” which makes it quite easy to identify.

One important feature of the Brine King goalie gloves is its backbone finger save system which makes sure the fingers do not suffer any form of injury and it is made out of an originak latex German foam that makes it quite durable and tough.

Its breathable mesh design is solely for the purpose of allowing the flow of air so as to keep the fingers dry at all times for better performance while its dorsal region is well wrapped for better comfort and shape. You can count on this gloves for training, competition both for adults and for kids.


  1. Top quality material build
  2. Has a great design
  3. Impressive finger bending backward protection
  4. Affordable
  5. Has a great fit


  1. No ball support or control as ball tends to slip away from the hands
  2. Customers were not satisfied with its color

3. KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves

best goalkeeper gloves

Being considered or regarded to as the all-purpose glove, the KixGK goalkeeper gloves is another goalkeeper glove with an impressive build and one that you can count on for safety, comfort and also an impressive performance.

This is a very popular type of goalkeeper glove which has been used by professional goalkeepers in several European countries and this isn’t some kind of cheap goalkeeper glove but it is made to be lightweight and also comes at a reasonable price.

Having a well-padded Velcro strap, wrapped thumb design and being able to absorb shock are some of its protective features while the combination of a latex foam and latex layer doesn’t just make this glove durable but also ensures it has an excellent grip.


  1. Not expensive
  2. Lightweight
  3. Durable
  4. Designed to cushion the finger
  5. Fits the hands perfectly

4. KRONIS Goalkeeper Glove

best goalkeeper gloves

This is one of the best goalkeeper gloves that has ever been made and surprisingly, the KRONIS goalkeeper gloves is one that has earned more great remarks from customers who have tried it out with some customers giving it a five star rating based on its quality build, impressive features and performance.

This goalkeeper gloves has a complete dorsal backhand design combined with a wrist strap which makes the wrist feel safe. It also comes with a thumb V-notch design that also ensures adequate flexibility while its embossed backhand design denotes the high end quality that KRONIS is known for. It comes only in white colors.


  1. Arrived right on time
  2. Would deliver a perfect fit
  3. Has an amazing grip
  4. Provides a good feel in any given weather
  5. Durable
  6. Puts in a great performance
  7. The best for competition or for trainings

5. KRONIS Glove Dargos Black

best goalkeeper gloves

This is another exceptionally made goalkeeper glove from the popular KRONIS brand and this goalkeeper gloves also carries the high quality build and would also provide an exceptional performance which thus brand is known for.

If you want a goalkeeper glove that would offer great comfort and also make the hands feel safe then this is the right choice for you and it is one that is designed to last long as it is made out of premium and natural latex material both on the inside and outside.

At the backhand would you find the brand name while its stretchable strap helps in offering the hands a secure and comfortable fit.


  1. More than enough cushion to keep the fingers protected
  2. Comfortable wrist design
  3. Sleek and simple design
  4. High quality gloves
  5. Durable

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6. Reusch Soccer Reload Supreme G2

best goalkeeper gloves

Although this goalkeeper is quite expensive, it is one that has a great build and also helps in delivering a great performance in every game which is why it has found its way to this list and it comes in a black and orange combination which makes it good looking.

The addition of an extremely soft foam makes sure that this gloves fights back or repels abrasions and one interesting feature of the Reusch Soccer Reload Supreme G2 goalkeeper glove is its 3-D thumb design which is positioned right between the index finger and the thumb with the task of getting rid of seams that could distract or disturb the goalkeeper while in use.

Whether under dry or wet condition, this gloves has a solid and firm grip and thanks to its ortho-tec system, this gloves has an unrivaled flexibility.


  1. Would last long
  2. Has a solid grip
  3. Designed to fit
  4. Makes thumb and finger saves
  5. Easy to keep clean


  1. Some customers hinted that it doesn’t hold up too well

7. Uhlsport Goalkeeper Glove

best goalkeeper gloves

In my opinion, these are gloves with an excellent design even though they are not as popular as the other brands on the market but if you are in search of a good goalkeeper glove that you can learn and train with then the Uhlsport goalkeeper glove is certainly what you need.

