Best Kids Fitness Trackers – Keep your Young Ones Active

Fitness is a major aspect of life for everyone. It is described as the ability of an individual to be able to carry out his day to day activities with both vigor and awareness and the trend today is people are all tasked with achieving all of their fitness goals and objectives.

No one is too old or young to reach their fitness goals and with the inclusion of technology, there are numerous fitness trackers everywhere which is aimed at helping every individual reach his fitness destination.

A Complete Buying Guide on Finding the Best Kids Fitness Trackers

best kids fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are devices that can be worn so as to keep record of the body activities daily and they come fully equipped with some interesting and great features like temperature sensor, pedometer, heart rate sensor, optical sensors and many more essential features.

It would also interest you to know that there are fitness trackers for kids and also for adults while there are some that can be used by both the young and old.

There is a sudden rise in demand for fitness trackers for kids all over the world as parents are getting more interested in keeping track of their kids health and development but it is quite difficult to get a hold of a good fitness tracker.

There is nothing to worry as our best kids fitness trackers has all the best features and would be useful in helping kids maintain an active lifestyle.

10 Best Kids Fitness Trackers to Buy with Reviews

1. Garmin 010-01909-22 vívofit jr 2

best kids fitness trackers

Currently speaking, the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 kids fitness tracker is the best and the rave of the moment for kids right now. This particular fitness tracker features about two forms of upgrades such as teaming up with the famous Disney to offer kids several branded design while the other is constantly having a colored screen unlike its previous model.

The fun part of this fitness tracker is it comes with several amazing features like family game challenges and also educational games.

Kids would be able to accomplish the sixty minute goal that this fitness tracker brings and by doing this, more adventure trails and fun facts are discovered. This is a must have for every kid as it also keeps tabs on their sleep activity as well as making them stay active when necessary.

Kids would never get tired of playing or having this fitness tracker as it features nice themes such as Marvel and Minnie mouse, Avengers and also star wars themes. It is however costly than the former model.


  1. Kicks against shock
  2. Doesn’t need constant recharging
  3. Colored screen
  4. Comes with additional alarm feature


  1. This tracker isn’t sand-proof
  2. Its screen is relatively small

2. Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+

best kids fitness trackers

Kids would love to have a taste or feel of their own specially made fitbit fitness tracker and it is a great gift idea for any kid at the age of 8 or above 8. This fitness tracker has a showerproof design and its main function includes keeping track of sleep, activity, steps as well as ensuring that kids stay active at all times.

However, having an OLED display simply means kids can now view their progress immediately it occurs and if any member of the family has this same fitbit tracker then some sort of family competition can be established but for fun purposes.

One important feature of this fitness tracker is the fact that a family account can be easily setup which would help parents monitor kids activity and also set some privacy. The essence of this privacy setting is to be sure of the people your kids connect with and the type of information they are getting exposed to.


  1. Kids would enjoy working with this fitness tracker
  2. Promotes active lifestyle in kids
  3. The best for an eight year old
  4. Keeps kids motivated


  1. Came with a small sized band
  2. Also has a buggy software
  3. Unable to detect basic exercises

3. X-Doria KidFit Activity and Sleep Tracker

best kids fitness trackers

For kids aged five to thirteen, the X-doria kidfit activity and sleep tracker is a wonderful choice for kids about that age range. This fitness tracker comes very affordable and it also features a wrist band that can be easily swapped.

This wristband comes in about four colors and is made using high quality silicone material which makes it durable. Kids and parents wouldn’t have to complain about this fitness tracker not fitting their child’s wrist as it comes with a snap bracelet which ensures it has a tight fit on the hand.

Some other features that makes this kids fitness tracker quite unique and amazing is the fact that it comes with a powerful battery life which could last for as long as seven days and it also has a splash resistant design which makes sure it doesn’t get damaged by water splashes.

Tracking calories, steps, distance are some basic functions of this fitness tracker but parents can also makes use of the Android or ios app to set some goals for their kids to accomplish.


  1. Comes with an enticing slap cuff design
  2. Its app is easy to setup
  3. Affordable


  1. Doesn’t show the time
  2. Bulky
  3. Has battery issues
  4. Has no clear instructions

4. LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

best kids fitness trackers

This is also another reliable fitness tracker for kids within the age four to seven and what thrills kids about this fitness tracker is how it is able to transform eating habits and physical play into an interesting game where kids would earn rewards for doing great.

Coming in several designs, having a colorful screen with a colorful band and also being very affordable are some of the reasons why this fitness tracker is on the lips of most parents.

What sets this fitness tracker apart from others and makes it unique is the fact that it doesn’t track sleep, count steps or even distance but it provides series of play which would encourage kids to stay active like running, walking, dancing and jumping.

Accomplishing these fitness plays would earn kids some great rewards. The aim of Leapband is to get kids to stay active but in a fun, engaging and imaginative way. It would be very instrumental in helping a child grow and develop.


