Top 10 Best MacBook Air Cases and Covers 2018

Best MacBook Air Cases and Covers

Irrespective of the fact that slim laptops can easily get damaged, one of the exciting features of a MacBook Air is its slim and classy figure and if you’re heading out and you feel like putting your laptop into a larger bag with ease then it is advisable you get a cover or case.

Best MacBook Air Cases and Covers

Here are the best ten rated Macbook Air cases and covers which will certainly match your style, function and also provide protection for your laptop.

Top 10 Best MacBook Air Cases and Covers 

10. MacBook Air 13 Case RiverPanda Premium Quality Protective PU Leather

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The MacBook Air 13 PU leather case is manufactured from PU leather with top quality and its soft nubuck fibre interior coating serves to protect your MacBook against scrapes and scratches. One of its essential features is that this case easily disperses heat and can help you make use of your MacBook at any point in time.

Its slender and elegant figure together with its light weight helps it fit easily in a traveling bag and its protective design enables you make use of your MacBook with taking off the case. This package also comes with a track-pad cutout, wrist rests and elastic bands.

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9. Top Case 5 in 1 Bundle Deal Air 13 inch Marble Pattern Hard Case

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This MacBook Air is rated amongst the best because of its five in one features and its marble pattern case will definitely add a stylish look to your laptop. Despite being light weight, this product is a long lasting which would certainly protect your laptop and it is also durable.

It is manufactured with high standards to prevent your laptop from spills, dirt, scratches and it grants you easy access to all your ports and buttons even when the case is still on.

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8. FiveMax Neoprene Laptop Case Water Resistant Bag

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This product will certainly give your apple a new look. One of its unique features is its Neoprene water resistant material together with its light weight and slender figure enables you to carry your laptop around comfortably.

The frontal side of this product has a zipped pocket where easily put your cellphone, mouse, wallets, cords and it comes with a warranty of 30 days from the day you purcahes the product. The padding of this product offers great protection for your MacBook pro and it also fits easily into any bag.

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7. 13 13.3 inch Laptop Sleeve Bag

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This cover is made up of a foam mat, canvas fabric, soft flannel and 3-layer material which helps protect against scrapes, dust, dirt and scratching. It is slim and perfect for a business trip and can also fit easily into any bag or backpack.

One of its important features is the presence of a 180 degrees zipper whose function is to offer security and prevent your laptop from falling. The interior is also made up of a luxurious soft velvet material.

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6. Gmakin – Handmade MacBook Sleeve Case 

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The benefits of this product is its lasting quality, the presence of a soft inner material to fight against damages and scratches and the manufacturing of this product from natural materials like leather and felt.

The felt helps to prevent damage and absorb light impacts.  It is rated amongst the best because it is a high quality handmade product and at during production, inspection is carried out to ensure that the product meets superior standards. Weighing just 150 grams, its light weight and stylish appearance makes your MacBook not just beautiful but pleasant to hold.

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5. Apple MacBook 12 inch with Retina Display Case

able MacBook case that has one of the best quality and design try checking out the new Lecxci premium MacBook sleeve that is made up of a quality and original leather cover design than the PU leather. It has a 3-layer bottom holes which helps you operate your MacBook at ease and its exact cutouts doesn’t interfere with the ports. The most interesting feature of this product is it has a strong tri-angle stand case which grants you the best view for movies, playing games and work.

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4. Te-Rich Felt and Cloth Sleeve Case Extra Cover Bag

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This product is designed for 13-inch laptops as well as 13-inch Pro Retina laptop or MacBook Air and the presence of laptop sleeve makes carrying your laptop very convenient before putting it into another bag.

Protection of your laptop is guaranteed by the high quality felt exterior material and the interior is made up of a soft flannel material which prevents accidental scratches and shock. It is a stylish and elegant product because of its floral and high quality exterior felt cloth and the stitching is very neat and straight.

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3. MacBook Air and MacBook Case

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This product is compatible with MacBook with Retina Display inch and MacBook Air 11.6 inch only. It is rated amongst the best because of its hard TPU frame material together with velvet lining and Neoprene fabric helps to ensure it is shockproof and offers 100% protection against damages, dusts and scratches. It has a unique magnetic snap-on closure which locks the MacBook automatically and holds it from sliding off.

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2. Zikee MacBook Air / MacBook Pro 13 13.3 inch Case

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This product comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase and it is precisely made for MacBook Air Pro 13.3 only and is suitable for women, girls and men. The cotton fabric lining protects against dusts, damages, bumps and shock while its water-resistant premium PU leather offers more protection and makes it more stylish and elegant.

It has three extra pockets where you can place your phones, power bank, bank card and other accessories and its lightweight briefcase with handle make its convenient to carry before sliding it into your bag, backpack or briefcase.

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1. NEWSTYLE Stylish and Cute Leopard’s Spots Canvas Fabric Case

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This product is considered the best it is manufactured from a fluffy and soft interior material that offers shock and bump absorption. It has a fashionable and stylish leopard look suitable for four seasons and its thin sleeve together with its lightweight makes it easy for you to move your MacBook around.

One of its unique features is it is water-proof, portable and its design doesn’t fade. The top Zip on the sleeves move smoothly and allows you easy access to your MacBook.

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