Its backhand and palm is made using latex material and it comes with a normal cut but nothing of fancy as it is designed to get straight to the business of the day.

However, one major drawback about this glove is it doesn’t offer fingersave protection but all other features makes it the ideal glove for a beginner. It is also a good option for mid-level players and can also be gotten at a reasonable price.


  1. The best training gloves
  2. Durable
  3. Nice design and build


  1. No fingersave protection

8. Youth&Adult Goalie Gloves

best goalkeeper gloves

If you want a reliable, durable and sturdy goalkeeper glove then this is just what you need as it is one that offers a strong grip and also makes the hand feel comfortable during use. It is referred to as the all in one package and is also made using a breathable material that helps in expelling sweat away just to keep the hands dry at all times.

Getting rid of sweat also helps in eliminating bad odors and this in turn also makes sure there is stability, a firm grip and also comfort during use. This glove is a good addition to a goalkeepers kit and what makes it stand out or makes it exceptional is its wear resistant and anti-slip design which offers great handling even under wet conditions.

It also comes with a backbone finger save system that offers the fingers and palm optimal protection from injuries.


  1. Offers safety and comfort
  2. Has a firm grip on the ball
  3. Large enough to fit perfectly
  4. Its double wrist band design also makes it secure


  1. Not durable as it showed signs of wear after five uses

9. Renegade GK Vulcan Gloves

best goalkeeper gloves

This list wouldn’t be complete without the addition of the Renegade GK Vulcan goalie gloves. It is the goalkeeper gloves anyone can trust to display a punch performance and also one that offers exceptional finger safety and protection which is why it is very popular and a must have for every goalkeeper.

It is widely used by many professional goalkeepers worldwide and the beauty of this glove is in its “endo-tek pro finger saves” design which offers great safety and protection without cutting down on flexibility. This same finger saves can be removed with ease using a zipper if a goalkeeper doesn’t need it.

The Renegade GK Vulcan goalie gloves also promotes better ventilation in any weather to keep the hands dry using its 3D mesh body design while its Dura-Tek and latex backhand provides adequate control and responsiveness in every game.


  1. Supports the finger
  2. Superb customer service
  3. Nice quality build
  4. Comfortable
  5. Great wrist support


  1. Doesn’t last as it wears off with ease
  2. Material fades and cracks

10. adidas Performance ACE Gloves

best goalkeeper gloves

For all beginner goalies all around the world, the adidas performance ACE gloves is such a wonderful choice as it has numerous features that would make working with it quite enjoyable.

This gloves comes with great cushioning to protect the palm during impact and it also comes with a finger save technology that helps in fighting back pressure. Users would also enjoy adequate wrist support and a nice fit thanks to its elastic bandage design and no matter the kind of weather, this glove would have a firm grip, remain durable and also stay soft.

It is quite tight and also has a snug fit which makes it suitable for maximum motion range. Thanks to its large design, this glove has a wide surface area that also makes ball control and stopping of the ball quite effective.


  1. Offers complete protection
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Improved hand size and grip


  1. Initially hard to use and stiff
  2. Rips off easily

Factors to look out for When Shopping for Goalkeeper Gloves

Below are critical factors one must look out for before making a payment when shopping for gloves;

  1. Backhand – this is very important in making a punch or a block and it keeps the hands fully protected from injury. Gloves made with latex materials usually have the best backhand design
  2. Grip – you would need a glove with an impressive grip so that when holding or catching the ball, it would not fall off or slip away from your grasp
  3. Material – this is a very critical factor as how long it lasts and how strong a glove is depends on the material used in making it so a latex or rubber or even the combination of both is usually a good choice
  4. Fingers – these are important in preventing getting scored and also catching the ball so they should be able to move freely in any glove so as to make saves and also have great control over the ball
  5. Fit and sizing – this is one issue people struggle with because getting a gloves that sizes and fit great is also key to making great saves.


After talking about the best goalkeeper gloves in the world with factors to look out for when shopping for them, I am sure you are equipped with the right amount of information that would help you settle for the best. Any of the ten products mentioned above would be a great choice and would be very helpful in pulling off some world class saves.

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