Best Insoles for Walking and Standing all day – Our March Edition

Standing for most part of the day or even walking simply means your leg would be feeling all the pains and aches and in some cases, the feet could also suffer from hot spots and blisters.

Best Insoles for Walking and Standing all day

If you find yourself in this situation then this is the right time for you to start making use of a shoe insole. No matter what you do whether you stand or walk for long at work, an athlete or a runner, you would need an insole to help with the pain and discomfort.

A Complete Guide On Finding the Best Insoles for Walking and Standing all Day

Just like shoes, shoe insoles also comes in various designs, shapes and dimensions and it is best to go for one that would offer great cushioning and support so as to deal with aches and pain and also improve performance.

We encourage you to take one further step and consider our best insoles for walking and standing all day which would guide you in selecting the best and most reliable.

Best Insoles for Walking and Standing all Day Reviews

1. Superfeet GREEN Insoles, Professional-Grade

best insoles for walking and standing all day

This fantastically built insole is the one that would offer the feet great stability and comfort.

It is made out of environmental and high quality materials and it is designed in such a way that the sole of this insert would offer the feet stability and structure and also offer the hind foot support.

What most users love about this insole is the fact that it absorbs shock through proper positioning of the tender tissue and also support these tissues while its upper layer helps to eliminate odor.

If you want an insole that would offer stability, support and comfort then this is exactly what you need and they are also a good choice if you really want to take care and not burden your feet.

Key Benefits

  1. Offers stability
  2. Keeps the feet in a relaxed position
  3. Soothes arch pain, foot pain and heel pain
  4. Comes with a natural coating
  5. Has additional space for the foot to spread

2. Samurai Insoles Instant-Relief

best insoles for walking and standing all day

If you want an insole that would support the feet no matter the level of impact then you might want to consider going for the Samurai instant relief insoles.

They are great at absorbing shock and would also get rid of ineffective foot motion thanks to their biomechanical design and this design also ensures that pressure is evenly distributed so as to get rid of foot fatigue.

Unlike most low quality shoe insoles, these ones do not have fitting issues as their thin shape ensures they fit perfectly and everyone who has tried out this insole has been impressed at how comfortable it feels.

They provide superb arch support, provide a great walking experience and also relieve foot pressure.

Key Benefits

  1. Great for plantar fasciitis
  2. Doesn’t flatten but shapens the feet
  3. Helps in dealing with any foot pain
  4. Would soothe a tired foot
  5. Offers comfort
  6. Fits great as a result of its thin design

3. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s ATHLETE

best insoles for walking and standing all day

Even athletes too use insoles and one insole that any athlete would be comfortable to work with is the SOF sole insole which is specifically built for men. It doesn’t add extra weight to the foot but is tasked with cushioning the forefoot and the rear-foot.

This is basically the insole every athlete trusts to provide the foot with the comfort that it requires. If you are active on stage, a construction worker or even a runner, this insole is the best for you as it would offer comfort and increase performance.

Its high quality material build makes it very strong and reliable and its excellent shock absorbing features makes it every athlete’s choice.

Key benefits

  1. Offers balance and stability
  2. Lightweight features also makes it quite comfortable
  3. Designed to endure climatic changes
  4. Offers superb cushioning
  5. Comes in various designs

4. Powerstep Orthotic Insoles

best insoles for walking and standing all day

The combination of a heel cradle, in-built arch support and a flexible support shell makes the Powerstep orthotic insole the best in providing stability.

It would perfectly fit into any athletic shoe, dress or any casual shoe as it features a low profile and ultra-thin design. This is the recommended option when it comes to preventing and reducing pain caused by certain foot conditions like metatarsal pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation and all other forms of discomfort.

Runners and people who live active lives would be impressed with this insole as it enhances performance and they are not just designed to cushion the feet but to permanently get rid of any form of foot pain.

What makes this insole stand out from all other insoles on the market is mostly because it is the insole that is approved by physical therapists for its role in helping to deal with certain foot conditions.

Key Benefits

  1. Has a foam base and dual layer cushioning that offers comfort
  2. Anti-microbial fabric keeps feet cool and minimizes foot friction
  3. Useful in the treatment and prevention of certain feet conditions
  4. Has back foot cradle and semi-rigid arch support that offers stability and support

5. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Insole

best insoles for walking and standing all day

Speaking about comfort and performance, the Timberland Pro anti-fatigue men’s insole is one carefully design to boost performance and also making the foot feel comfortable at the same time.

There would be a better walking experience when walking with this insole as it works effective in reversing energy in every step taken while absorbing shock is also another area where this insole does a great job.

Made from high quality American leather material, this insole is designed withstand rough use and last long and it is designed using a synthetic sole combined with an innovative technology that circulates and regulates internal temperature.

Furthermore, having an impressive arch design simply means this insole would conform to the shape of any foot just to offer comfort and support. It also features an inverted cone design that also makes it offer support and makes it lightweight.

