The Best Motorcycle Horns Review

Motorcycle horns are so important nowadays because they protect you from your surrounding by making a loud noise, so everyone can easily notice you. Motorcycle horns are good for the mutual benefit of pedestrians and other motorists.

 Choosing The Best Motorcycle Horns

Motorcycles Horns

With the help of horns, People pay more attention to the road because they don’t want to create any disturbance in their surroundings.

Motorcycle horns are cheaper and smaller than other vehicles. Motorcycle horns can also be used for the cars depending on their voltage.

The sound of the horn is depending on its size and design. In motorcycles, you can you a single horn or a pair of the horn.  The typical frequencies of horn pair are 420–440 Hz and 340–370 Hz approximately.

A good motorcycle horn should be vibration proof and it should be loud enough to be heard within 50 meters but it also should not be unpleasant for the ears.

Features to consider in Motorcycle horns

There are some features which should present in good motorcycle horns. The first thing to consider is Weight of the horn it should be light enough to not to put stress on the bike and it should be heavy enough, so it won’t be blown away easily.

Its sound should be loud enough to be heard from a good distance but it should be safe for ears. It should be small and with minimal wiring and connectors.

If there are wires and connectors you should secure them properly. Its installation should be easy and inexpensive. There are so many cheap motorcycle horns which give excellent performance and are stronger than advance horns.

Installation of motorcycle horns is also very important because if horns are not installed properly they are useless. The horn should be away from the moving part of the motorcycle because it can cause hinderance while riding or driving.

Types of Motorcycle horns

There are different types of motorcycle horns available on the market. you can differentiate motorcycle horns based on their size, compatibility with vehicles and durability. Motorcycle horns types depending on their sound include:

  • Air horn – these horns consist of a single piece. It is loudest than others it gives regular honk sound. It is easy to install and maintain. Air horns do not need any power source.
  • Train horn – these are more likely cargo horns. It is usually used by delivery boys it also comes with a small pump.
  • Novelty horn – the sound of these horns is unusual like short music tunes, whistles, and roaring.

Train horn and novelty horn need a power source like AAA batteries or simple motorcycle batteries.

1. Uxcell Universal Waterproof Round Loud Horn Speaker

uxcell Universal Waterproof Round Loud Horn Speaker 12V 1.5A for Motorcycle

It is the cheapest and simplest motorcycle horn. Its speakers are compact and waterproof. It is light weighted and without any complicated wires. Its weight is 2.4 ounces.

And dimensions are 7.5 x 5 x 1 inches. It is made up of metal and its dimension is 67 x 29mm/ 2.6″ x 1.2″(D*H). Metal body horns are stronger than regular horns and they are long lasting than others.

But these metals get rust after some time. Its voltage and current are DC 12V and 1.5A respectively. It works with vehicles having a 12-volt system. It is available in black color only.

2. Stebel 11690019 – Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Black

Stebel 11690019 - Nautilus Compact Mini Air Horn Black

It is single piece mini air horn with ABS finish. Air horns are the simplest and the loudest horns. It is available in black color. Its weight is 1.25 pounds. and dimensions are 3 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches.

This horn came with full instructions but still takes some advanced skills. It creates twin tone sound which has frequencies around 530Hz and 680Hz at 139decibels.

It can work with any vehicle having a 12-volt system.  It is small and easy to install. It also contains water resistance property.

3. Wolo (300-2T) Disc Horn 

Wolo (300-2T) Disc Horn - 12 Volt, Low Tone

Wolo disc horn is available in High tone and low tone. It has two terminal disc horn. It has tough mounting brackets, hardware and electric terminal for a strong grip. It is compatible with any vehicle having a 12-volt system.

it is made up of steel and is long lasting. Its weight is just 8 ounces. And dimensions are 6.5 x 4.8 x 2.5 inches. They also give a limited warranty.

4. Wolo (519) Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn

Wolo (519) Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn - 12 Volt

Wolo Bad Boy Chrome Air Horn produces a dual sound which is 2 times louder than a factory horn. It has flat shaped chrome cover. It is compact in size and is compatible with any vehicle having a 12-volt system.

