Best Granite Sealers – Top 10 Picks & Buyer’s Guide

Best Granite Sealers

People actually think cleaning your stone counter tops and other surfaces is enough but granite sealers are very essential as they help your counter tops stay free from stains, dirt and oil spills.

If you drop water on your counter top and it absorbs the water then you urgently need to get a granite sealer to help fill up microscopic pores. This review will show you ten of the best granite sealers available and how to make use of them.

Top 10 Best Granite Sealers

10. Granite Sealer and Protector 

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This product offers quality caring and sealing solution for premium stone surfaces as well as marble and if you have been finding it difficult to buy a quality sealing product then you should consider going for this product.

This spray penetrates stone’s natural porous surfaces thanks to the lend of polymers used and they fight against stains flow flowing in and remaining permanent and by so doing, this product also creates a protective layer on top of the granite which prevents other residue from sticking and also fights against water spotting.

You can apply this product by using a microfiber cloth and this product is also perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Its ingredients have no alcohol or bleach and they are recommended for use in your camper, wet bar, boat and even bathroom surfaces.

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9. Miracle Sealants Plus QT SG 511

511 porous plus sealer

This product is designed to give most porous surfaces protection and it also creates an invisible barrier which helps to resist stains and moisture and allowing vapor escape at the same time.

It is also recommended for exterior and interior use and this product is resistant to weather. This product will not change the natural look of any surface as it isn’t used for surface coating and it also recommended for use in food areas.

This Miracle Sealant plus offers superior coverage and is very easy to use and it is also UV transparent.

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8. Black Diamond Stoneworks Granite Sealer

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Just by spraying this product on the surface, it offers you long lasting protection and also fights against germs, ink, oil, wine, coffee, food, grease stains on your granite.

This black diamond stone works granite sealer features non corrosive impregnation design which is tested and approved by stone care professionals and it is also safe for food contact.

This product has a low odor and it is easy to use. All you have to do is just spray the sealer, allow it to penetrate then you wipe off excess.

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7. Wet Look Natural Stone Sealer

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This beautiful gloss sealer is perfect for stamped, decorative, colored or exposed aggregate surfaces and it only requires you to spray and roll or brush on your pavers, driveways, masonry, patios, slate, garage floors, brick walls and concrete surfaces.

This product is chemical resistant and will not make surface turn dark when it dries off and it also doesn’t look like you sprayed water on it.

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6. Miracle Sealants 511 QT SG 511

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This product offers a total coverage of about 1000 to 4000 square feet per gallon and 90 to 364 square meters per 3.785 liters and it is also suitable for exterior and interior use.

This 511 impregnator sealant is guaranteed to give maximum protection to all dense and medium porous surfaces and it will also not alter the natural look of any surface as it is not a surface coating.

Applying this sealant to any surface makes the surface less slippery and harder and this product is also good for use in food areas.

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5. Granite Gold GG0036 

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The granite gold sealer is easy to use and it only requires a spray and wipe-clean technique which offers surfaces maximum protection and it also has no harmful or strong odors.

This sealer is tested and is declared non acidic, non toxic and biodegradable and it is also pH balanced which makes applying this product on surfaces where food is prepared safe.

It also has no ammonia or phosphates materials in it and its water based formula helps to fight against soil build up, etching and staining. Regular use of this product guarantees top surface protection, long lasting resistance to stains.

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4. Supreme Surface Granite and Quartz

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This product features an all-in-one formula which cleans, protect, shine and also add a difference to any surface. This product features strong surfactants which work effectively to break bonds that support dirt and grease and eliminating them from the surface.

Strong ionically protective charged barriers are created thanks to the ioseal protectants and they don’t wash off and with every treatment, this ioseal increases self levels and seal and also creates more reflective and smoother surface that makes dirt soap scum and are also resistant to stains.

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3. Granite Gold Daily Cleaner GG0029

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This granite gold daily cleaner is used in cleaning natural stone and granite and it has been tested and declared free from streak and ammonia. One of the interesting features of this product is that it leaves a fresh citrus scent and regular use of this product will definitely improve and beautify all stone surfaces.

The granite gold daily product is safe for use in food preparing surfaces and it is also biodegradable. This product is also non abrasive, non acidic, features water based formula and is biodegradable in twenty eight days.

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2. Granite Plus 2 in 1 Cleaner and Sealer for Granite

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This product features a pH neutral no-rinse hypoallergenic formula and it has been declared safe for food contact and it also features a built in sealer which fights against stains and makes them easy to clean.

This product also helps to protect counter tops against food, kids, peanut butter, coffee and wine and it is also recommended for everyday use especially when cleaning floors, showers and counter tops.

Regular cleaning with this product helps to improve the performance of your granite sealer and it is also safe for use on marble, quartz, ceramic, travertine, Silestone and marble surfaces.

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1.  StoneTech BulletProof Sealer, 1 Quart (946L)

Best Granite Sealers

This is a brand new sealer with an advanced formula that works together with stone improvement to give you high quality wear resistance. This product makes stone cleaning easy and it also helps to tile and stone retain its natural look.

It also has an advanced penetrating microbond that helps your tile and stone resist water based and tough oil stains. This sealer can also be applied on granite, marble, bluestone travertine, flagstone, sandstone, limestone, Saltillo and slate.

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