Top 10 Best Nursing Pads 2018: Unbiased Reviews

Best Nursing Pads

Nursing pads or breast pads as they are generally called are vital accessories a mother needs when nursing her baby because they make breastfeeding less stressful. Most nursing mothers have accidental leaks during early breastfeeding months but that is nothing to worry about because accidental leaks are totally normal.

But if you are in a public place, at home or even at work and you wouldn’t want your shirt to be stained with accidental leaks then you should consider getting nursing pads. Nursing pads are specifically designed to fit into any bra to prevent embarrassment and getting stained from accidental leaks.

Best Nursing Pads

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There are various types of nursing pads available but below are ten best you can select from:

Top 10 Best Nursing Pads

10. Lasinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

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The Lasinoh nursing pads have a comfortable, soft lining which lies against the skin helping to get rid of excess moisture from the skin and putting them in a polymer core in the center.

This nursing pad prevents milk from staining your top with the aid of a laminated waterproof lining and the pads are quite thin so they don’t appear unnatural under your top. The adhesive tape behind each pad helps to hold the pad firmly and each pad is carefully wrapped and sealed for proper hygiene.

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9. Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

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This nursing pad helps mothers save money because it can be washed nursing pad is made with high quality bamboo material and cotton which makes it soft and gives it a different level of absorption.

These nursing pads provide maximum comfort for mothers especially in the early days where nipples appear to be tender. It is made up of a well constructed three layer material (polyester with waterproof TPU, bamboo and microfiber) which increases the absorbent quality of the pads and the outer layer of the pad is waterproof which helps you not to worry about embarrassing leaks.

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8. Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads 

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Regarded as the most effective nursing pads available, this nursing pad has three pairs of ultra-thin regular pads that have the shape of a heart which helps fight against wrinkles and also one thick pair for super absorption which you can use all through the night.

It is made from the combination of cotton, hemp and bamboo velour fabric which creates a super absorbent and soft material that guarantees comfort and makes your cloth stay free from stain. These nursing pads also have milk-proof backing which helps to prevent milk stain on your top.

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7. Lasinoh Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads

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The lasinoh ultimate protection nursing pads is guaranteed to help nursing mother stay dry both during the day and nighttime. Its blue invisiLock core is designed to help trap and disperse heat helping you stay dry while the addition of soft lining with air pockets also ensures maximum comfort and keeps your skin dry.

This nursing pad has high absorbent qualities (absorbs about 20× its original weight), thin and discreet and won’t show through your clothes even when they are wet. It has two adhesive pads which ensure that the pads stay in place.

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6. Bamboobies Ultra Soft and Thin Washable Nursing Pads

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These nursing pads offers maximum comfort and high absorbent quality due to the combination of cotton, hemp fabric and bamboo rayon used in producing them and they are have a very soft texture specially for mothers that have spent months breastfeeding.

These pads have a milk-proof backing which fights against embarrassing leaks and the ultra soft nursing pads also helps to prevent leaking unlike other regular nursing pads.

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5. Reusable Nursing Pads

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This product has four layers; two inner layers which are microfiber that helps prevent moisture from getting to the skin and send it into its leak proof liner, while the outer layer is outer waterproof.

The layer right above the skin helps to helps in retaining a lot of liquid while the layer of bamboo that lies against the nipple helps keep the breasts moisture free and dry. This six pairs of nursing pads provide is specially designed for maximum protection with super softness, extreme absorbency and hypoallergenic organic bamboo works for sore nipples with a double absorption center to help enhance moisture evaporation, prevent leaks and helps nursing mothers stay dry.

Each pad is almost 5 inches in diameter and this item comes with a laundry bag and two extra travel bags for maximum hygiene.

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4. Washable Organic Nursing Pads

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These nursing pads are reusable after wash because they are made of organic bamboo material while the outer layer which is waterproof helps prevent wet spots and leakages.

These pads offers comfort as they are not difficult to take off and don’t stick to nipples and they are also made from breathable materials which allows the free flow of air which keeps the nipples dry and reduce heat. Its hypoallergenic qualities helps fight against the growth of bacteria and it is very easy to use.

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3. Super Soft Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

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These bamboo nursing pads consists of four layers; a breathable waterproof barrier, two microfiber layers in the middle that helps to trap moisture and keep them away from the skin making sure you don’t experience embarrassing milk leaks and also helps you stay dry and the last layer is an absorbent and super soft bamboo layer.

This nursing pad comes with a super stylish, waterproof, cute carry bags where you can discreetly place them. The super soft organic bamboo nursing pads are 10cm in diameter which is the perfect size for nighttime and daytime use.

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2. Nursing Pads Washable (12 Pack) Leak Proof 

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This nursing pad is made from a durable bamboo material and it has a super absorbent layer that helps you stay dry at night and also a super soft waterproof outer layer which is eco-friendly, absorbent, hypoallergenic and breathable. This nursing pad is designed thin enough not to ‘bunch up’ but to perfectly fit under your dress.

It comes with bonus 100 percent cotton, elegant modern design bandana bib that is ultra absorbent to protect your baby’s skin and it is double lined to help keep your baby’s clothes dry. These nursing pads are reusable and it has a laundry bag where you can easily store the pads and you can also put other valuable items in it like your purse when leaving the house.

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1. Lasinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

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This nursing pads help provide comfort and protection to help you stay dry either during the day or at night and each pad is individually wrapped with a unique breathable waterproof layer for total coverage and also a honeycomb lining that offers leak-proof protection. This nursing pad also maintains a smooth shape and form even when having a heavy flow.

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