Key benefits

  1. Has a waterproof design
  2. Very easy to wipe clean
  3. Fights against fatigue
  4. Fits directly into any shoe
  5. Lasts long

6. Dr. Scholl’s Comfort Work Insoles

best insoles for walking and standing all day

One outstanding feature of the Dr. Scholls comfort work insoles is they come already anti-microbial treated so as to help fight against attacks caused by mildew and bad odors and they do not contain toxic glycerin which makes it a good choice for distributing weight evenly, protecting the bones and also absorbing shock.

They help in taking away every form of fatigue and discomfort from the feet and also making sure the feet feels comfortable even on hard surfaces.

Their extra cushioning ability and gel massaging technology makes it quite effective in absorbing shock and for this reason, the feet is made to feel more energized. If you suffer from discomfort and fatigue then this is just a good insole for you.

Key Benefits

  1. Eliminates fatigue
  2. Fits shoes and sneakers
  3. Comes at a reasonable price

7. Sof Sole Insoles Women’s AIRR

best insoles for walking and standing all day

This shoe insoles is packed with several exciting features and speaking about features, its forefoot has a polymeric gel while its rear foot has an air chamber which absorbs shock.

It is also great when it comes to providing support and regulating motion which is why it is a great option for people with neutral arches. Its high quality material construction makes sure you don’t visit the market from time to time just to shop for an insole as this would last for a longer period of time.

Getting rid of foot pain and also preventing injuries is also another important aspect of this insole and if you are concerned about comfort then this is just what you need.

Key Benefits

  1. Absorbs shock
  2. Provides comfort
  3. Improves balance and alignment
  4. Soothes sore feet

8. Spenco Polysorb Insoles

best insoles for walking and standing all day

These kinds of insoles are the ones generally tasked with improving overall comfort and that isn’t just all as it would also help in extending and upgrading the life of your shoes.

It is made out of premium silpure nylon material that prevents the occurrence of blisters and there is also an overlapping of multiple layers of nylon which shows how much quality this insole has.

The good thing about this insole is despite its high quality build, it also comes at a very reasonable price while having a four-way stretch design ensures that the foot isn’t strained.

Its anti-microbial property keeps away bad odor and coupled with adequate maintenance and care, this insole would definitely last for a long time.

Key Benefits

  1. Affordable
  2. Lightweight
  3. Protects the base of the foot
  4. Fits any footwear

9. ViveSole Orthotic Inserts

best insoles for walking and standing all day

The presence of a wave pattern design in the heel of this insole means this insole would be effective in absorbing shock in every step taken.

It is one that is made to be lightweight so the feet can feel comfortable and it is also quite durable when compared with most low quality insoles on the market as it is made with premium and original materials which extends the life of your shoe and also prolongs the life of this insole.

If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis then this is what you need to get as it would provide instant and quick relief and that isn’t just the foot condition it deal with, it also brings relief to metatarsal pain, heel pain, overpronation and keeps the foot stabilized.

This is a cheap insole that isn’t vulnerable to unnecessary wear and tear. It is approved by podiatrist due to its medical benefits and also takes the natural shape of your foot to eliminate pain.

Key Benefits

  1. Anti-microbial properties fights off bad odors
  2. Absorbs shock
  3. Prevents blister attacks
  4. Well-padded for comfort

10. New Balance Insoles 3810

best insoles for walking and standing all day

This is a multi-sport type of insole that is designed with the sole aim of increasing athlete’s performance and it also provides cushioning to the forefoot and rearfoot regions.

One feature that beats everyone’s imagination about this insole is the fact that its arch shape comes with specially designed air flow channels which makes way for the entry of warm air and elimination of cold air while its deep heel cup design would also offer adequate comfort and support.

It is made with top quality materials which contributes to its long lasting ability and not to forget its Abzorb cushioning that is properly and strategically placed to protect the forefoot and heel from shock.

Key Benefits

  1. Provides relief
  2. Superior cushioning ability
  3. Deals with bunion and metatarsal problems
  4. Has a great fit

Reasons for Using Insoles

The truth still remains we have to force the feet to stand on tough surfaces and the feet would also have to deal with the pain that comes with standing on tough surfaces. Standing for over five hours would pose serious problems for the feet and that is why insoles are very necessary.

  1. For improving posture and gesture
  2. Getting rid of back pain
  3. Reassures the joint
  4. Putting a stop to varicose veins
  5. Makes sure flat feet don’t fall out
  6. Gets rid of pain daily

Functions of Insoles

The roles insoles play in our lives might not be visible to the eyes but their core benefits include providing support and cushion. Cushioning helps in absorbing shock from the outside which causes foot exhaustion and pain and providing support also helps in aligning the feet and providing the right gesture to keep the feet balanced. Also, insoles boosts curve ability therefore making sure that flat feet remain in a good shape to prevent unforeseen accidents.


Knowing every vital information and doing your homework before time would definitely lead you to the ideal insole for you and in a nutshell, every insole listed in this review takes away the pain and helps in dealing with certain foot conditions. Get the best insole for you from our well detailed review and enjoy all the benefits that it brings.

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