  1. Has a great appearance
  2. Has some great components and features
  3. Battery lasts long
  4. Comes with lots of games that would keep kids engaged


  1. Requires downloading a software to function

5. iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

best kids fitness trackers

This is a very affordable fitness tracker for kids that connects or synchronizes easily with any IOS app and also clips to your child’s clothing and kids are genuinely happy to have this fitness tracker which would propel their character blast right into the galaxy to explore and this is actually powered with kids steps.

The concept of this fitness tracker is to make kids stay active and as long as they are active, they would be able to explore more and also gain some rewards. It also allows parents to set some goals alongside some rewards for their kids.

This fitness tracker comes in about seven exciting colors, a clip which attaches it to the shoe and hip as well as being resistant to water so as to prevent unnecessary damages that can be caused by water. It would store activity for up to thirty days while its LED light blinks during synchronization.


  1. Syncs great with an iPad
  2. Encourages active lifestyle


  1. Doesn’t show steps
  2. Arrived with a dead battery
  3. App failed to work
  4. Not accurate

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6. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 Blue

best kids fitness trackers

Most smart watch for kids are designed to function also as a smartphone and as a pedometer and the VTech Kidizoom smart watch DX2 is one with such capability. Having a stylish and sleek design is what seems to interest kids about this smart watch and kids would also love its dual camera that can be used in recording videos and also taking selfies.

With the VTech Kidizoom smart watch, kids would be encouraged to partake in active play as this watch comes with a motion sensor and variety of games that would keep kids busy.

Kids would experience no difficulty in uploading their videos and pictures as it comes with a USB cable to get that done and one advantage kids would benefit from using this smart watch is they would get used to the fun and benefit that comes with having a smartphone.


  1. Great technology even for young minds
  2. Affordable
  3. Packed with games to keep kids busy
  4. Designed to do what a smartphone does


  1. Not durable

7. UNICEF Kid Power Band

best kids fitness trackers

This is a special brand of fitness tracker from UNICEF as it is aimed at monitoring nutrition levels all around the world. UNICEF teamed up with Target to produce this very innovative power band with the sole aim to encourage kids to live an active life.

While this power band gets kids to be active, it is also a means of helping malnourished kids all around the world and what makes this device extraordinary is the fact that it can act as a pedometer which helps in recording activity.

At the completion of several steps, kids would get to unlock funding from fans, parents and also partners and the funds generated are used to feed thousands of kids in certain regions.


  1. Cool and motivating
  2. Great battery life
  3. Serves as a great gift item for kids


  1. Doesn’t fit
  2. App doesn’t function too

8. nabi Compete

best kids fitness trackers

This is often regarded as the first competitive fitness tracker for kids. It is designed to function as a regular fitness tracker and parents would not have to worry about constant charging of the battery as its battery is powerful and strong enough to last for up to three months.

With this fitness tracker, kids would be challenged to walk, run or jump and it also measures the amount of food burnt. There are several goals that can be set while wearing this fitness tracker and this watch also has a reward system which helps in motivating kids.

One other intriguing feature of this watch is kids can connect with friends and share their mood using the nabi connect, kid safe media and they also have the option of selecting the teamwork option where they can work together and attain their fitness objectives.


  1. Encourages kids to stay active
  2. Comes with several amazing features
  3. Good looking fitness tracker
  4. Acts as a learning curve for kids


  1. Doesn’t synchronize
  2. Batteries are not durable

9. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HRs

This fitness tracker is quite versatile as it works great for adults and also for kids. It is the fitness tracker that would keep track of your sleep activity and also your heart rate and it does this so as to help you keep or live a healthy lifestyle.

The LETSCOM fitness tracker HR would also keep track of your activity all day as it would accurate measure burnt calories, distances, steps, how long you sleep and also how many minutes you stayed active.

This fitness tracker acts more than just a fitness tracker as it would allow you see your messages and calls right from the comfort of your wrist and it would also enable you to get notifications from your instagram, LinkedIn, Whatsapp and also Twitter.


  1. Can be gotten at a reasonable price
  2. Easy to work with
  3. Accurate
  4. Comfortable
  5. Waterproof

10. Toobur Activity Tracker

best kids fitness trackers

We are rounding up this review with the Toobur activity tracker which has a stylish and sleek design and would also be suitable for kids aged eight. You can count on the activity tracker to keep track of your burnt calories, distance and steps all through the day and users can easily view results or the watch display or on a connected phone.

Being able to detect sleep and also make an analysis on how you sleep is also another impressive function of this activity tracker while its silent alarm uses its vibration alarm to wake you up at the appropriate time.

Even when wearing this fitness tracker on your wrist, you can also see your facebook, instagram and other social media notifications and vibration alerts can be set to keep your reminded about certain events or things.


  1. Puts in a great performance
  2. Very affordable
  3. Fits great and is also comfortable
  4. Charges fast


  1. App failed to sync

Final Thoughts

Getting your kids to live a very active life is a welcomed idea but getting a fitness tracker for your kids should no longer be challenging.

Encourage your kids to jump, run, exercise and stay fit as the fitness trackers for kids that we have talked about will help them stay active and also make sure they have fun. They are quite durable and would keep every parent updated on their kids health and development.

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