It is beautifully designed with chrome finish. it can be used in the engine compartment or outside on a motorcycle. It is little expensive than other motorcycle horns.

5. FIAMM 72112 Freeway BlasterLOW Note Horn

FIAMM 72112 Freeway Blaster LOW Note Horn

FIAMM Blaster Low Note horn features include aluminum coil motor, corrosion resistance steel and ABS Plastic projector.

It also contains Universal mounting bracket, jumper wire, a nut and female connectors. It is compatible with any vehicle. It has two terminals. Its weight is only 2 pounds. Its dimension is 5 x 4 x 8 inches.

FIAMM horns are tested to assure their performance and they exceed SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications.

6. HELLA (3AG 003 399-801) Supertone

HELLA (3AG 003 399-801) Supertone 12V High Tone/Low Tone Twin Horn Kit with Bracket

It has powerful dual tone horns with 118decibels. It has very loud sound. It is compatible with all vehicles. Its dimensions are 8.58-inch-high x 7.32-inch-wide x 3.50-inch diameter. It is 1.93 pounds.

It has a stylish looking metal body with a Red Protective Grille. It has two mounting brackets. It comes with one year warranty. it is expensive than others.

7. Bikers Choice 12V 113DB Electric

Bikers Choice 12V 113DB Electric Horn 4 Inch Chrome

It is an electric horn. It gives durability and loud sound. It is very popular among young bikers. It is very simple and cheap. Its installation is easier than other horns. Its weight is 9.6 is light weighted.

It is chrome plated and 12 volts with 113decibels. It has a sturdy terminal connection. It is affordable.

8. PIAA 85115 Superior Bass Horn

PIAA 85115 Superior Bass Horn

It has Twin tone with frequencies of 330 Hertz and 400 Hertz with 112dB. It has a deep and loud tone which are easily noticeable from a long distance. It prevents many road mishaps.

Its installation is very easy. It has a smooth exterior with dimensions of 9.4 x 7.5 x 3.9 inches. Its weight is 1.35 pounds. it gives a limited lifetime warranty.

9. Fiamm Electromagnetic Horn

Fiamm Electromagnetic Horn. 12v Trumpet Horn with Relay, 2 Terminal.am80s (Pair)

It is lightweight and compact in size with a powerful sound. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles like car, motorcycle, and truck.

Its main features are steel housing and plastic trumpets. Its weight is 1.05 pounds. it has dimensions of 2.8 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches. It is highly rated horn as it scored

10. Viking Horns V613B Loud

Viking Horns

It is made up of durable and long-lasting plastic. It also contains two trumpets and air compressor. It gives heavy duty tough steel compressor. It is weather and water resistance.

It has loud sound output at 139dB. It is compatible with 12 volts vehicles. Its weight is 1.65 pounds with 7.4 x 4.4 x 4.3 inches dimensions.

11. 2pcs 12v 110DB Super Loud Compact Electric Blast 

2pcs 12v 110DB Super Loud Compact Electric Blast Tone Air Horn Kit For Motorcycle and Car

It is the simplest horn with a loud sound. it has an amazing surface. Its weight is about 2.05 pounds. its dimension is 11.4 x 3.1 x 5.9 inches.

It is available in large variety of colors. These are affordable and long-lasting. It can be used in cars or motorcycle. Its installation is very simple and easy.

In Conclusion,

Horns play an important role in our daily life. Life is much easier and comfortable with the help of horns. They make us noticeable on the road. So many mishaps happened on the road because people do not usually use horns to avoid an encounter with pedestrians.

It is very important to maintain the horn of your motorcycle in an excellent working condition. Maintenance of motorcycle is as much important as the installation of the horns. You should upgrade your horn by choosing advance horns which gives better performance.

Motorcycle horns are of different types based on their sound, performance, and durability. Discussed in this awesome review are some of the best Motorcycle horns and they are also classified based on their performance and durability.